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Chapter 33



A nurse handed over Ansh to Khushi. Pooja hopped to see him. Khushi sat on the chair, letting her see him. Pooja caressed his cheek softly with a lot of excitement.

Pooja: He is so small.

Khushi: Yes… he is a newborn child…

Pooja: Shall we take him home?

Khushi looked at the nurse.

Nurse: yeah… you can take him home. But he needs high care because he could easily get infected.

Pooja: What should we do?

She asked in her babyish voice.

Nurse: You should touch him only after washing your hands. Don’t kiss him often.

Pooja: Can’t I kiss him?

Nurse: You can, only after taking a bath. Make sure that you are clean, before touching him.

Pooja: Then?

Nurse: Mop the floor every day and change the bed sheet every day.

Pooja: Ok.

The doctor came from the room.

Arnav: Good morning, doctor.

Doctor: Good morning AC sir.

Arnav: Shall we take him home?

Doctor: Yeah… take instructions and follow those. Be careful.

Arnav: sure doctor.

Khushi: How is Di?

Doctor: Same… no change.

Arnav gulped down.

Arnav: We are leaving, doctor.

Doctor: Yeah… bring him for a checkup next week.

Arnav: yeah…

After getting a milk power tin from the hospital pharmacy, they left the hospital. Arnav started the bike. Khushi sat with Ansh in her hand whereas Pooja was on the petrol tank.

Arnav(chuckling): It seems, we have to buy a car for our family.

Khushi(smiling): Yeah… our family became big…

Arnav rode the bike to their home.

Arnav opened the door. Khushi kept Ansh on the bed. She didn’t find Pooja behind her. she came searching for her.

Khushi: Where is Pooja?

Arnav: Pooja…? She came behind you.

Khushi: she is not in the room.

Arnav: The door is also closed. She must be here.

They searched for Pooja all over the house. Khushi again came to the room and heard a water sound from the washroom.

Khushi(knocking on the door): Pooja….

Pooja: I’m taking bath…

Khushi: Bath? At this time?

Pooja: Wait… I’m coming…

Khushi: Who asked you to take a bath?

Pooja: Nurse Aunty… didn’t she say, we should be clean?

Arnav smiled at Khushi.

Arnav: I think we should learn from her.

Khushi: Yeah… she is so fast than us.

Arnav: It seems you can give birth to many children. Pooja will take care of them.

Khushi: Children? Really? How many children do you want?

Arnav: I like cricket...

Khushi: So?

Arnav: What about a cricket team?

Khushi: Whaaat!

Arnav laughed, seeing her shocking expression.

Khushi: This is not done.

Arnav: At least a basketball team?

Khushi: God...

Arnav: Hey, please consider...

Khushi: Crazy AC...

They saw Pooja coming out, wrapping a towel. Clutching Khushi’s finger, Pooja dragged her to the washroom.

Pooja: Go and take a bath. I call you if Ansh wakes up.

Khushi nodded yes smilingly and went to the washroom.

Pooja: Dad, you too take a bath in your room.

Arnav: Yeah… going.

He also left. Pooja sat beside sleeping Ansh. She slowly was touching his little fingers, feet, cheek; lovingly… it was nothing but a baby’s cute reaction for her brother. Arnav who witnessed the scene felt so blissful. He couldn’t stop thinking about his Di. He came and sat beside her.

Arnav: What is he saying?

Pooja(putting her index finger on her mouth): Shhhh…. Speak slowly… he is sleeping.

Arnav(whispering): Ok… do you want to take him on your lap?

Pooja(happily): Hannnn…

Arnav: Wait…

Arnav was about to touch him, she stopped.

Pooja: Not now. Let him sleep. I will take him on my lap when he is up.

Arnav(caressing her hair): Ok…

Arnav searched his phone in his pocket, hearing a ring sound. That’s when he remembered that he did put it on charge. He went out and find Aman’s name.

Arnav: Yeah, Aman…

Aman: Sir, Ratan is not at home.

Arnav: Means?

Aman: His wife and children went, leaving him, sir.

Arnav: Where did they go?

Aman: To Mrs Ratan’s parent’s place, sir.

Arnav: Ohh… it seems they have a place to settle down.

Aman: I don’t think so, sir. they don’t seem rich.

Arnav: Ohh… Where did Ratan go?

Aman: Don’t know sir.

Arnav: Ask the security.

Aman: He is the one who told me, sir.

Arnav: What did he say?

Aman: He went to drop Mrs Ratan in her mother’s place, sir.

Arnav: Why did he go?

Aman: For us, sir.

Arnav: I didn’t get it.

Aman: We went for inquiry the previous day, sir. So he wanted to know about Mrs Ratan’s whereabouts to answer us.

Arnav: Ohh…

Aman: When he back home, he saw the house being locked, Sir.

Arnav: Did you try for his NEW number?

Aman: Yes sir. It is switched off.

Arnav: ok fine… we will meet Mr Ratan tomorrow morning. Let’s see. Ratan may return home tonight.

Aman: Ok sir.

They disconnected the call.

Arnav and also Aman had the same set of questions running in their mind. Ratan had a relationship with Stella. He didn’t want the truth to come out. When it was out, he showed himself superior, in front of his wife. He never thought that his wife could stand for herself but she showed she can be strong. But… where did he go? There is no reason for him to have another woman in his life because he knew he was under the killer’s radar. They know how chicken-hearted man Ratan was. He pleaded with them to save him. If this is the case, where did he go? Did he commit suicide as he lost all the respect in society? Or did someone kidnap him? Or the NEW killer had killed him?

Arnav removed his phone and dialled Prince.

To be continued…

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