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Chapter 34


Arnav’s call was attended by Prince.

Prince: Hi…

Arnav: what about the task which I gave?

Prince: Don’t ask me that. I’m trying to find the location. But I can’t.

Arnav: You mean it’s switched off?

Prince: No… I can get the location even if it is switched off.

Arnav: Then?

Prince: I think the phone should have broken.

Arnav: Can’t you find its last range?

Prince: That I did…

Arnav: Which place?

Prince: At Ratan’s office.

Arnav: Yeah, Ratan also said the same.

Prince: Yeah… the last message from the mobile was a threat to him. After that, his mobile got switched off.

Arnav: ok… thank you.

Prince: Do you think you could find the whole team?

Arnav: Why doubt?

Prince: They seem a suicide squad. That means, they will never reveal their identity. They are ready to kill themselves if they are being caught as Akhilesh did. What are you going to do?

Arnav: Let’ see… bye.

Arnav disconnected the call before Prince tries to make him spit out anything as he doesn’t want to lie more.


Arnav and Aman reached Aspire Builders… Ratan’s office. They looked here and there, in a searching manner. They found CCTV cameras in the corridor. They went to the assistant manager. He got nervous seeing them.

Arnav: I’m ACP…

AM:… Arnav…. I know you, sir. I have already seen you here when you came to inquire about Stella.

Aman: Now, we are here to inquire about Ratan.

AM: I can’t believe he could have such an unbelievable other side, sir. He was a very strict officer…

Aman(cutting him): Except Stella… right?

AM: I thought they share a good friendship but never thought this kind…

Arnav: Did Ratan call you?

AM: Yes sir… he did. He called me from the hospital that he couldn’t come to the office for a few days.

Arnav: Do you know where he is?

AM: He must be at home… consoling his wife.

Arnav: Consoling?

AM: Of course, sir… he already lost his respect. He won’t spoil it more. The only way to save the remaining respect is, consoling his wife.

Arnav: She is not with him.

AM: What do you mean, Sir?

He showed a real shock.

Arnav: She left him.

AM: You mean is she going to divorce him?

Arnav: I don’t know that. But, presently she went leaving him.

AM: Ohh God… how is Ratan sir?

Arnav: don’t know. He is not at home.

AM: He may be with his wife.

Arnav: No…

AM: what do you want me to do, sir?

Arnav: I want to see the CCTV camera footage.

AM: Sure, sir.

Taking the intercom, he called someone to his cabin. A middle-aged man got inside.

AM: Suraj, show the CCTV camera footage to ACP sir.

Suraj: Yes sir.

He sat on the chair, in front of the system.

Suraj: which one sir?

Arnav: Corridor’s camera… Ratan’s last day in the office.

Suraj: Ok sir.

He started showing.

Arnav: Show us, morning’s footage.

Suraj rewind it. There… Ratan was entering. A man who was covering his head with a hoodie, collided with him.

Arnav: Stop….

Suraj paused the video.

Arnav: Suraj…

Suraj: Yes sir?

Arnav: Zoom the footage when the man bangs on Ratan.

Suraj zoomed the video. They saw the man taking Ratan’s mobile from his pocket. he kept the mobile in his hoodie pocket swiftly.

AM(shockingly): Sir, he is stealing his mobile, sir….

The man was facing his back to the camera. Arnav and Aman spared a meaningful glance, seeing Ratan smiling at him. He spoke to the man for thirty more seconds and left the place, shaking hands. So, the man was a well-known person to Ratan. Their easy talk shows that clearly.

Arnav: Did anyone come, searching for Ratan that day?

AM: No sir…

Aranv: How are you so sure?

AM: when he came to the office, he always asks the Receptionist about the visitors. That day also he asked and I was there when he asked. The receptionist said NO.

Arnav: Ohh...

Arnav: Rewind it.

Suraj rewind it.

Arnav: Slowly….

Suraj zoomed-in slowly…. They saw a shocking expression on Ratna’s face. Then he composed himself and smiled at the hoodie man.

Arnav: Thank you for your cooperation.

AM: My pleasure, sir.

Arnav: This is my number. Inform me if Ratan calls you.

AM: Sure, sir.

Arnav and Aman didn’t speak until they reach the jeep.

Aman(before staring at the jeep): What do you think, sir?

Arnav: Call Ratan’s house security and ask whether he came or not.

Aman: Yes sir.

As Arnav said, Aman called the security.

Security: Good morning, sir.

Aman: Ratan came back?

Security: Not yet, sir.

Aman: Did he go by car or bike?

Security: Car sir… there is no car in the shed.

Aman: Ok… text me the car number.

Security: Right away, sir.

Aman disconnected the call and received the message from the security in a few seconds.

At the same time, Ratan’s car was found at the outstrike Delhi by cops.

To be continued…

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