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Chapter 35


Arnav called the control room and asked to pass the message to all the check posts to search for Ratan’s car.

Arnav: This is ACP Arnav. Note down the car number and pass it to all the check posts and tolls. Ask them to check if the car passes.

The PC who noted down the number got stuck. A few minutes ago the control room got another message about the same car which was found in outstrike Delhi.

PC: Sir, one minute…

Arnav: Yeah…

PC: The car already found, in the Agra route, sir.

Arnav: When?

PC: Half an hour ago, sir.

Arnav: Who informed about it?

PC: Don’t know, sir. Someone informed me about it from a public telephone.

Arnav: What did he say?

PC: He said, the car was standing alone since the day before yesterday night.

Arnav: Day before yesterday night?

PC: Yes sir.

Arnav: Did he give any other information?

PC: No sir.

Aranv: Ok… fine. I will go there.

Cutting the call, Arnav ordered Aman.

Arnavv: Take a turn towards Agra. Ratan’s car is there.

Aman(taking a turn in Agra route): Only car or….?

Arnav: No… only car.

Aman: Where would he have gone, leaving the car?

Arnav was thinking of not answering.

Aman: Do you think someone kidnapped him?

Arnav: I have no idea.

They reached the spot after crossing the tactic traffic of Delhi. They saw a PC sitting beside the car. He saluted Arnav.

Arnav: Did you check it?

PC: Yes sir. There is enough petrol in the car. The engine is also fit and fine. It’s starting…

Arnav: Starting?

PC: Yes sir, Key was there in the dashboard, sir.

Arnav: Hmmm…

Arnav and Aman checked the car thoroughly, not leaving a single bit of place but they got nothing. The car was being wiped off completely. They looked at one another, sighing.

They returned to their respective houses.

When Arnav came home, Khushi was searching for something.

Arnav: What are you searching for?

Khushi: Pooja…

Arnav(panicking): Pooja? Where is she?

Khushi: We are playing hide and seek.

Arnav huffed in relief, rolling his eyes.

Khushi went to every room one by one but she couldn’t find Pooja anywhere. She sat on the couch pouting.

Khushi: Pooja… I agree with my defeat. Come out.

They heard Pooja’s giggle. She came out of her room.

Khushi(dropping her jaw): Were you in your room?

Pooja (giggling): Yes… you forgot to search my room. I was under the bed, hiding.

Khushi: I didn’t think you will be hiding in the easiest place. I thought you will be hiding somewhere.

Pooja giggled like hell. Arnav smiled nodding no and went to take bath.

Pooja: Dad, you too join us.

Khushi looked at him smiling, teasingly.

Arnav: Yeah… sure. I will just come.

Pooja: Come fast, taking a bath.

Arnav: Yeah… a few minutes….

He stood under the shower, thinking about the case. Suddenly, he opened his eyes as something hit his mind. He recalled what just Pooja and Khushi talked about. How could he miss the simple logic? Why didn’t he think of checking Ratan’s house? What if he gets a clue in his house? Yeah… the killer may leave a clue there. At least, a fingerprint…if he is not a professional killer.

Wrapping a towel, he rushed out. Khushi and Pooja saw him surprisingly.

Khushi: Have you finished bathing?

Arnav: I have to go…

Changing into a decent dress, he raced while dialling Aman.

Aman who just reached home attended the call.

Aman: Yes sir…

Arnav: Come to Ratan’s home.

Aman: Ratan’s home?

Arnav: Yeah… I started.

He said kicking his bike.

Aman: I too, sir.

He jumped on his bike.

When Arnav reached Ratan’s house, Aman was waiting for him with security.

Aman: Any clue, Sir?

Arnav (to security): Did you inquire anyone about how Ratan went from home?

Security: No sir. It was already dark when I reached home that day. I didn’t inquire anyone, sir. I saw the house is locked and the car was not at the shed. Sir (Ratan) would have gone somewhere I supposed.

Arnav: Do you have a spare key?

Security: The spare key should be inside the home, sir. Or maybe, with Madam.

Arnav: Give me Ratan’s son’s number.

Security: Yes sir.

Arnav dialled Hrithk’s number.

Arnav: This is ACP Arnav.

Hrithik: yes sir…

Arnav: Could you come to your home?

Hrithik: Why sir…? Please don’t listen to THAT MAN’s words sir… I’m not ready to trust him anymore.

Arnav: Would you let me talk?

Hrithik: Sorry sir… tell me.

Arnav: Your father is missing.

Hrithik(murmuring): Who knows with whom he is spending?

Arnav: We are here in your home for inquiry. I don’t want you to disturb your mother. That’s why I called you.

Hrithik: Ok, sir… I will be there in half an hour.

Arnav: Thanks.

They disconnected the call.

Arnav moved in, observing everything keenly. There was enough space, around the building. He roamed around the building, checking its windows and back door. His step slowed down as something dragged his attention. He saw big size ANTs are coming out, through a window. He tried to open the window but it was closed from inside. He called the security. He came rushing.

Arnav: Is this room kitchen?

Security: No, sir. The kitchen is on the front side.

Arnav: What room is this?

Security: This is a study room, sir.

Arnav: Study room? If it is a study room, why these ants are coming from the room?

Aman: They might have left some eatable in the room, sir.

Arnav: I don’t think it’s possible.

Aman: Why sir?

Arnav: There is no one in the home for the past two days. And before that, they were not in the mood of studying; eating something, as there was a big mess going on in their life.

Aman: You are right, sir… but, do you think these ANTs could play any role here?

Arnavv: Of course… the MAIN ROLE… lets Hrithik come. We have to break the lock.

To be continued…

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