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Chapter 36


Ratan’s son Hrithik got down from the bike, putting side stand while removing his sunglass. The security ran towards him.

Security: Chotte sab, he is ACP sir.

Hrithik: Hello sir… I’m Hrithik.

He extended his hand for a shake. Arnav responded to him.

Arnav(clutching his palm): Arnav…

Hrithik: Why did you call me, sir?

Arnav: Your father is missing.

Hrithik(with disinterest): Ohhh…

Arnav: We are investigating. So, we would like to check the house. I think we may get some clue.

Hrithik: But we don’t have the key, Sir. you can break the door if you want.

Arnav: We have to… we have no other choice.

Hrithik: Go ahead, sir.

Arnav gestured to Aman.

Aman(to the security): Can I get a hammer?

Security: Sure sir… it will be in the car shed.

He ran towards the shed and came with a hammer. Breaking the door, they entered. Arnav directly went to the particular room from where the ANTs coming out. He slowly pushed the door and the scene made his eyes widen. Aman got shocked whereas Hrithik turned his face couldn’t bear the sight.

ANTs were eating, Ratan’s lifeless and half necked body, which was lying on the floor. His mouth, hands, and legs were being tied tightly. An empty chocolate syrup bottle was also lying on the floor. It seems the chocolate syrup was poured on him. his body almost lost its exact structure.

In a few minutes, all the crew reached Ratan’s home. The medical team faced a tough time clearing the ANTs.

Aman: We have to take the body to post-mortem sir but cleaning these Ants is not that easy.

Arnav: Yeah… we can’t use any medicine to kill the Ant as it will change the entire post-mortem report.

Aman: What we can do, sir?

Arnav thought about it but the medical team doesn’t think much. They carried the body casually.

Arnav: They are experts… we worried unnecessarily.

Aman: Yes sir.

They saw Hrithik standing all shock. They feel bad for the boy. After all, Ratan is his father.

Arnav(touching his shoulder): I don’t know what to say. Please compose yourself… Don’t lose hope. You should be supportive of your mother.

Hrithik: I have never seen this kind of ANTs in our house before, sir. I think someone intentionally brings them here.

Arnav and Aman spared a meaningful glance.

Arnav: Do you suspect anyone?

Hrithik: I don’t think it would be the killer team, sir.

Arnav: Means?

Hrithik: This is not their method of killing. They simply burn the people… that too after making them unconscious. But, this does not seem so. The killer should have PERSONAL issues with Dad.

Arnav: Do you know someone like that?

Hrithik: Actually, I don’t want to say any name without proof, sir.

Arnav understood that he is suspected of someone and he knows WHO that was. But Hrithik is hesitating to open it up because he was not sure of it.

Arnav: We won’t arrest anyone just because you suspect. But it will surely help us to take the case further.

Hrithik: I will call you later. I want to be with my mother now.

Arnav nodded yes. Hrithik left the house.

Aman: What do you think, sir?

Arnav: He strongly suspects someone. Maybe… he knows the killer.

Aman: How could we get to know that, sir?

As av: We may get it from Mrs Ratan. Let’s go.



Arnav entered the mortuary with Aman. A doctor in their fifties, who was wearing executive specs smiled at Arnav. Dr Mathew was almost done with Ratan’s body.

Mathew: It’s a pure ANT bite death. Ratan should have struggled a lot before leaving his life. It was pure torture like hell.

Arnav: When did he die?

Mathew: Today morning…

Arnav: Just today morning?

Mathew: Yeah…

Arnav: you mean, he was bearing the ant bite for two days?

Mathew: Must be… his mouth got stuffed tightly with clothing so that, he was unable to make noise. The killer himself should have brought the ants because the ant’s wound says that the ants started biting him in the same evening after his wife left him.

Arnav: Any other wounds doctor?

Mathew: Slight scratches…. That’s all. Maybe… the killer must have been a strong man. He should have tied Ratan before him composing himself.

Arnav: Mmm…

Mathew: The killers became very smart these days.

Aman: We are not less, doctor.

Mathew: I didn’t deny… but you must be smarter to catch them.

Aman: We will… very soon.

Mathew: All the best.

Dr Mathew signed the post mortem report and handed it to Arnav. When they came out, they saw Ratan’s family waiting … all crying. His wife screamed like hell falling on his body. A wife is a wife… no matter how bad her husband is. Arnav supposed.

Taking a signature from Hrithik, Aman handed Ratan’s body to them.

In the meanwhile

The forensic department was searching, inch by inch in Ratan’s house. Mrs Arthi… the team head also was keenly watching them. Something attracted her which was lying in the corner of the study room.

Arthi: Mr Chopra…

He called one of the forensic men.

Chopra: Yes, Ma’am…?

Arthi: Look at there…

Chopra took it in his hand and showed it to her. Arthi’s eyes widened seeing that.

It was a golden “CROSS” pendent.

To be continued….

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