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Chapter 37


Arnav and Aman spared a confused glance, seeing the house locked. Arnav knocked on the opposite door. A man in his early forties opened the door.

Man: Yes, sir?

Arnav: I’m ACP Arnav. Where is Edwin?

Man: He sold out the house, sir.

Arnav(shocking): When?

Man: Last month, sir. (he paused for seconds) His wife was killed, sir. After that, he looked so stressed. He had even given his SON to someone.

Arnav: Whaaaat! Do you mean someone adopted his son?

Man: Yes, sir.

Arnav: Do you know who adopted his son?

Man: No sir.

Arnav(sighed): Ok… Look at this.

He showed him the mobile. it was a pic of the CROSS pendant.

Arnav: Do you ever see this pendant?

Man: Of course, I saw this pendant on Edwin’s neck.

Arnav: Are you sure?

Man: Yes, sir.

Arnav received a call from the commissioner.

Arnav: Yes, sir.

Commi: Come to the office… immediately.

Arnav: Yes sir.

He reached the commissioner's office with Aman. They saluted the commissioner.

Commi: someone called you.

Arnav: Who sir?

Commi: He said nothing. He wants to talk to you.

Arnav nodded yes.

Again the phone rang. The commissioner attended it.

Commi: Yes… yeah…

He kept the receiver down, turning on the speaker.

“ACP sir”

Arnav: Yes… speaking…

“Guess me”

Arnav looked at the Commissioner. He nodded yes and instructed someone to trace the call.

Arnav: Edwin….?

“What a guess, sir? Yes… it’s Edwin Samuel”

Arnav: Where are you?

Edwin: Somewhere in India… travelling to somewhere…

Arnav: Why did you kill Ratan?

Edwin: If you could guess my name then definitely you would have guessed the reason also… and I know you knew the reason.

Arnav: Look, if you surrender…

Edwin: Why should I?

Arnav: You are a killer.

Edwin: whom I killed?

Arnav: Ratan…

Edwin: Wrong. I just provided food for ANTs.

Arnav: Shut up… he was alive when you did that.

Edwin: I’m also alive….still…. has been dying every minute…

Arnav: What you did was utterly wrong.

Edwin: What about Ratan? What he did is right? He killed my happy family, he killed my inner peace, he killed my sleep, he killed everything. And he is the reason for my wife’s murder. Is there any punishment for him? Could your LAW punish him?

Arnav was silent.

Edwin: Why are you silent AC sir? You couldn’t answer because there is no way to punish such a B**** like Ratan.

Arnav: But you gave him a cruel punishment.

Edwin: He just suffered for two days. But I’m going to suffer in the betrayal for my lifetime. What about that? I killed him only one time… but he is a KILLER of HEART. I’m dying every day because of him. He deserves more. He will search for some other girl in some days. Because he has no heart. and I’m not impotent to leave the B**** who touched my wife ACP…. (he shouted in anger)

Arnav: What are you going to do?

Edwin: I don’t know. I’m going to travel all over India. I will visit every small church.

Arnav: For remission?

Edwin: No… why should I? I did nothing wrong. if you think like a HUSBAND, you will agree with me.

He disconnected the call.

The commissioner got information from the control room.

Commi: Yes…

CR: Sir, the call was from INDORE, Madhya Pradesh.

Comment: Indore?

CR: Yes sir… and the mobile signal got disconnected.

Commi: Keep tracing until he switches on the mobile again.

CR: Yes sir.

Arnav looked at Aman who spilt a mockery smile. If a man spoke with guts, will he switch his mobile on?

Commi: It’s getting intensive Arnav.

Arnav: Yes sir…

Commi: I never imagine, the extramarital afire case will cause so much in society.

Aman: Everything is just news until it happens to us, sir.

Commissioner looked at Arnav who is gulping hard.

Arnav: Relive me from this case, sir.

Commi(shockingly): But why?

Arnav: I don’t think I will give my best, in this case, sir. this is such a case that makes me fight between LAW and REALITY. It should not be done, sir.

Commi: but you did your best.

Arnav: But I’m not satisfied. I’m facing a tough time controlling my emotions, sir.

Commi: Take two days and decide.

Saluting the commissioner, Arnav left the place. Aman silently followed him.

Aman: Why did you take such a decision, sir?

Arnav: I mean it, Aman. Even though Edwin is a killer… I don’t think he is wrong. What Edwin asked me is right. Being a husband, I will kill the person if someone tried to touch my wife forget about affaire. (he said gritting his teeth) Ratan’s behaviour towards Stella made Edwin Heartless. Ratan killed Edwin’s HEART. Ratan is more dangerous than Edwin. Ratan like HEART KILLER deserves it.

Aman: What’s next sir?

Arnav: Going to Indore…

Aman: You said, you want to get relieved?

Arnav: I want to make sure where Edwin is.

Aman: But I don’t think Edwin will be there.

Arnav: Of course, he won’t be there.

Aman: If he won’t be there, how will we get information about him?

Arnav: Any talented criminal would leave a simple clue… he is also done…

Arnav smirked at frowning Aman.

To be continued…

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