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Chapter 38

Part38 (Last part)

Arnav: Any talented criminal would leave a simple clue… he is also done…

Arnav smirked at frowning Aman.

Arnav: I’m going to Indore.

Aman: When, sir?

Arnav: Started.

Aman: I too join you, sir.

Arnav: Sure.

Aman started to ride the jeep towards the Airport. Arnav arranged the tickets through a travel agency while travelling to the Airport. They boarded the flight.

Arnav: It will take one and half an hour to reach Indore.

Aman: Sir…. can I ask you something?

Arnav: Yeah…

Aman: You said all the criminals will leave at least a clue somehow…

Arnav nodded yes.

Aman: Did you get the clue from Edwin’s call?

Arnav: Yes…

Aman: What’s that, sir?

Arnav: INDORE.

Aman: INDORE? What clue did you get in that?

Arnav: If my guess is right, Edwin is not in India. He should have left for some other country.

Aman: He said he will visit churches?

Arnav: He doesn’t need to tell the truth. He is diverting us. Indore is not a big city like Delhi or Mumbai but it has an international Airport. Very recently Indore Airport got the international status. No one will think that he could leave India from Indore. That’s why he should have called us from Indore. That’s why he would have sold out his house. he had done that taking time before killing Ratan.

Aman: If it’s your doubt, we can inquire from Delhi.

Arnav: It won’t help.

Aman: Why?

Arnav: He would not have used his original name and address. His passport and visa would have been attached to his ADHAR card. He will easily get caught if he books tickets in his original name. So, to know the truth we have to go to Indore to identify only by seeing his photo.

Aman was curious to know whether Arnav’s guess is right.

They landed in Indore after one and half an hour. Arnav entered into the international airport terminal’s inquiry section. A man in his early thirties is patiently answering people.

Arnav: I’m ACP Arnav from Delhi.

Man: What can I do for you, sir?

Arnav: Any international flight departure today?

Man: Yes sir… Singapore flight got departed at noon.

Arnav: Can I see the passenger’s list of the flight?

Man: Sure sir…

He turned the computer screen towards Arnav and showed him the passengers.

Arnav keenly watched it. His eyes widened for a while. He saw Edwin with a beard in the name of Sriram. His lips spilt a smirk when he saw Edwin’s son' nam also on the passenger’s list. Aman got awe stuck. he looked at Arnavv with an open mouth.

Arnav: Thank you…

They came out of the terminal.

Aman: You are right sir. Edwin went to Singapore with his son.

Arnav: Hmm…

Aman: What are you going to do, sir?

Arnav: Let’s see what our department does.

Aman: Means, are not you going to tell about Edwin?

Arnav: What do you think?

Aman: please don’t say, sir.

Arnav: I won’t if the commissioner relieved me from this case.

Aman(sighed): Ok sir.

They returned to Delhi.

Pooja rushed to Arnav, shouting. Khushi peeped from the kitchen and smiled.

Arnav: A few minutes, baby… I will just come, take a bath.

Pooja: Okkkkeyy

Arnav: What your brother is doing?

Pooja: That sleepyhead is sleeping…

She giggled.

Arnav went to the washroom laughing. In a few minutes, he came out wiping his hair. He directly went to the Kitchen where Khushi is rolling roties.

Arnav: Give me something. I’m hungry.

Khushi: Wait…

Taking a plate, she filled it with roties and aalu. She extended the plate.

Arnav: Thank you.

Khushi also came with the plate to feed it to Pooja. She switched the channel into the news.

Arnav got a call from the commissioner.

Arnav: Yes, sir.

Comm: Have you considered, not relieving from the case?

Arnav: There is nothing to consider, sir. Please relieve me.

Comm: Ok fine. Submit your complete investigation report.

Arnav: ASAP sir.

Cutting the call, Arnav looked at Khushi who smiled at him.

Arnav: It’s very hard to work between mind and heart.

Khushi: I understand.

Arnav: It’s very easy to deal with criminals but this case is entwining with emotions. Many times I struggled between the LAW and the REASON. I had never thought, keeping me in the criminal’s position in my previous cases but this time I did that often.

Khushi: Anyhow, you got relieved from the case. so relax.

They heard Ansh mewl. Pooja was the one who ran to the room first. Washing her hand, Khushi picked him up. Pooja passed her the feeding bottle. Ansh’s mouth got sealed by the feeding bottle.

When she came to the living room Arnav had been finished eating. Khushi kept Ansh on his lap.

Khushi: I will take him back.

Arnav: No problem. You eat.

Arnav got a call from Aman.

Arnav: Haan Aman…

Aman: It seems, Edwin’s time is good. You got relieved from the case.

Arnav(smiling): Yeah…

Aman: Will you include our Indore visit in your investigation report?

Arnav: Nope. Let the next officer find it out.

Aman: I don’t think he will find out.

Arnav: you can give him a hint.

Aman: Why should I?

Arnav: Won’t you?

Aman: I also got relieved from the case, sir.

Arnav: But why?

Aman: I too have emotions, sir… I can feel… no matter I am directly got affected or not.

Arnav: Hmm…

Aman: Bye sir.

Arnav: Bye.

Disconnecting the call, Arnav concentrated on Ansh who just completed the bottle of milk.

Khushi: I had seen the news. Ratan’s death was so cruel.

Arnav nodded yes.

Khushi: My Bhabi saved my brother from such a cruel death.

Arnav: Why are you thinking unwantedly?

Khushi: Could you say there is no chance of it?

Arnav: I can’t.

Khushi: What do you think of Ratan’s death?

Arnav: According to me, Ratan is cruel than his death. He has no heart. HEART KILLER like him deserves death. He had broken two happy families and their trust. More to it, he didn’t repent to it. So, he won’t deserve pity. Thank God, his wife got to know his real face before his death. Or else she would have cried for the whole life for the undeserving Ratan and would have lost her confidence too.

Khushi: You are right. Men like Ratan won’t deserve pure tears. Women should understand the reality before trusting anyone. Many men are pretending as they love so much just not to get caught. They don’t think of the consequence of broken trust.

Arnav was looking at her lovingly. He extended his hand asking her to come. Khushi sat beside him. Arnav sneaked her shoulders and made her lean on his shoulder. Pooja who went to the washroom came and saw the scene.

Pooja: Hug me too….

She rushed towards them while shouting. She jumped on the couch and hugged Arnav. Arnav kissed her forehead.

Arnav: We all got connected to one point. This case is unforgettable in my life. It gave me a family. I think we should forget our past and focus on our future.

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: Pooju, let’s go to the ice cream shop in the evening.

Pooja: Heyyyyy…. Shall we take Ansh also?

Arnav: Yeah sure.

Pooja: Jolly…..

Arnav looked at Khushi.

Khushi: You look tired. We can go tomorrow.

Arnav: Just because I’m tired, I can't postpone my duties… be it taking Pooja to the ice cream shop or be it taking my wife to the bed.

He whispered the last line.

Khushi’s face became red in shyness.

Arnav: Be ready.

Arnav went to the room taking Ansh. Pooja followed him. Keeping Ansh on the bed he sat beside him and started talking to Pooja which he missed in Ratan’s case tension. Kushi leaned on the door and admired them smilingly.


The End.

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