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Part39 (Epilogue)

NK got amazed seeing Aman’s call. He usually won’t call him.

NK: Hi, Aman…

Aman frowned hearing his name. NK always calls him Jeejaji.

Aman: Hi…

NK: Yeah tell me.

Aman: I would like to marry your sister.

NK(with extreme shock): Whaaaat! Really?

Aman: Yes… Do arrangements.

NK: But Aman, I don’t want this marriage to happen.

Now Aman got shocked.

Aman: But why? Weren’t you behind me calling Jeejaji?

NK: I was... but I don’t want to force you into a relationship that you don’t like. We have seen a lot nowadays, how people cheat on their partners. I don’t want my sister to get married to a person who doesn’t like her. I told the same to my sister too. She agreed to it. after all, it’s reality.

Aman: I’m sorry NK. I too understand that outer beauty means nothing. A person who has a beautiful face may not have a beautiful heart. A relationship is something that we can get only from a beautiful heart. I mean it NK. I want you to reconsider your decision. I will wait.

NK: Give us time.

Aman: Yeah…

They disconnected the call. Aman felt hurt. After the case, he became wiser, seeing betrayal and disloyalty. The woman should give peace to her partner’s heart more than to his eyes. Aman learned it from the case.

Aman didn’t get a call from NK for the next two years. Still, Aman didn’t think of marrying someone other than NK’s sister.

Two years later

Aman went inside the supermarket. He got stuck, seeing NK with a girl who was facing her back to him. Who is she? She must be NK’s girlfriend. Aman flared his nose. This NK stopped him from marrying his sister and he is roaming with his girlfriend? He reached NK and tapped his shoulder. NK turned around and find Aman with annoyance.

NK (excitedly): Hey… What a pleasant surprise!!!

Aman: Shut up… Who is she? What are you doing with this girl?

NK: She is here to meet her MAN. I’m helping her that’s all.

Aman: From when did you start THIS JOB?

NK: From the day she got engaged with him.

Aman: Ohh… does your mother know about it?

NK: Certainly… She is the one who wants me to do that.

Aman: ok, I’m leaving.

NK(clutching his hand): Arrey… wait. How could you go without meeting her?

Aman (shrugging his hands off): Why should I meet her?

NK: Because she is waiting for you only.

Aman(shocking): Whaaaaat!

NK: Hey, girl…look here. Your MAN is here.

Aman: What rubbish are you talking about? I’m supposed to marry your sister.

NK: But, I know you don’t like her.

Aman: Just shut up ok?

NK: My sister looks so bulky… you don’t have to marry her. you can marry this girl.

Aman: Have you gone mad? I don’t even know who she is. (to the girl who is facing her back) Look… I can’t marry you. I’m engaged with his sister. Don’t take his words. Please.

NK: Aman… you don’t have to do it for our grandparents. Marry this girl and be happy.

Aman: What the hell…

Aman was about to go from there, NK held his hand and made him look at the girl. Aman was flabbergasted seeing the girl. She was none other than NK’s sister Preeto. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. How a girl can lose half of her weight?

Aman(stammering): Yeh… she …

NK: My sissy.

He smirked.

Aman: But… how became she so thin?

NK: YOGA… She started yoga and reduced her weight.

Preeto smiled at Aman who looked lost by the surprise… sweet surprise…

Aman: Actually… I thought…

Preeto: I never thought you will say YES to the marriage. When you said YES, it’s my responsibility to make myself up to your taste.

She smiled.

Aman: Honestly, I was reluctant at the beginning. But I understand that inner beauty is what is important to live. I’m sorry if I hurt you…

Preeto: You don’t have to get embarrassed. It’s obvious. Every man likes to get a beautiful life partner. You are also not exceptional.

NK: I hope you have no problem if I fix your marriage?

Aman nodded yes delightedly. NK hugged him happily whereas Aman smiled at Preeto who blushed at him.

After five years

Khushi was trying to cut her nail off her toes. She couldn’t bend to do that easily with her EIGHTH MONTH belly. Arnav snatched the nail cutter from her hand. Sitting beside her, he took her legs on his lap and started to cut the nails.

Khushi: AC sir… I can do it.

Arnav: Haan… I saw you doing a stunt to cut nails.

He finished cutting. Ansh ran to him and sat on the tea table and extended his legs towards Arnav.

Ansh: AC sir… cut my nails too.

Pooja: Ansh… I will do that.

Ansh: No Di… AC sir will do that for me. Hain na Dad.

Arnav rolled his eyes.

Arnav(to Kushi): See… because of you, he is also calling me AC… It’s one year I became a commissioner… but in our house, still, I’m AC… (He chuckled) hope he doesn’t know the REAL expansion of YOUR ACP.

Kushi nodded NO biting her lip.

Pooja rushed to Arnav with a notepad. She showed it to Arnav and he dropped his jaw whereas Pooja giggled.

Arnav: What the….

Khushi: What?

Arnav: She got to know…

Khushi tried to snatch the book from Arnav. Arnav turned the book towards her and showed it to her with a killer smirk. Khushi bit her lip closing her eyes. It was her notepad. She wrote it yesterday night while waiting for Arnav. “ACP- ARNAV THE CUTEST POLICE”

Khushi: Pooju… you should not have done.

Pooja: But I did…

She clapped hopping and Ansh joined her even though he didn’t get it.

Khushi looked at Arnav who was smiling at her teasingly.

Arnav: Truth can’t be hidden for long.

Khushi pouted.

Arnav: By the way, only you could see the cuteness in me whereas criminals would shrike hearing my name.

Khushi(teasingly): I’m not a criminal though.

Arnav pinched her nose.

Khushi: I just want to keep it secret… this Pooju broke it.

She pouted.

Arnav: If you want to keep it secret, you should have called me secretly, like you call my name on the bed.

Khushi: Don’t even think of making me call you like that.

Arnav: Yeah… not now… but after the delivery.

Khushi: How will you handle these two at the time of my delivery?

Arnav: I will book the next bed for you and will settle with these two in the hospital.

Khushi (chuckling): won’t you let me be peacefully in the hospital too?

Arnav: No way. You have to bear us.

Arnav got a call on his mobile. It was from Aman. He attended it.

Arnav: Hi… congratulations on your promotion.

Aman: Thank you, sir. I have been joined in your office today, sir.

Arnav: Yeah, I know.

Aman: Sir, you have to come to the collector's office immediately.

Arnav: What’s wrong?

He started, wearing his shirt.

Aman: A man is threatening the collector, pouring Petrol on his body, sir.

Arnav: What’s his demand?

Aman: He wants to remove the CELL PHONE TOWER from near his home as its rays are affecting his mother who is a cancer patient.

Arnav sighed, again… the issue between heart and mind. He left the house towards the collector's office to deal with the issue. His struggles NEVER END…

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