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Chapter 4

Part 4 Street Dancer Movie

Khushi stopped rushing, seeing Arnav standing at the building entrance, looking at her with a shocking expression. She composed herself though she was stunned. She was about to go passing him,

Arnav: Where did you go at this time?

Frowning at him like “who are you to ask me?”, she took a step ahead, without answering him. Arnav blocked her way coming in front of her.

Arnav: I ask you something…

Khushi: Why should I answer you? Who are you, man?

Without saying anything, Arnav removed his identity card from the pant pocket and held it above his shoulder.

Arnav: Police…. I can ask you anything if I suspect and you ought to answer me… right?

His voice was enough polite when he uttered it but it sounded strict.

Khushi swallowed hard, horrifying.

Khushi: Po…police…?

Arnav(nodding yes): Tell me…

Khushi: Ohhh… I went to meet my friend.

Arnav: at this time?

Khushi: we went to a movie.

Arnav frowned…

Khushi: My niece is not at home. I didn’t think I will get sleep so I agreed with my friend when she called me for the movie.

Arnav: What movie?


Arnav: In which theatre?


Arnav: It’s not safe to go to the movie at this time. If you want to watch a movie, prefer the daytime. Don’t you know what’s happening to girls, these days?

Khushi nodded yes, bowing down.

Arnav: You are living alone. You have to be careful… for yourself and for Pooja who has none other than you… think before stepping out of the house.

Khushi: Actually, my friend is going abroad that’s why I went to meet her.

Arnav: Maybe… but some THINGS won’t come back if we lost it once.

Khushi felt bad as she understood what THINGS he was talking about.

Khushi: Jee…

Arnav: Be careful…ask me if you want any help.

She nodded yes.

Arnav showed his hands towards the lift like, “Go” Kushi headed to the lift and he followed her.

They came out of the lift and went towards their respective flats.

Arnav: Good night…

Khushi: Good night.

They entered and locked the door.

Arnav was not satisfied with what Khushi said. She sent Pooja with her Nani in the morning, giving the reason that she has to attend an interview. If she has an interview, how could she prefer to go to the movie… that too a “night show”? She is not in the mood to enjoy movies as he knew how upset she was because of her Bhai and Bhabi’s demise. Yesterday, he witnessed, how sternly she spoke to him. She looked majestic but today, there was a lot of hesitation in her eyes. Something is surely wrong. Is she lying? But why?

Khushi was lying down on the bed, curling, hugging the pillow on her stomach. It seems she is crying. Her mind was scolding her for going out. It was indeed an unwanted action. See, how it turned horribly. The man who is in front of her flat is a policeman. What if he got to know about IT? He seems a strict officer. He will find it out if he gets anything suspicious. Don’t know how she will overcome it.

Khushi jerked as her phone ululated. She sat on the bed fearfully. She looked at the clock. It was 1:00 am. Who is calling her at this time? Till the date, she never got a call at this time. She took her mobile and saw “PRIVATE NUMBER” flashing on the screen.

Khushi (in mind): Private number?

She hesitated to attend it. It stopped ringing. But again it started to howl. Again the same PRIVATE NUMBER. She attended it.

Khushi: Who is this….?

“Kushi Gupta…..”

Khushi: Yeaaah…..

“I know you won’t sleep. You couldn’t sleep though”

Khushi: Who is this?

“Did you forget me? We just met”

Khushi widened her eyes gulping…

“Being a girl, you have guts to do THAT”

Khushi: I did nothing.

“Then why did you come to her house with a knife? You know she is dead...”

Tears started flowing from her eyes.

“I won’t do anything against you if you keep your lips zipped. Or else you will be behind the bars. Don’t try to do anything smart. I have your and your family’s complete history”

Khushi: Listen… hello… hello…

The call got disconnected.

Kushi fell on the bed, bursting out. She couldn’t sleep in fear. She was trembling like hell. Who is HE? How did he know her number? She just met with him last night. Within one hour, how did he get her number? How? Could he be a known person to her? He should be but who is he? It was clear that HE is the ONE who called her. But what connection he is having with her?

She clutched her hair, closing her eyes. Sleep was far away from her eyes. She became tired of crying. At last, sleep suppressed her strength and pulled her into its world.

Next day

It’s 10’o clock. Khushi hasn’t woken up yet as she didn’t get sleep for long. She jerked hearing a knock on the door. Her body became wet in a jiffy by sweat. Who is that? Could it be HE? The knocking sound increased… she looked here and there. She found a knife on the table which was being kept with fruits. Taking it in her hands, she headed towards the door. She looked through the magic hole. She couldn’t see anyone through the hole. She pulled the door wide and raised the knife to stab the person and got stuck, seeing Arnav. Arnav flinched back, seeing Kushi with a knife.

Khushi: You?

Arnav: Who do you expect?

Khushi: No one….

Arnav looked at the knife and then her face. Khushi threw the knife on the floor and stood in “attention” pose gulping.

Khushi: Ohh… I’m alone. I can’t trust anyone. That’s why…

Arnav was gazing at her suspiciously.

Arnav: Will you raise the knife, before knowing who is there?

Khushi: I’m sorry… Why did you knock on my door?

Arnav: Just to check before leaving whether you are alright or not.

Khushi: I’m fine…

She said looking down.

Arnav: Really?

Khushi: jee…

Arnav: It does not seem so…

Khushi was silent.

Arnav: Where are you going today?

Khushi: Where?

Arnav: You have an interview… right?

Khushi got stuck. How did he know?

Arnav: I will drop you if you want…

Khushi(hurriedly): No… no thanks… I will go…

Arnav: Are you sure?

Khushi: Yeahhhh…

Arnav nodded yes. Khushi was about to close the door and stopped hearing him.

Arnav: Don’t hesitate to ask me anything. Ok?

She nodded yes. Arnav left the flats, thinking about Khushi’s weird behaviour. He got a call from Aman.

Arnav: Haan Aman…

Aman: Sir, please come to Raj Nagar.

Arnav: Why?

Aman: Sir….

Arnav: What?

Aman: The fourth murder took place, sir…. in the same style…

Arnav: Whaaat! When?

Aman: Last night…

Arnav(to the driver): Mohan… go to Raj Nagar. (to Aman) Did you reach the place?

Aman: On the way sir as I just got the message.

Arnav: Ok. I will be there in a few minutes.

Aman: Yes sir.

They disconnected the call. Arnav travelled towards Raj Nagar. Before getting any clues from the previous murders, another murder? He sighed. He smiled when he passed the REGAL MALL. Didn’t Khushi say, she watched STREET DANCER Movie in this Theater last night? His smile got vanished seeing DABANGG 3 Movie poster in the Theater.

To be continued…

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