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Chapter 5


Arnav asked the driver to stop the jeep.

Arnav: Stop the jeep.

He pulled the break and the jeep stopped jerking. Arnav jumped off the jeep and entered the theatre. He directed to the manager room.

Arnav: I’m Arnav… assistant commissioner.

Manager: Yes sir…

Arnav: How long has the movie Dabaang been running here?

Manager: For the past one week sir.

Arnav: Any other movie as a special show?

Manager: No sir… only Dabaang is running for all four shows.

Arnav: Thank you.

He left the Theater and reached Raj Nagar where Aman has already started the inquiry.

Arnav: Shoot…

Aman: The murdered woman was working in the private sector. Her husband is a cloth merchant. He travels a lot to Surat. Yesterday also he went to Surat. We have passed him the message and he is returning.

Arnav: Bring her mobile…

Aman: No sir, no mobile found in this house.

Arnav: What about the previous cases?

Aman: As same as this one.

Arnav was thinking about mobile phones. The killer must be a good planner. He is following the same rules in all the murders. But he would have forgotten that the criminal would leave the clue unknowingly, no matter how cautious he is. In this case, also the killer should have left the clue. He brilliantly has hidden the mobile phones of the murdered persons. But why he is giving so much importance to mobile phones? What’s there on their phones? This means the mobile phone plays an important role in the case. Maybe…

Arnav removed his mobile and dialled someone. The call was attended on the other side.

“Hi, dude…”

Arnav: Hi Prince…

Prince: It’s great that Arnav Singh Raizada remembered this poor soul called Arun Prince.

Arnav: You may be spending with me in the upcoming days.

Prince: Really?

Arnav: Yup, for a case.

Prince: Say it at first… Arnav and calling me…

Arnav: Cool yaar.

Prince: Ok, what’s the case?

Arnav: Where are you now?

Prince: In Kolkata. Came with a task…

Arnav: when will you be back?

Prince: In two days.

Arnav: I will say you about the case in detail. Meet me when you reach Delhi.

Prince: Right away.

Arnav: That will be good for you.

He disconnected the call.

Arun Prince (looking at the mobile smiling): He won’t even change. He will arrest me if I don’t reach Delhi in two days for sure. Sale…

He smiled.

In the late evening

Arnav knocked on Khushi’s Door. She opened it, taking enough time, not showing a hurry. She smiled at him and Arnav reciprocated it.

Arnav: Where is your Niece? Didn’t she come?

Khushi: She is in the bedroom, playing.

Arnav: Ohh… how was the Movie?

Khushi: Movie? Which Movie?

Arnav: The one which you watched with your friend last night.

Khushi: Ohh… that one? Yeah, it was good…

Arnav: Do you like it?

Khushi: Of course…

Arnav: Who are the actors?

Khushi: Varun Dawan and Shraddha Kapoor.

Arnav: Then?

Khushi: Ohh…

Arnav: Didn’t you see anyone other than Varuna and Shraddha? Not even Prabhu Deva?

Khushi: Actually…

Arnav: Street Dancer is not running in the Regal Mall but Dabbang…

Khushi looked at him shockingly.

Arnav: Learn to lie and be careful when lying to a police officer.

He left the place leaving scared Khushi, letting her know that he caught her.

Khushi was trembling. She switched on the TV and watched the news. As she expected, the particular NEWS flashed. And for her shock, she saw Arnav in that. He is the one who is handling the case. She gulped. He found out that she didn’t watch the movie. It won’t be wise to be silent. She has to secure herself from his suspiciousness. She rushed towards his flat. She knocked on the door even though it was open. Arnav peeped from the Kitchen. He raised his eyebrows, seeing Kushi.

Arnav: Come in…

Saying he pulled his head inside the kitchen again. Khushi got inside taking only one step. Arnav came with two cups of coffee. Seeing her standing at the doorstep,

Arnav: I called you IN.

He said while extending one of the cups towards her.

Khushi: It’s ok, sir. Pooja is alone. I have to go.

Arnav: it takes only a few minutes to have it.

Khushi took the cup hesitatingly. Arnav was gazing at her sipping the coffee, expecting her to say something.

Khushi: Actually, I didn’t watch the movie…

Arnav nodded yes.

Khushi: I lied because I didn’t want you to take me wrong and more than that I became scared knowing you were a Policeman.

Arnav: Only wrong people would get scared of us. Why you?

Khushi: Ohh… I just went…

Arnav: It’s your matter. I just wanted to warn you. That’s all.

He didn’t show her that he is suspecting her as she is already scared of him.

Khushi: Thank you, sir.

Arnvv: How did you do your interview?

Khushi: I didn’t attend it, sir, as I was late.

Arnav: Ohh… what’s your designation?

Khushi: M.Sc. Computer science.

Arnav: hmm…

Khushi: I should leave.

Arnav: Yeah…

She left to her house in relief. Arnav closed the door smilingly. At the same time, his phone beeped with a message indicating tone. He frowned, seeing a message from PRIVATE NUMBER. He opened the message and got shocked.

“It’s a smart move of bringing a HACKER into this case.”

Arnav horrified. He didn’t even disclose the idea to anyone. Neither to his high officials nor did with Aman. And no one knows that Arun Prince is a HACKER. How does someone get to know about it? Who is he? He wants Arun Prince to come to Delhi… immediately…

To be continued…

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