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Chapter 9


Aspire Builders Manager Ratan Sinha’s face drained seeing Arnav Singh Raizada at his house. He rushed out almost pushing Arnav out.

Ratan: Sir, you here?

Arnav: We went to your office and got to know that you are on leave. And you said you won’t attend any outer call at home. So, I came here to meet you.

Ratan: Why are you here, sir? I almost told everything about Stella.

Arnav saw a girl in the early twenties peeping from the house. Ratan gestured her to go inside wrathfully.

Ratan: Can we talk upstairs?

Arnav tilted his head, in the manner of agreeing. He followed Ratan along with Aman.

Ratan: Tell me, sir…

Arnav: We checked the incoming calls of Stella’s phone number.

Ratna got horrified. He wiped his forehead.

Arnav: She worked under you. You were together for more than eight hours per day. Still, what was there to talk to her three to four times every day?

Ratan: We talked officially….

Arnav: How? Like, I want to be with you… I want to touch your velvety cheek…. I want you on my bed again….?

Ratna(cutting him): Sir… please…

Arnav: What will your wife think if she comes to know about how you talked with another woman who was someone’s wife? And what about your daughter, who obeyed your gesture without any second thought? Will she give the same respect for the man who cheated on her mother? shame on yourself…

Ratan bowed down…

Arnav(sighing): Tell me what happened to Stella.

Ratan: I don’t know, sir.

Arnav: I’m respecting you because I don’t want to give punishment to your wife and daughter who trusted a wrong person like you. Tell me the truth if you have a little concern about them. I won’t mind arresting you. Then all the trash will come out.

Ratan: Sir, I don’t know who burnt her. I got a call from a PRIVATE NUMBER the next day of her murder.

Arnav straightened himself.

Ratan: He threatened me.

Arnav was looking at him like, “continue”

Ratan: He said, if I try to get a relationship with some other woman again, I will also get the same end as Stella. I have to be loyal to my wife and family. And I’m under his scanning. He ordered me to spend time with my family.

Arnav shrank his eyes thoughtfully.

Arnav: Then?

Ratan: I know my phone is being tracked by him. He often calls me and asks regarding my calls and related activities.

Arnav: Still?

Ratan (nodding yes): He even asked about your inquiry and mocked me.

Arnav: What he mocked?

Ratan was silent.

Arnav: I asked you something.

Ratan: He said he will send our conversation to you… and made people get to know about my other side.

Arnav: What about Stella’s husband?

Ratan: He is a money-minded man, sir. He always roams behind money. He won’t mind spending his time with Stella. She always feels loneliness….

Arnav: And you used it in your favour throwing a few praising words on her…

Ratan bowed down.

Arnav: Why? Your family seems so pleasant. Didn’t you think about them at least once? What’s your age? your daughter will get married in one or two years it seems. What if Stella’s husband got to know about your relationship? Won’t he cut you into pieces? What if he touches your daughter to take revenge on you? Should she get the punishment for your lust?

Ratan closed his eye repenting.

Arnav looked at Aman who recorded his statements.

Aman feels something whenever Arnav talks about illegal issues. He loses control.

Arnav: Let’s go, Aman…

They got into the Jeep.

Aman: What will you do in his matter, Sir?

Arnav: What do you want me to do?

Aman: I just want to tear his mask, sir. we have to reveal such kinds of dirty men to society.

Arnav: Hmm…

Aman: but I can’t understand one thing, sir.

Arnav: What?

Amann: The killer seems different. He killed the woman and warned the man who had a connection with them. If Stella is wrong, Ratan is also wrong. Why is he punishing only women?

Arnav: Do you think so?

Aman: Are not you thinking like that, sir?

Arnav: In fact, he is punishing him more than Stella by threatening him often. Do you think he could be peaceful? The knife is hanging above his head. It will be better if he kills him.

Aman: What’s the use of repenting now….?

Arnav(gritting his teeth): Repenting? He is repenting not because he did wrong. it’s just because he got caught. If he hadn’t gotten caught, he would have continued.

Aman nodded yes sadly.

Arnav looked at the children who were standing in the queue. It was Little Angels Convent. His eyes got rooted at the particular “little Angel” who got close to him in the past few days. The School watchman was guarding them. It seems they are waiting for the school bus.

Arnav: Stop the Jeep…

Mohan pressed the brake. Arnav jumped off the jeep and headed towards Pooja. Her face lightened for a second and hung next second.

The watchman looked at him questioningly. As usual, he showed a powerful weapon… his identity card.

Arnav: ACP Arnav Singh Raizada…

Watchman: What do you want me to do sir?

Arnav: I want to talk to Pooja.

Watchman: Are you taking her with you, sir?

Arnav: No…

Watchman: The school bus will arrive soon, sir. Please finish talking before that.

Arnav: Yeah…

Arnav kneeled in front of Pooja who bowed down seeing him. Arnav smiled when she stole his glance from the corner of her eyes, cutely.

Arnav: We can be friends like before if you answer my question. Will you?

Pooja nodded no sadly.

Arnav(surprised): Why? Don’t you like me?

She spread her hand wide, gesturing like “a lot”, making face.

Arnav thought for a while and beckoned Aman. He ran towards them.

Arnav: Ask her what I’m saying.

Aman nodded ok.

Arnav(looking at Pooja): You don’t have to talk to me. You can answer this uncle. Ok…

Pooja looked at him brightly and nodded excitedly.

Aman wondered. Who is this little girl who is making Arnav Singh Raizada kneeling in front of her?

Arnav whispered in Aman’s ear and he recited the same to Pooja.

Aman: Who made your Bua cry last night? Did anyone say anything?

Pooja: Bua cried a lot after attending a call.

Arnav jerked. Phone? Who called her?

Aman: Then?

Pooja: She said I shouldn’t talk to him.

She pointed at Arnav.

Aman: Why?

Pooja: Don’t know. She said, God, will take her if I talk to uncle.

Arnav gritted his teeth. He gestured to Aman and he nodded yes. Taking Pooja’s school identity card, he read.

Aman: Father’s name Ankat Kumar Gupta, and Mother Anisha Gupta. There are two phone numbers, sir. One number is written by pen…

Arnav understood Khushi should have written her number on Pooja’s identity card, after his Bhai and Bhabhi’s demise.

Arnav: Note the numbers down.

Aman noted down and handed it to Arnav. At the same time, the watchman called Pooja as the school bus arrived. Pooja waved at Aman and went.

Aman: Who is she, sir?

Arnav headed towards the jeep without answering while dialling Prince.

Prince: Yeah Dude…

Arnav: I have sent you a phone number… Check it, with whom she spoke last night.

Prince: Yeah… and I have found all the contact details.

Arnav: Fine… I’m coming…

He headed to his flat. He badly wanted to know about the phone call. What he is suspecting could be possible? He reached the flat and knocked on the door. Prince opened the door rushing. Before Arnav asked him anything,

Prince: who is the girl, dude?

He asked curiously.

Arnav: Why?

Prince: She talked to none other than the killer yaar….

Arnav: Whaaat!

Prince: Not only yesterday night. She has received two more times from the same Private number.

Arnav: When?

Prince told him the dates. The killer talked for the first time with Khushi when the fourth murder was held. That was the same day, Khushi came to the flat at midnight and lied that she went to watch a movie. He immediately wanted to go to her flat but he couldn’t do it in front of Prince. He has to know her story first. He changed the topic.

Arnav: What about the other contact?

Prince: All the stories are interesting dude. All four murderers had a connection with someone and spent a lot of time on the phone.

He read the men’s name with whom the murderous had connections. Arnav jerked when Prince read ANKAT KUMAR GUPTA’s name.

Arnav: Wait… what’s Ankat’s number?

He asked while taking the paper hurriedly in which Aman wrote Pooja’s identity card details.

Prince read Ankat’s number. Arnav was shocked to the core as it was the same number that Aman wrote.

To be continued…

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