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"Exchange your daughter for your debt!" Shouted the stranger. Alysia's father Mr. Johnson did the biggest mistake of borrowing money from the mafia. Unable to return the money, the mafia makes a proposal to him; either give them his life or sell his daughter to them. Will a father sells his own daughter for selfish reason? Even though he despises his daughter, will he go to such an extent? Read to find out!

Thriller / Action
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Chapter 1

After four night shifts and only a few hours of sleep within this week, I finally got a night off. Taking days off were not in my habit, but these last few days I kept on a working day and night to make ends meet. I’m the only one working person in this family. My mother died two years ago, which turned my father into a different person.Sadness and despaired transformed him into a drunker and gambler.Money became his only obsession while family became the least of his problem. To protect my five years old sister from his terror, I had to send her in a boarding school.

Jumping in my bed; I rubbed my fingers along the satin mattress, pressing my cheek on the comfortable crimson pillows and let the darkness enveloped me into a profound sleep. Few hours went by when I heard someone pounding the front door. Opening my eyes liked two flashlight beams, I convinced myself that it was my alcoholic dad.

Like a shot, I jumped out the bed, making my way to the door when I spotted a long and thin figure. It was my dad, standing in the middle of the living room. So, that’s not him pounding the door. Who might it be then?. I stood frozen, deciding if I should open the door or not. My mind was still in perplexity, when I saw my father walking toward the door.

“Dad, I think it’s safer to let the door close,” I murmured.

“Shut up! You disgrace! Do not tell me what I should do!” he yelled.

Unlocking the door, two huge men slammed it open and barged inside. Fear sat on my father’s face, a choked cry for help forced itself up his throat, drops of tear ran down his cheek, his hands and legs trembled with fear. Never did I see my father in such a state, he was always the one setting terror in my life. He knew these men.They were no stranger to him.

Adrenaline activated my sympathetic nervous system and made my heart beat faster. “Who are those men?” I questioned myself.

“Who are you?” I screamed.

Nobody took the pain to answer me. They grabbed the collar of my father’s shirt and pinned him against the wall. Fear consumed me, I felt like peeing on the floor while my stomach lurched.They came for my dad.What did he do again? I can’t count the number of times I had to save him because of his vises.

“Let go of my father!” I yelled with a cracking voice.

Nipped toward them. I grabbed the man’s arm and tried to pull him away from my father, but he was stronger than my expectation. Annoyed, he smacked me and threw me on the floor.His five figures stamped on my face causing a burning sensation on my cheek.

“Where is the money, Johnson?” the Stranger shouted with a deep and scary voice.

“I...I...I don’t have it yet” my father busted in tears.

“Do you know what that means?” The other man slapped my father. “We will kill you!” he shouted in my father’s ear, enough to make his eardrums explored.

“Please do not hurt my father” I pleaded while catching the feet of the men.

Infuriated by my persistence to save dad, the colossal man grabbed a punch of my hair and made me stood face to face in front of him. I was in pain; I felt like my hair would pull out of my head.But pain did not matter to me.I just wanted to save my father from the door of death.No matter what kind of bastard my dad became, I just could not left him on his fate.

“Little girl, your father borrowed money from our boss for gambling and he did not return it. It’s the law of the mafia to kill the one who does not respect our protocol,” he whispered near my ears.

“Tell me how much he owes you and I will return you the money,” I pleaded.

“Give us two million rupees then!” he ordered.

“Millions! How could you do this dad? I give you money every month, I sacrifice myself for you and you just keep on becoming worse every day,” I busted in tears.

The more I cried, the louder was the laughter. The father-daughter relationship entertained them.The black man caressed my soft brown hair, looked deeply into my dark blue eyes and slowly dropped his eyes on my pink lips and over my whole body. He drooled at my nightgown in such a malicious way that I felt naked.He was full of lust for sure.

“What’s your name?” he asked me. His lips were so closed to mine that I could feel his warm breath.

“Alysia” I whispered back.

He kept on glaring at me for a few minutes, which made me uncomfortable. Then he gestured the other man to let go of my father’s collar. The other man was taller than him, with short blond soft hair, pale complexion and muscular. Confused, he stared blankly to his partner and obeyed. A glimpsed of hope rose into my heart and goose bumped my body.

“What if we make a deal?” smiled maliciously the black man to my father.

“What deal?” my father asked curiously.

“Exchange your daughter for your debt!” .

“NO! NO!” I shouted. “Dad, please do not accept this offer! I’m your daughter, you cannot sell me for your debt”.

“Shut up!” he shouted back

Oh, my god! Is my father going to sell me? His own daughter! After my mother passed away, I kept on caring for him even after his abusive behaviour. I hate this man now! Oh god, please save me, I kept on praying...

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