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chapter 10

P.O.V Alysia

All’s well that ends well. You still believe in such a thing? Then it’s high time to banish it from your head.This is no fairy tale; where demons lost and angels win. This is the real world; where we humans are worse than animals, it’s a shame that many of us can fall so low despite being the most brainy creation of God.No matter how good you are, evil will always win.

They brutally hit her innocent round face on the floor. Grabbing her hair, they penetrated her one by one like animals. She yelled of pain, cried, begged and even promised to be a nice girl but nobody pitied her.They all played the deaf.At this age, she should cry and beg for ice cream, not for her life. Her blood turned the floor crimson, her wail echoed the place while sweat bathed her. The more she was screaming, the more they were raping her. They were not just obeying their boss, but they were enjoying in doing so. I tried to save her but all I could do was yelling for help but it was useless. They only let go of her after thirty minutes of rape.

“DID YOU SEE WHAT I CAN DO?” said Paul before letting go me.

Pulled away from him, I swiftly near Zia. Sitting down next to her, I took her into my lap. She was alive; she was bleeding like a river but she was still breathing. I caressed her face and hot tears fell down her cheeks. Her eyes were shut, her body was frozen while her lips became violet.Her little lips were trembling, breathing became hard for her. Every time she was trying to gasp some air, she moaned out of pain. How can a human do that to another human?

“I am so sorry” I cried out.

She partly opened her eyes, gave me an apologising look and then shut it down and this time for good. I knew from that moment that this chapter of my life would haunt me for the rest of life. I would never forgive myself for provoking her death. I killed her. It was all my fault. I wondered if she will get a proper funeral or they will just get rid of her body. I did not want to know because nothing good can come out from this place. Zia’s death made me learn one thing; today it was her, tomorrow could be my sister.

“You won, I lose. I am ready to be yours” I said brokenly to Paul.

Howling, he clapped his hands and kept on laughing louder and louder. I accepted defeat, not because I was afraid of death, but because Diablo’s life depended on it.When I first saw Diablo, I saw hope. I did not know him for long, but there was a connection between us.From the moment I saw him; I knew that we would stand for each other. I just cannot let Paul kill him. If my misbehaviour rose the devil inside of him, then my affection can fool him.

Trekked near him, I fell down my knees and cradled his feet. I never humiliated myself like that, not even when I lived with my father.Diablo risked his life to support my fight.I owe him that much.Bending one’s leg, he lifted me up. Unable to meet his eyes, I riveted my head.

“Why did you do that?” he asked calmly.

“I just felt bad for Zia” I murmured.

“This is my business. I earn my living by doing so. You need to understand this.”

The yearned to kill him hit me hard, but Diablo was right; the more I will play the boss, the more he will kill my love one.To make him lost the battle, he needs to think of me as a defeated. I have to be the coach by playing the mind game.

“I understand!” I bowed.

“Really?” he lifted up his eyebrows.

“I saw what you can do! I am not taking that risk anymore”

“At least, you are being wise”

“Are you going to kill Diablo?”

“Why are you concern about him?”

“Because if he dies it will be because of me. He did not betray you”

“He did!” Paul angered.

“No, he did it because of you”

“Because of me?” he astonished.

" When he came upstairs to fetch me, he told me to accept your offer which I denied.Then I saw Zia and told him to save her.He refused instantly.That’s when I blackmailed him” I lied.

“You blackmailed him? How?” he scoffed.

" I told him to save Zia and I will become yours”

“The why did he not just told me the truth?” he questioned.

“He did not answer me when I made the proposition. I thought he would not agree to it, so I made my own scene.He just did not get the time to do it his way.I did not give him the time” I lied again.

“You see! You made a mess here when everything could have been sorted amicably”

“I realise my mistake now”

“Find! I will not take Diablo’s action as being disloyal. I will neither torture him nor kill him because of you.”

“Bingo” I said to my inner self.

“Morrison, get Alysia into my room. I am going to see Diablo” Paul ordered one of his men.

“Please, do not hurt him” I begged.

“I always keep my promise” he gave me an assurance look.

Silently, I followed Morrison upstairs. My heart still ached with pain for Zia and will not be in peace until I see Diablo. Paul is the last person I can set my trust into.

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