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chapter 11


Swollen eyes, the sun radiated my face. It’s been two days since it did not bless me with its warmth. It felt so balmy and glorious. Paul’s room was the only place where he did not bolt out the windows. Spending the whole night crying and contemplated the ceiling, I cursed myself. The only good thing about last night was Paul’s absence; he did not show up after the tragedy. Maybe he took the flight just like Diablo told me. “Damn it” I muttered. Not because I will miss him, hell no. Simply, because nobody else will know Diablo’s fate except the raven himself.

“How will I know about Diablo?” I questioned myself.

Prowling left and right the place, I chaffed my arm. I was nervous and sicked with nerves. The thought of not seeing Diablo again tormented me. I already had someone blood on my hand, having another one would drive me crazy. Stuck here with a locked door, they left me no choice than to hazard things.

“Okay, Alysia. You can do it”

Mosey with my steps, I thought a thousand times about the consequences. If someone caught me, Paul will surely kill my love one. But what to do? I could not leave Diablo either. Carefully, I bestride the window. I would lie if I said that it did not terrify me.

“Fine! I will find Diablo, and I will come back here. Nobody will know anything.” I convinced myself.

“Are you kidding me right now?” someone bawled.

Startled, I turned back. He was there in front of me, glowering at me. Reality or dream?. Pinching my hands, I felt a pin picked over my skin.Reality.Cracking a smile, joy tears of happiness ran down my cheeks. Fed up with my rebellion, he closed up the door behind him and marched toward me. He was angry, really furious.

“Are trying to commit suicide?” he dragged me inside.

“Diablo” I squeaked.

" Shhuuu,” He hushed me.

“Did he hurts you?” I asked

“Forget about me! Tell me, what were you doing? You think killing yourself will fix everything?“He bombarded.

“No” I grinned.

“Stop showing me your teeth”

“I was not killing myself. I just wanted to pass through the window and find you”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, I was worried. They raped Zia and killed her. I did not want him to hurt you” I explained.

“Thank you for caring” he smiled.

“Thank you for being by my side” I broaden my smile.

“I saw you getting yourself in trouble and I had to interfere.”

“Did Paul hurts you?” I questioned.

“You tell me what you said to him?”

“I told him you did everything because I blackmailed you”

“Blackmailed me?” He lifted his eyebrows.

“Yes, that if you save Zia, I will accept Paul’s proposition”

“And he believed you?” he inquired.

“Yes,” I bowed my head.

Speechless, he lost himself into my eyes. A moment of silence drifted the entire world between us apart. He was staggered, and I was as pleased as punch. Seeing him alive brighten my day. It felt idiotic and inexplainable to be happy in captivity, but yes I was happy. I still abhorred this place, but right now all that matters was Diablo.

" You seriously fooled him?” He asked

“Yes, why are you so surprise?”

“Because he neither gets fool by anyone nor does he pities anyone. He knew you lied to him Alysia, and he played the fool”

“Then why did he not kill you?”

“Because he loves you ”

“What!” I astonished.

“When he loves someone, he does everything to get her and he becomes really dangerous”

“Did he took the flight as you told me?” I craved for a yes. I could not imagine being rape again and again.

“Yes, speaking about that, he told me to call him once I meet you”

“I will not talk to him” I flatly refused.

“I thought you understood last night that you cannot fight him right?” Diablo crossed his arm.

“Yes, but there is really no way out here?”

“Only death can get you out of here”

Slipping his hand in his pocket, he took out his phone and dialled the number of the devil. Bug-eyed, I gave Diablo a doleful looked. I saw empathy in his eyes; he did not want to hurt me. He was just protecting both of us from Paul’s terror.

“It will be fine” he handed me the phone.

My nerves frayed while my hands shook with fear. I did not want to hear his voice. I wanted him away from me. Digesting the fact that your father sold you, raped and later had the blood of a little girl on your hand are harder than your thought. My staying here, did not exceed two days and it felt like being kept here for two decades.

“Hello” I uttered with a broken voice.

“Good morning” the devil greeted me


“You see, I sent Diablo back to you. I did not hurt him. I know you see him as a friend that’s why from now Diablo will be your bodyguard” he said

“Why are you acting nicely with me?”

“You want something else to make you feel better?” he changed the topic.


“You are close to Clara, right? you...” he continued.

“Do not harm her” I interjected

“I will not, I was just suggesting that she can keep you company in my absence.”

“What is behind your mind?”

“Yes or no!” He raised his voice.

Diablo held my hand and shook his head. He was right; I was provoking Paul with my questions. Paul is the type of guy who never learns to get a no as an answer. He always wins, no wonder why he is the boss of Mafia.

“Yes!” I said.

“Fine” he hanged on the phone.

I gave back Diablo’s phone and plonked down on the bed. Questions gnawed his head, but he remained silent, waiting for me to vomit everything. Grappled with what Paul told me, I gawked at Diablo. Diablo, my bodyguard!. Did Paul already tell him? And why the hell should I have a bodyguard?. It’s not that I’m the queen of the underworld.

“What?” Diablo let out.

“What?” I repeated.

“Why were you irritating him?” he aggravated.

“You are my bodyguard and you kept it from me,”

“I was about to tell you”


“Alysia, you will play the good girl with him okay.” he looked concern.

“Yes, I will let him rape me and I will smile at him,” I said sarcastically.

“I will figure something out”

“To run away?, Listen, you have the freedom to go outside. Why don’t you take my little sister and hid her in a safe place, then we can run away” I felt excited again.

“I’m going”

“What? No, I’m serious”

“Diablo! Diablo” I kept on calling him until he banged the door leaving me alone with my stubbornness.

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