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Chapter 12

POV Alysia

Letting the scalding water sluiced my body, I still felt dirty. Mixed feeling messed up my mind. I Knew that escaping was mission impossible, but the cried out of my heart to break away from this place was stronger than anything. Washing my body, I needed to purify myself. Closing my eyes, I dreamed about strolling outside freely with no fear. I doubted if one day this dream will come true.

“Kenzah, will I see you again?” I murmured.

“Alysia, are you inside?” I heard a familiar voice.

“Clara” I yelled in the shower


“Wait” I slipped into the red satin v-necked dress that Diablo gave me and rushed outside the bathroom.

“Alysia” she hugged me.

“I was so worried about you. Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m fine and I’m happy to see you” I assured her.

“Paul told me to give you company in his absence”

“I know.”

“I’m sorry for yesterday” Clara gave me a mournful look.

I nodded, I did not want to talk about Zia’s death again. Not because I forgot about it, but it felt like a bitter pill to swallow. Patted my hand, she embraced me and I hugged her back.

“Ouch” she pushed me away.

“What happened?”


“Show me” I insisted.


“I said show me” I badgered.

She took a long, slow breath and unzipped her pin-pricked holes dress. I got an eyeball of the horror in front of me; I gaped at her and buried my mouth with my hand. Bruises covered her entire body while her arms were deeply cut. They lashed her and cut her.

“Who did that to you?” I angered.

“You do not want to know that”

“I do”

“Paul punished me,” she said.

“For what? You did nothing,”

“He needed someone to get out his frustration.”

“Because of what I did?” I inquired.

Clara knew that telling me the truth will only add salt to my wound. She looked the other way and shook her head. A bad liar. Lying was not in her nature. Paul did not want Clara to give me company, he wanted me to see his art as a warning; if you mess up again, I kill your friend. Lifting her head with the tip of my finger, I gave her an apologizing look.

“I’m sorry” I felt ashamed.

“For what? For being braver than us?”

“He should have punished me not you”

“This is Paul, he starts with threatening your loved one and if you keep on persisting, he kills you” she ruffled my hair.

“Why can’t I just die” I cried.

“What about your sister? You kill yourself, he will replace you with your sister”

“When will all this end?”

“Hey relax! I’m not mad at you” she reassured me.

“But I am!”

“Get me some cream instead. I heard that you are the queen of the underworld now and you have a bodyguard” she mocked.

“How can you joke in such a situation?. He hit you”

“I went through hell, this is nothing for me. Get me some cream now. It’s burning like hell”

Brassed off, I opened Paul’s wardrobe and searched for a cream to relieve Clara. “Bastard” I murmured. Rummaged in his stuff, I signed in relief.

“Burnol cream,” I said and belted the door.

“Ouch,” something heavy fell on my head,

“What’s that?” Clara rushed by my side.

Bending down, I picked up an old and smothered dust diary. Snatching it from my hand, Clara wiped off the dirt. Her eyes gleamed as she read the title.

“Diary of Paul Vercetti” she voiced.

The devil wrote in a diary. It amused me to imagine Paul writing his feelings in a journal. Was he that alone?. Curiosity hit me hard, but I knew that I would not handle reading all his cruelty. There was nothing new this diary would show me, Paul is a monster and I know it.

“Forget about it. You will only find evilness in it”

“No way! I will read it” she insisted.


“Because I want to, this is my way for revenge. I will read his entire life. Please. Please” she pleaded.

“Okay. But I have one condition!”


“Let’s put on your cream first”

“You apply it and I will read” she suggested.

“No way. I cannot let you have all the fun”

“You just didn’t want me to read it” She frowned.

“And did you listen to me?” I crossed my arm.



“Fine! be quick” she uttered.

Every time I rubbed the cream on her wounds, she startled. How did she pass the night with these pains?. That’s why Paul did not show up last night. He was removing his frustration on the poor Clara. Stone wrapped his heart completely. Did someone ever loved such a creature?. Of course not, I convinced myself. Who would love such a bastard?.


“Yes, wait” I zipped up her dress and locked the door from the inside.

“Now we are safe” I grinned.

Flopped on the bed, Clara opened the diary. We were both nosy about Paul dark secrets. I wondered what I will find out, but certainly, it will not shock me at all. Did he write about me? I pondered and shook my head. These yellow pages asserted that he did not open it for years. Then why keeping it?

“Okay, let’s dig in,” Clara said.

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