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chapter 13

23 JANUARY 1996

Dear Diary;

My name is Paul Vercetti,24, son of Martin Vercetti. Today I will take my father’s succession. To be honest, the world of drugs uninspired me. What I want is to become a genuine man, but having a father as the head of Mafia does not play in my favour. Rules are rules; you either accept the life chosen to you or die. This is a family business. It all started with my great grandfather and it never ended.

When you are a Vercetti, they tie you down in this dark world. It feels asinine and silly to write all these in a diary, especially when you are the boss of gangsters. But who will listen to me?. Nobody. Here you need to play the tough guy ever if you are not one. Today, they will take me to the coronation room and make me vow to always serve the Mafia just like my ancestors did.

Isn’t it a rude awakening that even the leaders of the mafia are coronated? It surprised me, too. From what I heard, my father’s emperor situates in the middle of nowhere, that’s why its existence remains hidden from the rest of the world. Nobody goes there without being blind-folded, not even me. Everyone working inside is restricted outside, except for the safeguard of the emperor. Nobody knows where it is except two men; my father and his loyal bodyguard, Stephan. My dad has a beyond doubt trust in Stephan, he hid nothing from him. I wish that he feels the same for me, but that would be in my dream.

Our relationship has never been easy. I am not the son he expected to have. I am just too bounteous and ailing for him; I was considered as a shame to be the underworld’s king son. If he could disown me, he would without thinking twice, but the throne has only one heir, and that’s me. Which is a curse for both of us; neither did he want me as a leader nor did I want to become one.

Well, it feels nice to finally be able to express my feeling, even if it is only in a piece of paper that nobody will read. Now, it’s time for my coronation. I do not know why I’m feeling nervous when I am about to become the most powerful man of all.

“He is boss of the underworld and he was not in human tracking.” Clara gazed at me.

“Continue reading” I suggested.

24 January 1996

Dear Diary,

Hello, again. Well, I am the new king of the underworld. The guardianship of the throne is more arcane than my thoughts. It’s just too much for me, I even cannot memorise all the names of drugs we sell. I wish I had a brother who could take over the emperor. But, fuck it, I am Martin Vercetti’s unique son.Unfortunately; we do not choose our parent.

Forget about it, let me tell you the best thing that happened to me yesterday. First, Stephan is now my bodyguard, my father retired completely, I wonder why?. God, I’m writing with so much jollity that my heartbeat is resonating my eardrum. Yes, I am that much happy. No, not because I accede to the throne but because of what happened after it.

Well, after my coronation, my new bodyguard invited me to his place.

“Come and dine with us,” he told me.

I was still very agitated and cheesed off to be the king of bastards that I nearly refused. My heart said no, but my head nodded.

Off-the -cut, I followed him to his house. That’s when I saw her, Elina Smith, daughter of Stephan Smith. I did not know that I was “a love at first sight person”. Sensationally, I found myself lost into her emerald eyes, her voluptuous body played the most indecent scene in my head and harden my boner.

“I want her, I will make her my wife,” I told myself.

If someone asks me what I ate that night, I honestly don’t know. Hearing her laughter feasted my stomach. After dinner, I helped her with the dishes. It was the first time I got involved in households, and I liked it. She will make an amazing wife and a great mother. She is not only pretty, but friendly as well. She did not know me, yet she behaved like we were teenage friends. Every time my eyes spotted her crimson thin lips, the fancy to kiss her boiled my blood and I just could not hold myself.

I grasped her waist and drooled into her eyes. She gaped at me and tried to ward off by pushing me away, but it was too late. I gripped her hair, forcing her to face me and passionately kissed her. Exerted her against the wall, I grabbed her boobs with one hand, slide another hand in her pants while gently rubbed her clitoris. Petrified, she tried to fend off by kicking me, but that was in vain. I just could not control myself; I wanted to taste her and fuck her. And I was about to do it, when someone pulled me away from her, Stephan.

I will not write how badly he treated me because it was all my fault. This is not a way to behave with a lady but I was just loving her and she repulsed by affection. No, not repulsed, Elina will never repulse me, she loves me; she was just shy and her father just mad that I did it without his consent. But that’s okay, I will fix everything. Tomorrow I will ask for her hand and then she will become Mrs Elina Paul Vercetti, queen of the underworld.

“What the hell! He is a psycho” I shook Clara violently.


“Sorry, but he is mad, he just knew that girl, and he kinda raped her”

“He is doing the same thing with you!”

“Keep reading” I wanted to know more what happened to Elina.

“Keep reading what?” shouted a gravelly voice.

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