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chapter 14

POV Alysia

“What are you girls doing?” he bugged out his eyes.

“Diablo, but I locked the door” I startled.

“You think this rotten lock still works? Don’t be stupid” he forced his pace toward us and snatched the diary.

“Diary of Paul Vercetti” he read.

“Are kidding me?. You really enjoy being in trouble. Don’t you?” he gave me a dirty look by furrowing his brows.


“What ah...ah.Answer me.”

“Diablo, do not punish Alysia, it was all my fault” Clara pleaded.

“Diablo is a friend, he will not harm us” I assured her.

“And what if it was someone else who red caught you?” he curled his lips.

“Shut up, wait!” I darted near the door and bolted it.

“I just told you, this freaking lock does not work” he crossed his arm.

" Stop yelling! You do not know what you are missing” I whispered.

“I don’t care. You just like inviting trouble. You are always up for something. I told you right, to stop being a nuisance ”


“Just get ready!” He cut me off and threw a frumpy red lace dress on my face.

“What is that?” I asked.

“A dress. Paul wants you in the emperor and he wants Clara to accompany you, queen of the underworld” Diablo mocked.

“Why? I will go nowhere and stop mocking at me”

“Today is the auction day. He is not here to approve the sales, so he wants you to do it after all you are his future wife.” he kept on mocking.


“Yes, it happens every three months where virgin girls are sold,” he said.

“What! he is sick! you are sick! I will go nowhere, I will not be a part of it!” I yelled.

“We will go!” Clara jumped into the conversation.

“What?” I astonished.

Clara flicked near me and tugged me in the room’s corner. Her eyes glimmered with excitement, and it honestly terrified me. If I did not know her, I would say that she was a heartless girl, not caring for those innocent girls.But I knew Clara; she is nothing like that.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Alysia, he is talking about Paul’s emperor. The same emperor he mentioned in his diary. Do you get it, now?” she knitted her eyebrows.

“If we go there, we will find more about Stephan and Martin Vercetti!” we muttered together.

How brain-dead I was!. Clara had a point. If we want to know more about Paul, we need to go where everything started. Diablo already confiscated the diary and he will not give it to me at any cost. I cast my eyes toward Diablo and sighted a very agitated young man; he was annoyed with my rebellion; I knew it.

“Fine! Go outside, I will get dress”

“Are you serious!” he smiled.

“Yes, go before I change my mind”

“I will wait outside,” He said before exiting the room.

Few minutes went by and I got outside the room with the most grotesque dress I ever wore; the crimson dress had a crinoline silhouette which made me think I was living in the year 1960 while the bell-sleeved was bulbous. Never in my life did I wear such a thing, even the torn dress of Clara was prettier than mine. Diablo stared at me from head to toe and squeezed his lips. I knew he was preventing himself from howling at my awful dress and I could not blame him.

“Come on, you can laugh” I gave him a dirty look.

“The driver is here!” shouted someone down the stairs.

“Where is Clara?” Diablo asked.

“Right here!” she hastened by my side.

“Fine! Let’s go!”

Head in the cloud, I felt ambiguity. I knew why I agreed to go there but how will I be able to be the culprit of all those girls?. Lagged behind Diablo, I felt squirmed but something inside of me knew that Paul’s secret will benefit me in some way. I was a virgin too if Paul did not like they would have sold me.

“Open the door!” Diablo ordered a man as the same height as a beanpole. I guessed his job was to guardian the exit door.

The man nodded his head and creaked open the door slowly; I sighted a vast grassy field, surrounded with chain-link fences. There were no neighbourhood or anything like that. Stepping outside, I closed my eyes and inhaled some fresh air while exhaling my burdens. It’s been so long that I did see the face of nature; it felt like a treasure. The chirping of birds was like songs in my ears and with no warning, I felt a warm tear rolled on my cheek.

“Move!” the man pushed me

“Do not touch her” Diablo took my defence.

“Alysia! Blindfold yourself” Diablo held me a bandana.

“Right now!”

“Yes, right now. Look I have mine too.” He showed me his bandana.

“Who will take us there?” I questioned.

“Someone who Paul trust the most”

“I’m scared!”

“I know. Just trust me.” he held my hand.

“How can I trust you, Diablo? You are not like the others but you still refuse to help me”

“You think I will let Paul harm you?”

“He already did!”

“Because I did not know you then, now I do”

“Why are you so kind to me?”

“You still cannot remember me. Don’t you?”

“Remember what?”

A black limousine appeared in front of us and cut off our conversation. I looked confusedly at Diablo and he gave me an assurance look. I knew what I had to do; I took the bandana and blindfolded myself. Darkness invaded me, and I got inside the car. As the engine turned on, I held both Diablo’s and Clara’s hand, waiting for my unknown destiny.

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