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chapter 15


“Right, left…..”

I tried so hard to count the number of times the car turned right and left but in vain. The driver was nobody’s fool; instead of driving like a sane person, he preferred to zig-zagged the road. At first impression, the thought of him being a bad driver crossed my mind but with deeper concentration, I got the fact straight; he was just bamboozled us.” Clever bastard” I muttered. It felt like miles away. After several oscillated, he hit the brake. A bilious attack floated my stomach; I wanted to barf, and it was urgent. I removed the bandana, pushed open the door and dashed outside.

“Catch her!” I heard shouting.

Idiots, they thought I was breaking away, and they chased me. Kettle by beefy and barrel-chested bodyguards, I gestured them to move. But as usual, these brutes will never understand. I tried so hard to control myself, but alas. I chundered on everyone in front of me. Shirt tainted yellow, lightings of furies travelled in their eyeballs while they clenched their teeth.

“You little bitch!” the burly man in front of me lifted his hand to slap me.

I closed my eyes and waited for the worst to happen. One second, two seconds and banged. I heard the noise, but unable to feel the pain on my cheek. I peeked with one eye and saw the unbelievable; the burly man crumpled on the ground with both arms and legs bending, the white bricks became crimson. I sideway my gaze and saw the culprit pinpointing the other men with his gun.

“Diablo” I murmured.

All eyes on him, I smelt the odour of terror. He rushed by my side and folded an arm around me. Patted my cheeks, he pushed a sigh of relief. Diablo stood up for me again. From anyone perspective, Diablo was just doing his job by protecting me but my heart knew it was more than that.

“You shed the blood of our brother on the emperor’s land. You know what that means?” one among the guards said.

“And you caused trouble to Paul’s chosen one. You know what that means?” Diablo glowered at them.

“She is the chosen one?” the man gave me a horrendous look.

“Yes,” Diablo said

“Then I apologize!” he bowed down his head.

Wow, that much respect for being the queen of pigs.Volte-face around; Paul was right. I was standing in the middle of nowhere; a dessert, far away from civilisation. They barricaded their courtyard with palisades. The emperor had nothing like the prison Paul kept us; it was a thousand times wider and immaculate. Azalea lined up the geometry crushed rock Path, all leading to a marble carved fountain. Ten feet from it was the precious emperor; a symmetrical building with an arc-shaped doorway, topped by a cupola roof.

“Let’s go!” Diablo lead me the way.

“Where is Clara?”

“The driver took her inside” Diablo assured me.

“Took her inside? No, they will hurt her!” I panicked.

“Hey, chill! Nobody will hurt her, you will see her inside. Okey?”

“Fine! Thank you for saving me!”

“I was doing my job,” He said without looking at me.

“Really?” I lifted my eyebrows.

We clacked the bricks as we advanced near the door. Diablo opened the door and I drew inside. Everything was beyond my expectation; wave-patterned marbles smothered the floor, a golden chandelier hung down the alabaster ceiling. Straight ahead was a glittery stair and on my left were the elevators. What surprised me the most was that the place was deserted; I spotted only twelve bodyguards well-armed and nobody else. My expectation did not match reality at all.

“You told me I will find Clara inside. Where is she?” I asked Diablo.

“In the Auction room”

“Is it terrifying there?” I asked.

“Just do not create a scene there. Because neither you nor I can do anything for those girls. You will only make things worst” he held my hand.

“And, how will I have the heart to approve those sales?”

“Changed of plans, Paul is here. He will take in charge of everything” he dropped his gaze.


My heart stopped for a couple of seconds while my brain felt dead. I thought I had one week free of torture, but the devil came back. I gawked at Diablo while my body cringed. He would rape me again and I was not ready for that, I would never be ready for that.

“Relax, he will leave after the auction” he gave me an assurance look.

“Are you sure?”

“The more you will think about it, the more you will torture yourself”

“You promised to protect me!” I whispered for the guard not to hear me.

“And I will. Even if he does not leave for the UK, I will not let him rape you.” He promised.

“How will you do this?”

" You will see! Now let’s go”

He lent me a hand, and I took it with no hesitation. If Diablo said he will protect me then he will, I knew he will. We got inside the elevator and Diablo pressed the second-floor's button. My heart fluttered as the elevator’s door shut down, but I needed to stay strong. I came here for a reason and I will not leave without knowing the truth; the truth that can get me out of here.

“Why can’t I hear the yelling of the girls?” I asked Diablo.

“You will see!” He once again refused to meet my eyes.

“It’s worse here. Right?”

“Alysia, just do not ask me those questions” he pleaded.

“If you tell me now, I will be able to control myself once inside!”

“Fine! You cannot hear anything because the girls’ lips are stitched.”

“What!” I muttered.

“Paul does not want any disturbance during bidding time so a day before the auction he stitched their lips”

“I will not be able to see that” my hand quailed.

“I will be with you. You are not alone.”

“But.....” My voice broke.

“Hey, hey Alysia, I’m here for you.” He patted my cheek

“Okey” I hugged him and found comfort in his arm.

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