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Chapter 16


The moment the elevator’s door opened, I knew it was trouble. We got out of the lift and my eye roved around the long and ghastly corridor. With flickers lights, I strained my eyes to get a better view of it. A never-ending corridor, that what it was with terracotta paintings. I took a long deep breath, mastered my emotions and trudged the corridor. It felt like walking in the death row.

" I’m afraid” I murmured as we approached the big black door.

“I know, just do what I say. Remember, your rebellion will only make things worst” he warned me again before knocking the door.

It cracked open and two bodyguards stood in front of us with crossed arms. They exchanged looks with each other, bobbed their head in approval and handed Diablo two pieces of papers. Number, twenty-five and number twenty-six. I guessed it meant to be our seat number. Diablo tilted his head, and we got inside. The place was more of a theater than an auction room; rows of tip-up numbered seats nailed on the floor with aisles between them, the footlights illuminated the place while spotlights lighted up the platform, black leather coated every seat except the stalls one. The stalls chairs looked like those of premium quality movie theatre with built-in cup holders placed in the armrest.

Everyone malicious eyes were on me. The room was bursting with men; all looking well educated and important businessmen, dressed in their most formal outfits. Unfortunately, a piece of graduation paper does not define one’s character.

“Where is Clara?” I asked Diablo.

“Come,” Diablo gathered his arm around me and we plodded to our seats.

“Where is Clara?” I raised my voice.

“Stop yelling. She should have been here next to you” he gestured seat number twenty-seven.

“But she is not!” I angered.

Trepidation took controlled of my body. She should have been here, then what went wrong?. It was all my fault, if I did not rush out to vomit, she would have been here with me.

“Fine! I am going to find her” I said.

“I told you not to create a scene. Right?” Diablo whispered to me.

“You really don’t care! You heartless man.”

“I am heartless! No, Alysia, I just do not act like you. Do you think all this is a joke? One wrong move here, you are dead.” he scolded me.

“Then, what?. I must sit here and let Clara be in trouble?”

“Who told you she is in trouble?” Diablo lost patience and raised his voice.

“Then why is she not here?”

Diablo clenched his teeth and fixed me in the eyes. He shook his head, scratched his forehead and averted his eyes.

“Fine, stay here! I will find her!”

I gazed at him as he left the room in search of Clara. Either Diablo has been in this hell for too long that his heart begun to lose its humanity or I was the hysteric one. Being the only woman here, surrounded by lusty men creeped me out. The way they looked at me, made me felt like this was not the place for a woman to be, my place should be there, on the platform not among the clients.

“Calm down Alysia, if someone touches you or say anything to you, just say that you are the chosen one” I convinced myself.

I closed my eyes, inclined my body on the chair, and pretended I was not in that awful place. Alone, on top of that. I tried to relax my nerves but in vain; it felt like my veins would explode in my head. If not finding Clara gave me that much stress then seeing those poor girls being sold would kill me for sure. Lost in my reflection, I felt a bony hand clapped my back.

“I’m the chosen one!” I startled and yelled.

“Hey relax!”

I fasten my eyes on the person and felt my heart soothed. Darken her browns, she took a seat next to me and pressed my hands. Surely, I was pleased as punch to see her, but the urged to strangle her killed me inside. I fought with Diablo because of her.

“Clara! Where were you?” I slapped her back.


“Where were you?” I got furious.

“We came here for a reason.right?” she whispered.

“So what?” I crossed my arm.

“You think with Diablo, we will be able to spy on Paul’s life?”

“AHH.Yes.No” I became speechless.

“No! We cannot do anything in front of Diablo. He will never let us do it. That’s why I took advantage of his absence to make some researches” She muttered.

“You found something?”

“Yes, and no” she uttered.

“What do you mean?”

“No, because it is highly secured here. When The driver brought me here, I asked for a glass of juice and surprisingly, they gave it to me without acting barbarous. Intentionally, I split it on my dress and told them I needed to change. Of course, they refused but when I told them you are my friend, they instantly agreed. Those brutes in front of the door followed me and waited outside the changing room, but…”.

“So you got me worried me for nothing” I cut her off.

“Wait for me to finish my phrase before you start to reprimand me. True, I could not venture more, but I found something interesting there……”

“What? A lizard on the ceiling?” I cut her off again.

“Stop annoying me! When I got inside, I found a maid with a scar on her face, cleaning the floor. First, I did not pay attention to her, I just gazed in the mirror and shook my head because I was disappointed. She was the one who made the first move by asking me if I was all right”

“Then?” I irritated.

“I told her I am a sex slave of Paul and she immediately empathy with me. We had a little chat, that’s when it hit me hard.” She paused and gazed at me.

“I did not cut you off this time!”

“Alysia, how many working women did you see here?” she asked.

“Hmm. I did not see any” I pulled myself together.

“Exactly. I asked her for her name. Guess what she told me?” She questioned.

“Stop playing with my nerves. Tell me!” I shook her.

“Elina.Elina Smith.”

“What? She is alive? What did you find out?”

" Nothing. I could not question her. The brutes were knocking at the door and I just could not give them a reason to suspect me”

“We need to meet her,” I said.


“Let me handle this” I her gave a convincing look.

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