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Chapter 17


“Where is Diablo?” Clara asked.


“Gentlemen, welcome to the auction. Today you will not regret what you will see. We have so many beautiful girls to offer. Virgin on top of that” a cadence voice cut me off.

All eyes on him. He was on the stage, holding a mike and grinning. Every time I hear his voice, I get bump gooses. Paul Vercetti, the devil was there ready to play his evilness again. I gazed sideways hoping Diablo would come back to me, I can never do this alone.

“Alysia, just close your eyes. From what I heard, only the insensitive can see what Paul does with those girls. You cannot do it. Close your eyes!”
Clara held my hand.

“No, I want to see how much of a bastard he is”

“Let me present to you our items. Girls come here!” Paul said while clapping his hand.

What I saw tore not only my heart but my soul at the same time. Hands tied with thick rope, disfigured by their stitched-up mouth, pain invaded their eyes. Chains around their necks, the brute dragged them naked on stage. Their cry of despair could be heard through their stitched up lips. Trust me, there is nothing more humiliating than being naked in front of so many strangers. Frighten of the terror in front of me, I placed one hand over my mouth, preventing myself from crying.

“Hey! Alysia.I’m here!” someone spoke next to me.

“Diablo!” I muttered.

“Happy you found Clara. Remember what I told you. Close your eyes if it is too hard for you!”

“I do not want to stay here.” I sobbed.

“Neither do I, but we cannot do anything Alysia. There are a lot of things I want to do right now, but I cannot. First, I want to hug you and promise to make everything right for you but I cannot because it would be a lie, second I want to get on the stage and rescue those girls but I cannot because Paul is stronger”

I nodded and fixed on those girls. They were all youngsters,; between fifteen and eighteen years old. Paul strolled near one of the girls and ruffled her silky brown hair. Sweating drenched her body while tears filled up her eyes. I felt bad for her, but something about her intrigued me. That emerald eye, her skin colour, her appearance and everything about her was just like the man next to me.

“Why does she looks like you?”

“Like me? Are you hallucinating?” Diablo frowned his eyebrows.

“Are you blind? Look at her, she is your female version”

“I don’t know. I never met that girl before. I swear!”

Paul broadened his smile and ambled to the next girl. She looked like the youngest one,; her shoulder-length black hair was a mess, she had a bushy eyebrow but an attracting face and body. Using his middle finger,; he caressed her face and squeezed her boobs.smiling; he turned towards his clients with so much proudness on his face and winked.

“This beauty is from Egypt. She came here for education and ended up in the wrong hand. Thanks to her boyfriend. She is the youngest one. She has only fifteen years old and never been touched by any guy. She even told her boyfriend that he should wait till marriage.” He laughed.

“She is for sale as from eight hundred dollars. Who is the lucky winner?. Come on, bid your price” He proceeded.

“Eight hundred and fifty” shouted the man behind me.

“Eight hundred and sixty” shouted another one.

“Nine hundred!” yelled an elderly man.

“Nine hundred! Sold! Please, dear client, come on stage and checked your item” Paul said.

He got up with his long thin cane and limped on the stage. That old hag should be in his sixties and still so lusty. He patted the girl and pressed his lips on hers. The girl turned her face in disgust and sobbed uncontrollably, which only outraged the old hag.

“You little bitch! I am spending nine hundred dollars on you, and you are repulsing me!” He slapped her hard.

“I will show you who is the boss!”

“Yes, show her!” The crowd yelled in encouragement and clapped their hands.

He took off the surrounding chain around her neck, unzipped his pants and shoved her on the floor. She crawled on the floor in an attempt to escape, but in vain. The man got on top of her, spread her legs and plugged inside of her. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I bite my lips until my tongue tasted like blood.

“Close your eyes. Right now!” Diablo ordered.

“I do not want to stay here!” I murmured with cry.

“Hey, Alysia! We are both going to close our eyes,” Clara held my hand.

“But that girl!”

“We cannot do anything. Do you trust me?” Diablo asked me.

“I do!” I nodded.

“Drink this!” He handed me a pill.

“What is that?”

“It will make you sleep for at least two hours”

“What if they hurt me during my sleep”

“You are Alysia! Paul chosen one! Nobody will hurt you. Drink it. You will not be able to see all those girls being rape because that’s exactly what will happen here”


I snatched the pill from his hand.I needed this pill, but how long will I run away from all these. I took a long audible breath, threw down the pill and crushed it with my shoe. Both Diablo and Clara gasped at me, they were surprised and I was even more than them. But these needed to stop.

“Why did you do that?” Diablo asked.

“Because running away will fix nothing! There must be a way to defeat him, and I will find it out today. I will not sleep Diablo and you will help me”

“What did I told you? ”

“Not to rebel. I will not!”

“Then what is in your head?”

“You will see”

I watched in horror as he sold these girls. Not all of them got rape in front of everyone, but only the one who showed stubbornness. Every girl got sold except one of them, the girl who resembled Diablo. Why did Paul keep her the last one to be sold when she was the first one in the line?

“You always reserve the better for the last. Let me present to you, Selena. She is young and beautiful, just like her mother. You know every beauty has a price to pay. Two thousand dollars for this girl,” Paul spoke.

“Two thousand one hundred”

“Five thousand!” Yelled a man from the back seat.

The stranger successfully gained all the attention. Everyone focused on him. Nobody bought a girl for five thousand dollars. The robust man got up from his chair, lumbered on the stage. Unlike the other, he did not touch the girl. He simply took out the money and handed it over to Paul. I wanted to see his face, but the only thing visible was his eyes; he covered his face with a piece of cloth.

“Can I know your name and why are you so interested in this girl?. I cannot see lusts in your eyes and why are you hiding your face?” Paul questioned.

“Because I love young girls and this one is exquisite. I love my life private, I will not show my face in such a place. Why are you so concern about me? Nobody comes here without your invitation.” the man said.

“Fine! Go and sit, you can take your girl once the auction is over!“The man bowed his head and got back to his seat.

“Before ending this auction. I have good news to share with everyone. I am getting engage and the lucky one is among you. Welcome, Miss Alysia. Diablo, please take her on stage” He clapped his hand.

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