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Chapter 2

My heart twisted and sat with nerves while waiting for my father to give an answer to those mafias. Why can’t he say no, my daughter is not for sale? Why? I stood there paralyzed with fears; my heart beating so fast while my eyes turned glossy with tears.Why should I pay for the mistake of my alcoholic father?

My father’s face was emotionless.I tried hard to find some affection in his eyes, but it was like searching a needle in obscurity. He kept on biting his nails and scratching his grey hair. He was in deep reflections; thinking about whether to save his life or destroying his daughter’s life. One bad decision about him could change my entire life. After moments of silence, and carefully considered the offer, he spoke.

“Fine! Take her and do whatever you want to do with her, just let me live,“. He said without remorse.

My mouth felt wide open, I knew that since my mother’s death he despised me for whichever reason I never knew. But sacrificing me for his own life! I never thought he would fell so low. I will never forgive him for that.I always took his abusive behaviour as a reason for his lost, but I was wrong.He was rotten from toe to head.


“HOW DARE YOU SPEAKING LIKE THAT!” he yelled back and punched me in the face.

“You selfish brat! Can’t you save your father’s life?” he kept on yelling at me.

“Selfish? You say that I’m selfish.Remember who was there for you when everyone left you? You beat me every day and I kept on standing by your side.Some days I would stay hungry just to feed you.But now, I just hate myself for all the devotion I gave to a Satan like you.You deserve to rot in hell.” I snapped back and split on his face.

He was speechless, I never talk to him in such a way before. Raising another hand to hit me, the stranger pushed him away.

“Do not touch her” he warned my father.

“So, Alysia, are you a virgin?” He asked with so much lust in his voice.

“That’s none of your business! I’m not coming with you, I refuse to be exchanged for his debt,” I screamed. Tears kept on rolling down my tears.

“Shhhh, do not cry! It does not look good on such a pretty face as yours. I asked you a simple question, can you answer me back?” He was now caressing my lips and biting his lower lips.

I bit his hands and shoved him. Running into my bedroom, I screamed and begged for help. I knew better than anyone else that nobody could save me. Not only was our windows covered with anti -burglary but we lived hundred miles away from people.Thanks to dad once again! He just would not stop fighting with our neighbours that I decided to rent a house far away from everyone.But I just could not give up..

I kept on screaming for help when I heard someone twisting the knob of my door. What the hell, I locked that fucking door!. My ungrateful father opened the door for them with duplicate keys. How can someone who gave life to a child be her own wrongdoer?

“You are not an easy one, huh?” The black man said, standing face to face with me.

“Please let me go!” I begged.

“Why does every girl need to behave pathetically? Why can’t you just answer my question? Listen, I give you the choice of either answer my question or I will check it myself”.

“Please! Please! Let me go”, I grabbed his legs and whipped like a child.

“You want it the hard way! Find then!”

He picked me up with his huge arm; I kept on biting and stuck my nails deep into his flesh; I bruised and bled him.He gave me a menacing looked. Fuming, he hit me and I found myself on the floor next to my bed.

“Grab her” he ordered.

Both my dad and his partner griped my hands and feet. I did not know what was more painful; the thought of going to be physically abused or the bitter fact that my father was taking part in it. The hero of my dreams turned out to be my worst nightmare. As a child I used to draw pictures of him dressing up like superhero and he would just kissed and hugged me tightly.

The stranger lifted up my black nightgown.Tearing my underwear like a beast, he patted my breast. I was mortified, frozen and traumatized. I could not believe that two strangers were looking at my body, including my own father. Is that going to be my life from now!

“Please let me go,” I pleaded.

“Spread her legs wide open!” he commanded

His partner spread my legs wider with such a force that I thought it would tear up my muscles. He then touched my vagina and kept on saying “beautiful! Exquisite”. He rubbed his figures around my openings. I felt embarrassed, scared and angry.

“Get off me, before I break your face! You pervert,” I cried.

Ignoring me, he bowed to the other man. “She is a virgin, it would thrill the boss”

Removing a syringe from the back of his pocket, he stung me. No, he drugged me to be clearer.My vision blurred, but I was conscious.

“Please, please...” Slowly my visions fade away, leaving me with my unknown destiny.

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