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Chapter 3

woke up with a splitting headache. Everything seemed musky and dimmed. I heard voices and could see features without understanding their faces. Where was I? I remembered my dad opening the door, some men walked inside, and later what happened? My mind refused to evoke everything.

“She is awake” I heard a young woman screaming.

“Where am I?” I inquired, struggling to sit down with a hand on my forehead, I felt like my head would blast the next second.

“You don’t remember, huh?” the girl leaned next to me.

“No...” I wished to talk further, but my headache was not playing in my favour

“Relax; it must be the drug they infused in you,”

“What drug...”

Suddenly, I figured out the entire puzzle; I recalled being physical abuse, sold by my father and doped. These brutes kidnapped me. I forced my eyes to open; it was still blurred but gradually the vision became clearer. I was in a dark chamber; surrounded by four concrete walls, the floor covered with crushed brick; five bare mattresses on the floor, a giant black door placed at the end of the room with no handle which meant; no way out.Sunlight was incapable to penetrate through the windows because they sealed it with a wooden board. Five girls stood in front of me.

“Hi” a brunette greeted me.

I did not want to answer her back, I just ran through the door and yelled “Let me out, I will sue you”

“It’s worthless to resist, you will aggravate your condition,” The brunette told me, she worn just enough dresses to just cover her breast and her private part. She was cute though with a really hot and great figure.

“I’m Clara” she approached and shook my hands

“I’m Alysia, how do we get out of here? And who are you guys?”

“We are the sex slaves of Paul Vercetti,” she said carefree.

I gazed at her for a moment, awaiting my body to digest what Clara just told me. If they brought me here, it meant that they wanted me as their sex slave too. I closed my eyes and re-opened it several times with the belief that this might only be a hallucination. But it was only the dark reality.

“You sound to be all right with this. Why? We need to run away” I said breathlessly. I felt a panic attack arousing my system; breath gasps up and felt like I would black out. I did not save my purity to sell it to strangers.

“I’m okay with it because they have brought here me for approximately three years. Being sold by my husband was not pleasant at all. Every time I escaped, the mafias found me and as punishment they gang rape me, sodomy me and left me without foods for days. They left me with no choice than to accept my fate. We all went through the same phases as you, but you are lucky enough to have us to advise you about how to behave here.” Clara told me by caressing my hair with sympathy.

“No! I refuse to let them rape me, my dad sold me, please help me escape,” I wiped

“You need to calm down” Clara struggled to assuage me.

“Yeah, you need to calm yourself down” Another girl in the group advised me.” I’m Sarah; I made the dreadful mistake of rejecting Paul Vercetti and for punishment, I was abducted and forced into sex slavery. Listen to me Alysia, if you wish to live, then surrender without trying to fight back. Come, I will introduce you to the other girls here” she exclaimed.

“This is Elisa, she was already in prostitution before she showed up here but at least she was free before,”

“This is Hilary” she presented me to the last girl in the group.

She waved at me and I waved back with shaken hands.

“How did you end up here?” I demanded to Hilary.

“By marrying my prince charming but instead of carrying me to his castle he took me in his dungeon,”

“I’m just so sorry,” I sympathized

“It’s okay, it has been a long time,” she assured me.

“You girls are nice but I crave to run away” I was so determined to escape from that creepy place that any of their stories pacified me to stick around. Who would want to stay here, anyway?

Boomed.Flabbergasted everyone.Nobody got the chance to argue, the huge black door opened and slammed against the wall. The mafias who physically abused me moved in, I wanted so badly to rebound on him and pulled out his eyes ball but I was frightened. Behind him were two sinister men; one dressed in a suit and the other dressed in a police uniform.

“Choose your girls,” The mafia told them

The police officer chose Clara while the other one got near me and held my hands. “Not again,” my inner soul told me. I grabbed his hand and crammed it with full pressure, sufficient to make him screamed in agony. Clara gazed at me with shock. I supposed she did not know that I was just a lion in a cage. No matter how they will torment me, I will run away.

“Leave him” the mafia slapped me.

“You are the one who will let me go, you cannot keep me here without my will,” I jerked back.

He started chuckling as if I just cracked a joke. He twisted my hands and forced me to face the other girls.

“Look at those girls, they are now Paul Vercetti’s property just like you. There is no escape here and don’t be upset, this guy here will not touch you, not because you don’t want him but because Paul wants you first, now look at your friend Clara and learn from her,”

The man dressed in a suite chose Hilary in my place. Eyes wide open; I looked at the men approaching and undressed them. Pervert! The police officer was slow with Clara, but that other bastard was a real brute. He was fucking Hilary like an animal; strangled her with one hand and insulting her during the entire time “That’s your future” the mafia murmured in my ears.

“No” I broke down, I closed my eyes incapable to watch the girls getting rape

Even when the scene was over, my eyes refused to sight back the reality. Someone reached by my side and took my hands, I pushed away in disgust.

“Hey it’s okay everything will be fine,“. The voice resounded like Clara.

Slowly, I opened my eyes, I could not prevent myself from bursting into tears and hugged her. She was still naked.I felt bad for her.

“Make her ready for tonight” shouted the mafia by throwing lingerie on the mattress. “Paul wants her tonight itself”. He completed his phrase by closing the door behind him, leaving me and the girls again in the dark.

“What does he means by preparing me for tonight?,” I asked. My heart pounded.I knew the answer, but I wanted someone to prove me wrong.

“Alysia, Paul must crave to molest you tonight. Do not fight, just close your eyes and you will see, it will get easier and quicker” Hilary instructed me. She had several bruises all over her body, battered face; she was so savagely aggressed. How could she remained positive after that?

“No” I whooped and buried my face in my hands. “I despise you dad” I sobbed harder and harder until I chocked and vomit.

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