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chapter 4

Stink of urines infested the toilet, with no tissue paper in it, and the underside of the seat tinted dark yellow.It made me sicker than before. Even prisoners are provided better supplies in jail. But I could not help from going again and again as I was stressed about what will that Paul Vercetti do to me?

“Will you calm down?” Clara finally told me.

“You want me to cool down when we both know that Paul wants me tonight in his bed,” I snapped

“Stressing yourself will not benefit you, he will take you whether you like it or not,”

“Thank you, you are an excellent moral support,” I responded sarcastically.

Clara was going to answer me back when the door opened.Again. Three mafias came in; two remained at the exit as if to avoid someone from running away. In his hands was a bag. He flung it on the floor and ordered that everybody should get ready in less than 1 hour. One and all bowed their heads as if some dogs obeying to their master. The mafia turned his back to go away when I shouted back.

“Why should we get ready?”

“For clients to use your bodies as pieces of meat and then throw you away,”, he grinned.

How could he be so rude? My face became red with rage; his remarks were like a punch in the face. I felt my veins waiting to explode, my mouth opened involuntarily and without realizing I shrieked back.

“You sick bastard, why don’t you offer your ass instead of as a piece of meat and I’m not dressing up, do whatever you wish to do. I don’t give a fuck,” I exploded.

I expected him to show me his ferocity, but he turned his head and beamed. I presumed he found my insults like a compliment.

“You have forty-five minutes” he stated and slapped the door behind him.

“Alysia, please do not play the hard one,” pleaded Clara

I refused to listen to her; I just placed my hands over my ears and sat on the ground, just like a persistent kid. Forty minutes went down; everybody was dressed up in slutty clothes, face masked with tones of makeup and wore high heels. As promised, the sick bastard came back and looked at me with amazement.

“So you did not dress up? You are a little rebel,” he teased.

I glanced at him full of hatred and riveted my head away from him.

“Rafael! Kool! Take the girls downstairs and I will take this little rebel to Paul,” he commanded.


Ignoring me, he hauled me on his shoulders. I punched his back, bit him and kicked him, but he did not put me down. We passed through a long gloomy corridor. It was the first time that I was seeing the outside of my prison. It looked haunted.The long corridors contained at least twenty chambers; slutty dressed girls all accompanied by a mafia were getting out of their cell. Nobody was showing resistance. The brute carried me upstairs in a hallway similar to the down floor. He knocked on the first room itself.

“Come in” a strong masculine voice answered back.

The gangster opened the door and finally let me down. I punched him before turning to look at the monster who wanted me in his bed tonight. Unlike my confinement, this lodge was clean; a well-dressed bed with a clean blanket on it, the floor was humid as if it was just cleaned, a closet in the angle of the lodge and a desk with an armchair next to it. The obscured man sat on the bed. His eyes; a well of jet black espresso, held a gaze more fearsome than a lion. He looked fifty years old; he could have been my grandpa, and he wanted to sleep with me. The old man had a fringe of grey-white hair around his balding, mottled scalp. He had a chiselled face with the right pinched of freckles. He gazed at me and stood up.

“You are the new girl right?” he asked as if he did not know

“Yes, I’m the new girl that you kidnapped. Pervert!”

“It was your dad choice, not ours,” he grinned

“I don’t care, I demand to be free. Why did you even call me into this room? Did you expect that I will offer you my body? You a sick fellow. Better to kill myself than to sleep with an old pig like you,” I cracked down.

“Listen. I will not impose myself on you. I want you to give me your body voluntary and I’m confident that you will undress for me after looking at what I have for you,”

“No matter what a present you have for me. I reject both you and your gift,” I yelled.

He said nothing, he just handed me his mobile and played a video; a cute little girl sitting on a bench eating amongst other kids of her age. She was chatting and giggling when finally she got up and faced the camera.The video ended, and my face changed to crimson. That was Kenzah, my little sister. I froze on the spot, and the mobile fell down on the floor.

“Did my father sold her?” I stammered.

“No! But if you will play the tough girl with me. I will be the happiest man to seize her. You know this building consists of 3 floors. The ground floor is a bar where the girls dance and provide sexual services. The second floor is where the girls live and the third floor is where I have my room and also where children like 5 years old stay,”

“What the hell! You demon! You even do child trafficking?”

shtttttt he pressed his fingers onto my lips. “Would you love your little sister to be here? Because I enjoy child company too.”

“No please. Do not hurt her. Please,” I begged.

“Then be a good girl and undress for me. I will go into the bathroom and when I will come back, I want you nake on the bed,” he caressed my face and went away.

I wept uncontrollably, Clara, and the others were right; I will never escape this place. This man is Satan. Even if I get the opportunity to run away, I would not be able to do so because of Kenzah. Oh god. I took a deep breath and pulled out my night grown and laid myself on the bed. I buried my face into the pillows and closed my eyes just like Clara told me.

After a few minutes, I heard Paul Vercetti opened the bathroom’s door and stepped into the room.

“Good girl! Now that you obey me, I will be slow with you,”

My heart pounded, the adrenalin flew over my veins like a carp through the river as I felt his naked body on my skin. He pressed my back with his palms and penetrated me. I felt the burning sensation inside; the pain was extreme, but I remained silent for my sister. He did everything that he wanted with me and not once did I open my eyes to face him. When he finished, he ordered me to take a shower. I silently went into the washroom. I opened the tap and sat under the icy water; rubbing my skin again and again, I still felt dirty. I felt disgusted with my body. I lost, and he won. After thirty minutes, I got out of the washroom and worn my night grown again.

“You know, I like you. You have such an audacity. Why don’t you stay in this room itself and give me company every night?” he urged.

“Can I go back, please?” I faced the floor, unable to meet the eyes of my rapist. I did not want to hear him or see him. I just craved to go back into my celling and tell everything to Clara.

“As you wish, but I guarantee you that you will change your mind soon,” he added and called his guy to take me back to my celling. As I stepped out, the cries of children resonated my ears, I heard strangers shouting at them and the cracking of beds. They were being abused. I rushed downstairs, opened my ceiling myself and closed it behind me. Nobody was back yet.I sat downstair and buried my face into my knees. I was in agony but did not weep. My tears were drained. That’s my fate from now; a sex slave.

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