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chapter 5

Dossed on the floor, I heard someone calling my name.But I refused to open my eyes for the truth. After what happened last night, I knew that I would never be the same. The worst part was not being raped but knowing that nobody would save me.They shattered my everything; my dreams, career, future and my life.

“Alysia wake up” she whispered in my ears while caressing my face with her bony finger.

I opened my eyes. It was Clara; still in her slutty dress. I guessed she did not change after her last night session. She sat on her knees and starred at me with her big eyes. Placing her right hand around my waist, she lifted me up. Flashbacks about last night resurfaced. As those images played into my minds, I gazed at my hands, feet and whole body with disgust. My feelings were so messed up that I did not know if I should cry or not.

“What happened to you,?” Clara said, holding my hands at the same time.

“I, I.........”

I just could not say utter a word.Not because I did not trust Clara, I wanted to tell her everything and cried in her arm, but I just could not find the right word to describe the agony that Paul infringed in me. There were no words to describe what he did to me.Hopefully, silence has it’s meaning too. Clara understood everything without hearing a word. She gave me those pathetic looks and held me tightly in her arm.

“You will be all right.”

“No, nothing will be okay from now. I will never get out of that place” I murmured and felt hot tears on my cheeks. I was crying so hard that breathing became painful.

“I know, but you will always have me on your side, baby. I promise,” she consoled me.

“He blackmailed me, Clara, if I refuse to work for him then he will take my sister too. I cannot fight him anymore.” I cried.

“Alysia, you are stronger than you think. It will be all right. With time you will find this easy. Trust me, I was just like you, but now I am living with it. This is what we do here, breathe for the reason of living. We do not have any happiness, nothing at all, all we do is obeying like dogs just for the brutes not to torture us. You understand Alysia, you need to obey,” Clara lifted my head with the tip of her middle finger making my eyes met hers.

“Paul proposed me to sleep with him every day and in return, he will not let me sleep with other men,” I whispered.

“you need to accept this offer Alysia, it is better to sleep only with him than to work downstairs. Trust me,” Clara aggravated her tone. She was serious, and convincing, but my mind was not ready to digest it.

“Knock, knock”

The man I hated the most drew inside. Why can’t he leave me alone?. He seemed to be in the best of his health; wearing his sunglasses and a bright smile on his face.Smartly dressed up in his slimmed fit black suit, he winked at me.I cursed the sun for granting another day in his life.

“Good morning Alysia, did you well asleep last night?” Paul asked.

“How dare you asking me that questing? you raped me. You took away my innocence and now you are asking me if I fine?” I screamed at him, still crying like a baby.

“I did not rape you, you gave me your body yourself,” he said with a smile

“Because you blackmailed me, you idiot”

Clenching my fist out of rage, I tried to control myself but the urged to punch him was stronger than me.Pissed off; I pelted and smacked him.I needed it for my inner peace. I waited for him to get mad and slapped me harder, but all he did was playing with his jaw. Confused, I played the eyes game with Clara who gave me a scary and uncertainty look which panicked me even more. Why did he not react?.

“Now you will feel well” he broadened his smile.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, why?”

“I just hit you”

“Yes, if it makes you feel better than you can hit me again.I don’t mind”

“Why don’t you just kill me”

“Did you think about my proposition Alysia?” He asked calmly.

“Yes, and I reject it.” I burst out.

“Okay then, as you know I dislike forcing people. Clara, you get her ready tonight. We will have our Russian visitors. You all will make some lap dances before getting into action. Just get your sweet little friend ready for it. I will be there too tonight.” He said before turning his back and went away.

“What did you do? You insult him, and now he will make your life a nightmare,” Clara scolded me.

“But, I only wanted to fight for my rights,” I muttered.

“You do not have any rights here, you will never have any rights okay, just get that into your mind. The more you fight back, the more you will be tortured.” She shook me.

“But he did not get angry”

“You are right.I think he got a crush on you.You need to take advantage of it”

“Who are the Russian visitors?” I questioned, ignoring her nonsense.

“As far as I remembered, they prefer their sluts to be tortured before fucking them. Last time they burned me with their cigarettes and fucked me at the same time. Trust me, you should have chosen Paul instead of them,” she said.

Maybe Clara was right. Paul liked me, I needed to act on it. Even though the situation seemed impossible, a light of hope resurfaced my heart. I needed to use my mind wisely. I went back into my corner; I was still afraid, but I did not know why my heart was telling me that something will happen tonight. Something good. Is it I craziness or just my sixth sense?

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