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P.O.V Paul Vercetti

As the night felt, leaving the whole city into absolute darkness; all the demons and the darkened side of the world awoke. Usually, I have my fun into my private room even when my visitors come over, but today I found myself sitting into the bar, waiting for the only girl that kept on torturing my mind since she arrived. There is something in her that makes the lion inside of me asleep whenever I see her. She hit me, yet; I did not get mad. Forget about getting mad, I even enjoyed it, feeling her soft and skinny hands on my cheeks. Her eyes were on fire. She was angry and now she might hate me for forcing her entertaining other men. But little does she knows that she is mine and nobody will ever touch her. Still, in my own reflection, someone dared to slap my back.

“Hello, my old friend,” a man from behind said.

“Hello, Ted,” I said without even turning back.

The man came next to me and sat on the dark brown lounge. I shifted my head to face him, and I was right, that was Ted. Ted was not only my oldest friend but also the Russian’s gangsters leader. That bastard is even worse than the demon itself, he draws his pleasure while torturing his victim. The last time that he came, he chose Melena; one of my girls. I remembered that girl following him into one of my room and the next morning it was a dead body that was found; her lips torn up with something shapes till her ears, it was like drawing a smile on her face. He burned her all over her body and while examining the corpse we found a long metal implanted inside her vagina which caused the loss of a huge amount of blood and killed her.

“Tell me that you got pretty girls to satisfy us,” he said by caressing his long white bread. His eyes had those dark green, which was a bad combination with his dark complexion.

“So as usual, you did not come here alone,” I answered back

“My men deserved some fun too” He laughed, which revealed his yellow and decayed teeth. There was nothing in him that could attract a female. His only bonus was that he always dressed up smart; just like today into his tight blue jeans, a white shirt which a matching pair of white converse.

“To have fun or to release your frustration on my girls, just like the last time,” I answered back.

“I guess I paid you twice the amount of money that you paid for buying that girl,” He slapped my back.

“As long as you pay, you can do whatever you want with them. But, today, I do not want neither you nor your men to choose a particular girl,” I said while fixing him into the eyes, making sure that he got it.

“Why and who is she?” He asked, both confused and curious.

“Not your business, I only want you to scare her without raping her. You take her into a room and scare the hell out of her, and in return I will give you the girl that you want for free. You can torture, rape and even kill without paying me,” I offered.

Ted curved his lips into a smile and nodded. Looking at this face, I knew that it amused him. He knew that a particular girl managed to have a special place in my heart as I did the same thing years ago, with the mother of my son. Twenty-five years ago, I fell in love with the daughter of my bodyguard. Her name was Elina; she had emerald green eyes, her golden hair was thick with just the appropriate hint of curls. She was that girl that we could have confused with a Barbie doll. My heart fell for her on the very first time I saw her. Her father was one of the most loyal men that served me into my dirty business. One day, I was invited for a dinner at her father’s house and I discovered daddy’s precious diamond. Elina was not the kind of girl that you could have made your girlfriend, but the kind of girl that you should marry. The next day, when my faithful bodyguard came to work, I asked him for the hand of her daughter. But things did not go the way it should have been. Situations and the flame inside my heart forced me to do the most awful things to get the love of my life.

“You will do the same thing that you did with Elina?” asked Ted, which brought me back to reality.

“No, this time I will have my happy ending,” I said confidently.

“Your son, where is he?”, continued Ted.

“He must be here, somewhere among the crowd thinking that he is just a mere bodyguard. He is as faithful as his grandfather, but little does he know that he has the blood of Paul Vercetti”

“You raise him up but did not let him know that you are his biological father. You never gave me a reason for such madness,” maintained Ted.

“He reminds me of his mother, I raised him up and dragged him into the world that his mother hated the most. It is my way of getting revenge” I laughed. Yes, I hate my son. I removed my cell phone from the pocket of my jeans and dialled the number of the fooled that thinks that I love him like my son.

“Diablo, I want you to take the girls downstairs so that the show can start,” I said and hang up the phone.

Diablo was the name I gave him, reflecting the devil inside of him. But, no matter how hard I tried to make him a monster, there is that soft, caring and loving part of Elina in him that always act like a barrier. But that’s okay because nobody escapes my shadow. I will make Diablo like me, not today, not tomorrow but surely one day.

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