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P.O.V Alysia

“What are they going to do with me?,” I asked Clara

It’s been the hundredth time that I’m asking her the same question. Dressing me up, she kept her silence and gave me a desperate look instead while shaking her head. She was fed up answering me again and again “accept Paul proposal instead”. She dressed me up into a transparent black lace bra: revealing my breast, made me wore a sexy v string; exposing my curvy ass and to finish, she gave me a high heel red pattern shoe. All the girls were getting ready without paying much attention to me except Clara.

“Get up” Clara held my hands.

“It’s time girls” Clara called out to Elisa and Hillary.

Both the girls came to us and we held each other hands, forming a circle. Closing our eyes, we prayed. It could be anyone last night here.Tomorrow is a mystery for us.

“Oh god, forgive us for committing one of the biggest sins. Adultery. But we have no choice. Ameen,” said Clara.

“Ameen,” we answered.

“Oh god, protect us from facing the most dreadful death. If we do not please the men, we will be murdered, if we get pregnant, they will force our daughters into prostitution, our sons into human traffickers and if we get any sexual diseases, they will kill us. Protect us from all those risks. Ameen,” said, Elisa.

“Ameen” we answered once again.

“Do you have any prayer, Alysia, because I will not make any prayer.I just do not trust any God,” said Hilary.

“Yes, I have a prayer,”. I said. I took a long breath and started my prayer, “Oh god, till now, you answered none of my prayers and I kept on praying to you. But, today if you do not help me, I will never pray again. All that I want is someone who can get me out of here. Ameen”

Before the girls could say, Ameen, I heard someone’s shoe tip taped the floor. I knew what was waiting for me and suddenly, my heart beat faster.I felt a ball coming up and down my stomach. The sound of the footstep kept on coming closer. The closer the footstep, the tighter I held the hand of Clara.

“Girls, the show is about to begin. You are being asked downstairs” said the stranger. He had a sexy, hard voice. He sounded so masculine and out of a sudden I felt my nerves being relaxed.

I fluttered my eyelashes before gently opening my eyes. The stranger was in front of me. He wore black shoes, the form of his athletic legs was visible through his tight black jeans, the beauty of his vascularity was fully visible through his entire black outfit. He was so attractive that I lost myself into his emerald green eyes; he did not turn his face away from me; he fixed me into the eye as well. Something about his chic standard reminded me of someone.

“We are ready” stated Hilary.

The voice of Hilary took away my concentration. How could I found this man attractive? If he is here, that means that he is a bloody human trafficker too. Shamed on me.

“Yes, we are ready to get rape and to destroy our life,” I said sarcastically.

“Who are you?. I never saw you before,” Asked the stranger.

“A piece of meat,” I answered rudely.

“You are the new girl. My mentor told me about you. You should have accepted his offer” he came closer to me.

“Your mentor is a pig and you are a pig too. All that you know is torturing women.”

He clutched his jaws. Yes, he was annoyed that I called him a pig. He gazed at me with his angry gaze; he contracted his fingers inwards toward his palm, which scared me. Was he going to hit me? Clara was right, I just talk too much.

“Alex takes the girls down. I will take care of this one” he ordered the other guy that came with him. I was too busy admiring his sexy body and handsome face that I forgot that he did not come alone.

The guy did as he was told; I gave a pleading look to Clara for not leaving me alone with the angry stranger, but she left anyway. I looked at him; he was burning with rage. Was he going to punish me? Was he going to rape me?. My legs shook and felt drops of water coming down my cheeks.

“Are you going to punish me” I whispered.

“ For what?” for being angry?” he asked.

His way of answering me left me confused. I was not sure anymore if he was angry with me, or he was just pitying me.

“Listen, wild cat, my name is Diablo. Paul raised me up since the death of my mother. My mother was a sex slave just like you. I did not get the chance to choose my life. Paul is the one who makes every decision here, just like you I have no choice. You understand that. I am not a monster. I am just a slave, like you.” He said calmly.

‘’ Why didn’t you run away. You can fight him and run away’’

‘’ I have had many occasions where I could just run away and make a new life, but I knew that he will find me one day. I’m not a coward but just a helpless man’’ he explained himself.

“I’m sorry, I did not know about that’’ I said sincerely, I felt bad for what I told him but it was not my fault. How would I know that he was helpless ?

“If you want to survive, then listen to me. Accept the offer of Paul. If you don’t, tonight might be your last night. He will gang rape you, torture you and kill you. Accept his offer. If you say yes like a good kid, nobody will rape you. Paul has to take the plane tonight, he will come back after one week, so accept that bloody offer.” Diablo suggested while holding my hands. He looked like some stone-hearted man, but he was not what his appearance portrayed him.

“Diablo, Paul is asking for the girl” shouted another man behind the door.

“Yes, we are coming” shouted Diablo back.

“Do as I say” he suggested once again and asked me to follow him.

I followed him without a word. Is God answering my prayer through Diablo? Why am I trusting myself?.

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