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chapter 9

P.O.V Alysia

Aggrieved, I had enough of all these. My brain told me to fight it while my heart dreaded. All I could hear was their mirthful laughter, the predators were everywhere; looking at us like some piece of meat. My eyes did not leave those of Zia. Her innocent look haunted my mind. Anger boiled my blood and took the entire control of my body, I felt like being possessed by some kind of demon. I wiped my tears and walked with feverish haste in Paul’s direction. The bastard was busy caressing the child’s leg that he did not realise that I was in front of him, ready to beat down his ass. I held my hand in the air and banged my fist on the table in front of him. He jumped in amazement and staggered. I bent down, snatched the glass of alcohol from his hand and flung it on his face. He immediately let go of Zia.His bodyguard rushed to him while the man sitting next to him looked at me with bewilderment. The music stopped; leaving the place in absolute quietness.All eyes on me. Fuming, he stood up. Surrounded by his bodyguard, he pushed them away and advanced near me. The white of his eyes was now red, I could see the vein of his neck inflated as if it would explode.Which would not be so bad.

“How dare you!” He screamed furiously.

“How dare me? You have the audacity to ask me that. You pig, you are the one forcing people into sex slavery, you keep us here in captivity like some birds in their cages. You buy little girls who might not survive even one night of being sexually abused and you ask me how do I dare? I am the one who should ask you that question” I yelled back.

“Alysia, that’s enough” Diablo hastened by my side while Paul looked at me breathlessly with his clenched jaws.“Shut up! I don’t need your advice” I burst out.

“Calm down baby girl” Clara urged near me and hugged me.

“No, I cannot calm down. Look at this innocent little girl.” I took the hand of Clara and dragged her near Zia.

“You see her, do you think she can survive after a sexual abuse? She is a child and this monster here wants to sell her” I pinpointed Paul and fell on my knee crying my heart out.

“MOVE AWAY CLARA” shouted Paul.

He moved breathlessly near me, pulled my hair and made me stand on my feet.” All this drama for this little slut hun” He whispered in my ears.

“She is not a slut, she is a child” I answered back.

“She is not, you are right. But, I will make her one right in front of your eyes” He said evilly.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Watch!” He said.

“Diablo, Evan, Dominic and Adam, come here, boys.” He ordered.

He pushed me on the sofa and hugged me tightly in a way that I could not move.” Now boys, remove your pants” he ordered.

“What are you doing” I cried out

“Oh! You will see” He teased.

All the boys removed their pants except Diablo, Paul was too busy concentrated into his devilish game that he did not realise Diablo’s disobedience. His ego and insults dominated his mind, he needed to take revenge.

“Now, see the little angel over there. Enjoy yourself with her” he giggled.


Seeing the tension in the atmosphere, Zia wobbled and squalled. My heart broke into pieces watching the poor baby in such a situation. Encircled by the brutes, escaping became hard for her. Everybody was watching the show without helping her. Even Diablo remained indifferent.Why did I expect so much from a stranger I just met?

“Please do not hurt me, I will share my toys and sweets with you. I will be a good girl. I promise, She pleaded.

“NO, PLEASE LET HER GO.” I cried harder.

One of the men grabbed Zia and tore her underwear. She cried harder and pleaded even more,but they were too heartless to pity her. Her Scream echoed the club, it was enough to break the heart of the most stone-hearted men but here those creatures were not humans; they were all demons. Pushing her on the floor and he got on top of her. Just as he positioned himself to penetrate her, someone grabbed him and punched him on the floor. It was Diablo; he interfered. I could not prevent myself than feeling relief and smiled.

“What are you doing?” screamed Paul.

“Nobody will touch that child” He lifted her up into his arms and hugged her tightly.

“How dare you to oppose me,” Said Paul furiously.

“Let her grow up Paul, then she can work for you. She is just a baby” He tried to convince Paul.

“And I do not take orders from you. Boys grab him and finish the job” Ordered paul.

“Paul, no. Please try to understand” Pleaded Diablo.

“I will deal with you later, now, if you do not want to taste my anger.Let the child down” He ordered calmly.

“Never” Insisted Diablo.

“Fine then! Christian, Felix, take that child from his arms and give her back to the boys to finish the job and take Diablo into the dark room” he ordered.

“Do not come near me” menaced Diablo.

The two brutes approached him. Diablo turned his back and faced them; ready for a fight.

“Please uncle, save me.” pleaded the little girl.

“Leave the child alone” Warned Diablo.

“We do not want to hurt you, brother, give us the child,” said one of the man to Diablo.

“Never” insisted Diablo.

Both the monsters and Diablo face were unreadable. None of them was ready to give up on their decision. They both wanted the child, but with different reasons. They shared sharp gazes at each other. One of the men stood in front of Diablo while the other one stood behind him. In a spit of seconds, Diablo rushed toward the man t in front of him and straight out his leg by kicking him on the stomach and quickly thrust an elbow into the face of the man which led the man to fall down and bleed from the nose. The man behind him came to rescue his friend by grabbing Diablo from behind. Diablo struck his right elbow two times onto his cheekbones, and the other man fell down too. None of the two men wanted to hurt Diablo, they only wanted the child. They could have attacked him too, but they did not do so.

“We only want the child Diablo, give her to us,” Said Diablo’s first opponent by getting up on his feet and wiping his blood off his nose.

“I said no” Yelled Diablo.

“Then forgive me brother” He made a move toward Diablo.He came face to face with Diablo but he was not attacking. He smiled at him and Diablo looked at him confusedly.

“why......” Diablo could not finish his word when he felt an electric shock passed through his veins and he collapsed down on the floor, he could not move anymore, he kept on shaking until he lost consciousness. His strength let go of his body, and Zia fell down his arm. They attacked him from behind like cowards. My heart dropped a beat and could hear Paul’s victory.He got what he wanted once again.

“Now watch!” said Paul to me

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I cried out of defeat.

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