Where The Blood Lied Still

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When awoken in a dark damp dungeon, where does one go from there? What would you do?, Would you look for an escape?, Would you try to see who's around you, see what your surroundings are?. Or would you sit there and be scared like the little 'bitch' you are?! One's decision can be very crucial in these times. Or it can be a blank answer having no meaning, no cause, no conclusion, no aftermath. °If you would like to know what lies inside, above or even in between a dark damp dungeon, read along and find out what happens, I promise it won't be what you're imagining. WARNING: INCLUDES SEXUAL CONTENT, STRONG LANGUAGE, TRIGGERS, ABUSE. VIEWERS DESCRECTION IS ADVISED!

Thriller / Erotica
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It was cold, damp, and dark. If it could get any more dark than it already was, I'm pretty sure it would have.

The cold made it feel as though my toes would strip themselves for my feet. The dampness made it impossible for the cold to go away, as it stayed on my clothing like a relative living with you longer than a week. The darkness made me realize I was not where I had been before, but where was I before?

As I sat there in thought surrounded by darkness not sure of my surroundings, a door that must have been hidden suddenly opened showing the silhouette of a very tall woman. She stood there in the frame of the door looking around as if they were more than one person in here, then I heard it.....shuffling. I heard the shuffling of feet moving away from the open door and into the dark corners of the abyss.

"Dinah Maeve, Front and center"
Her voice rang out loud suffocating the small room that I only notice the size of due to glancing around once hearing the shuffling.
"Front and center"
She called out again, sounding a bit annoyed. Hesitantly I stood pushing myself off the wall I laid against and walked to stand in front of her.
"Follow me"
She commanded, as she told I did. Behind the door was what I believed to be a guard closing it behind us as we left. I followed her down a dimly lit corridor passing many other doors resembling the one we exited, wondering if people were being held behind them as well.

Nearing the end of the hall we made a right which revealed a staircase heading downward, at the bottom of the stairs was a door which we entered revealing a large room. The walls of the room were painted burgundy with a white colored victorian-style border along the edges. The lights hung low as they sparkled and shined with diamonds that look as if they cost a fortune. The hardware flooring was very polished, reflecting the jewels of the chandeliers that hang above. But in the very front of the room sat a chair, a chair designed for royalty, a chair made as if one and only one person would ever be able to sit their asses in.
The backing of the chair reach the ceiling and glow the bright white with silver accents in the woodwork of the legs and arms. It was maleficent.
What I failed to notice was that there was a man sitting in this "throne" looking down at me as if I were the most lowest, most disgusting thing he had ever seen.

He wore a black three-piece suit the slacks and outer jacket being black, the vest the darkest purple tied together with a white button-up shirt and a black tie. He himself was masculine, the muscles of a beginner bodybuilder, jawline sharper than a blade, brown hair slicked back with gel in a nicely styled way and brown eyes with a hint of red almost as if looking into the eyes of a dog.

The woman had stopped walking once we were about twenty feet in front him.
"Is this the blood I requested?" The man asked.
"Yes sir, this is it." The woman answered.
Specs?! Do I look like a car to him?!
"Name:Dinah Maeve Height:5'4" Race:African American and/or Black Age:19 Employment:Unemployed Education: Highschool Diploma,
Damn! How much did they know about me? I thought to myself.
She continued on listing measurements, family relations, past injuries, many things I didn't care to remember.
"Type?" The man asked.
The woman didn't say anything for a moment.
"Arianna, what's the type?" He asked again sounding impatient.
"AB negative" her voice sounded almost...strained.
"Take her to clean up I'll be there in Forty-five mintes, I want her fully ready when I get there"
"Yes sir"

After that, I was escorted to "clean up" which I later found out wasn't what it sounded it like.

Hello, I'm the author. Let me know what you honestly think and/or what I need to improve in. I know this chapter(?) Is short, but it only a trial chapter (?) Like a introduction. Anyway, let me know what you weither it be "the book is boring" or "your grammar is horrible" let me know.
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