Daddy's Obsession - The Beginning

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Mae Estacado - Was the eldest sister of two, Mae was beautiful and shy. Mae had a good life, swell parents, supporting siblings and graduated high school and a good job as a veterinarian. Mae had all the luck in the world... But unfortunately, Luck like that... Don't last forever. Due to a handsome but deadly man named... Kyle Wilson.

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Chapter One

The day shines brightly and Mae Estacado sits inside the kitchen along with her two younger sisters, Regina and Brooke eating breakfast

"Remember girls, your father's birthday is today" Mae's mother, Carrie spoke while putting away the egg container into the fridge.

Mae smiled knowing she didn't forget and already brought a present for him, on the other hand, Her father, Hank hates birthdays knowing it's a day closer to death.

The girls do like to tease him about it.

Mae's father enters the kitchen while releasing a sigh, dressed in his suit, ready for work. the girls glance at each other while sharing a smirk.

"Happy birthday dad!" They all say in unison

"Oh shut up!" He playfully barked at them causing the girls to giggle including Carrie.

Hank kisses his wife on the cheek and drinks his coffee black, Mae's smile wouldn't fade and finishes her meal. Mae is twenty-one and always visits her family for breakfast every Monday and Thursday which is today,

Mae stood and grabbing her purse fishing out her present for Hank. "Here dad" She chirped holding a box that had leather boxing.

Hank smiled warmly accepting the gift "Honey, Thank you" he kissed her forehead and opened the box revealing a classy watch that cost her a pretty penny.

"Do you like it?" Mae asked

"Of course, in fact, I'll put it on now," He told slipping on the watch onto his wrist that fitted perfectly. The other two girls gave their gifts and went to school and Mae said her goodbyes and went to work, looking forward to seeing the furry little animals.

End Of Pov / Mae Estacado

Hours later, I finally leave work not wanting to leave my babies who I have grown close to since I started working at the vet. I step inside my car needing to feed myself, It's summer and I happen to be single, with four silly and humble best friends,

Katy, Jenny, Rob, and James. I met them when I was in high school and been glued ever since. Katy happens to be the craziest and annoying one but we all love her.

and Jenny is a pest when it comes to my love life, she always tries to set me up on blind dates, The first one happened to be pretty boring throughout the whole date and made me pay,

I roll my eyes and started to drive at the diner where I'm meeting Rob and Jenny so we can eat. Once I arrived, I spot them at the table having drinks.

I smiled "Hi guys"

Jenny grinned sliding over a drink "Thank you" I chirped

"No problem Mae, so how was work?" She asked as Rob texts on his phone.

I sighed sitting down "Same as usual"

Jenny smiled as my eyes narrow knowing she's hiding something, I know that particular smile of hers

"What did you do?!" I exclaimed. Rob chuckles slipping away his phone.

"She set up another date for you" Rob spoke for her, Jenny punched his shoulder as my shock is heightened

"Jenny!" I whined. See what I mean!

"You just look so lonely when we all go out Mae, I'm just helping you out" She defended.

I chuckled running a hand through my light-colored honey hair "Is he cute?" I asked knowing her heart is in the right place

She clapped knowing I accepted "Very, more than cute, he's hot! way hot, hotter then Rob here" She pointed with her thumb as he scoffs

"That hurt" He commented showing her a stink face, Jenny rubs his shoulder in comfort

I took a sip of my drink then spoke: "What's his name?"

Jenny pulled out her phone and swiping her thumbs for a few seconds "His name is Kyle Wilson, James met him at this conference dinner last Friday" Jenny explained and showed a picture on her phone.

I leaned closer and saw the photo, my eyes widen and saw the man,

He's handsome, chiseled jaw, piercing eyes and looks that would bring girls down onto their knees eagerly but he also looked grim and very serious.

That seemed to send a red flag to my gut but his photo is alluring so I spoke,

"When do I meet him?" I questioned

Jenny grinned "Great! because he really wants to meet you also"

I drew a blank "Excuse me?"

"I happened to join James that night and told Mr. Wilson about you and showed him your photo" Jenny informed very nervous.

My mouth gaped and very stunned with my best friend

"You are something else Jenny" I rubbed my forehead.

"Something good will come out of this Mae, I'm sure of it and who knows... Maybe Kyle will be the one" Jenny shrugged.

I sighed "Let's hope," I say and we started to order our dinner.

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