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Beast In The Woods

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Werewolves have been terrorizing a small town, Killing helpless people. Lilith a cop and fellow werewolf will do whatever is takes to remove the rogues from her territory. Will she succeed? Or will her town continue to be terrorized by the wolves. Read and find out.

Thriller / Mystery
Rachel Rodosky
4.8 22 reviews
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Chapter 1

“Not a fucking again!” I muttered to my partner as we walked onto the crime scene.

“Fifth one this month. If we don’t find them soon the humans are going to send me packing.” Wren just scoffed.
“Oh come one, Lil they’re not going to send you packing. On a good day you’re the only one that can keep them in check. And you know it.” “Yeah right, I won’t be keeping anything in check if we don’t find the rogues soon!”

The wolves are getting out of control, and I don’t know how to stop them.

I’m Lilith Warren. I’m a detective in a small town outside of Pennsylvania, called Cliffside a small town surrounded by forests, and small cliffs, hence the name Cliffside.

In the past few months there’s been some wolf attacks. No not just any wolves, they are werewolf attacks. Humans know about us werewolves, I work with the cops to keep them in check. There are werewolf packs all over the country. Dealing with rogues, is a whole lot easier, because I am a werewolf as well. I often times travel different locations all over the country, dealing with problem wolves, but I live here the rest of the time. “It shouldn’t be this hard to track the wolves, somehow they know how to cover their tracks” “Don’t worry, you’ll find them; we both will.” I stopped walking, it took her a second to realize that I was no longer beside her. “No you will not, tonight is the full moon, you will be in your house with the doors and windows locked. With that gun I gave you in your lap, loaded and ready to use. Do you understand me?”

She opened her mouth to argue, but the look on my face stopped her dead in her tracks.

Wren is my best friend in the whole world; she’s the only one that accepted me and didn’t think I was a freak when she found out what I am.

I started walking towards her, she didn’t say anything, as I grabbed her arm and kept on walking. We crossed into the yard, and all eyes are on us, or me I should say. I squeezed her arm, and put my other hand on my gun, it’s loaded with silver bullets, it would be a waste to use them on humans; but there just as effective if I shoot one of them.

She leaned into my ear and whispered.

“Calm down if they say anything, they will have me to deal with.”

I had to smile, I love how so over protective she is of me, when I should be over protective of her, she being the human and all.

A uniform cop ran up to us.

“Welcome detectives, glad you could join us.”

I nodded the feeling isn’t mutual.

I’ve been at four of these, dam scenes this month alone! I want to have these dam wolves out of the woods all ready.

He kept talking as we walked towards the cabin. “The coroner just got here, there having trouble navigating these back roads.”

“When was the body discovered?” I asked surveying the scene around me. “This morning ma’am. Boyfriend came to check on her when she didn’t answer her phone. It didn’t take us long to figure out that it was werewolves; no offence detective.”

I didn’t say anything, just kept on walking. I can tell that Wren wanted to say something, but I dug my nails into her arm, so she would keep her mouth shut. Only he seemed oblivious to everything, going on around him. No one said anything as we walked around to the side of the house, to the backyard.

All the bodies were found on their own property somewhere, most were in there homes, but not this one.

If the attack just happened there should still be a scent from them around, but taking in a deep breath, there’s nothing, not one ounce of wolf scent anywhere.

As we walked up, people are taking photos, making notes and taking samples. We might be a small town, we have a small crime lab.

“I want copies of every photo, and every note made, and the results of every sample that is taken from this property. Is that clear?” “Yes ma’am.” The young cop said. “What’s your name again?” “Carl ma’am.” “Thank you Carl.” He nodded and left to give people my orders.

The body is covered, Wren beat me to it she lifted the sheet and had a look.

“Throat ripped out, just like all the others. Clothing torn and bites all over her body.”

“The stomach ripped open, throat torn out, the Vic would have bled to death, if the other injuries hadn’t taken her first.” I stopped and looked at our surroundings. “Living out in the middle of the bush that’s just asking for something to happen.”

The crime scene unit people are all over the property documenting everything, taking photos and little Carl telling people what I would like.

I looked at my watch, and at the sun.

“It’s nearly 5:00pm and the sun is starting to set. Come on.”

I said and we walked over to Carl and a few other uniforms. I looked behind me, and the coroner started doing their exam of the victim.

“You have to get the boys moving faster. It’s almost sunset, we don’t know when or if there’ll attack.”

Carl nodded and he and the other uniforms left.

“Oh Carl one more thing.” He walked back up to us. “Keep a sharp eye. We don’t know what’s out there, and I want everything they have so far in my car, as soon as possible. That’s all, thank you.” He nodded and went to rejoin the others.

“Wren I’m going to change and have a look around. You stay here, where there are other people, to keep you safe.” “Are you sure that’s safe?”

I had to smile at that.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. You stay safe.” I walked off heading for the trees, taking off my jacket as I walked.

I walked deeper into the trees until I could barely see the house. I pulled off my shirt and pants, and started the change. I called my wolf out and quickly changed.

I had never seen my wolf form until, Wren took a photo of me so I could see what I look like. I’m a large blond wolf with different shades of brown in my fur. My eyes changing from green to gold, when I change. One of the elders from my old pack said I’m large for a female wolf.

The change finished and I shook my fur out, everything became sharper and clearer.

I lifted my nose to sample the wind, the only scents I could catch are from the people at the crime scene. I got a little closer and focused all my senesce, and picked up Wrens heart beat slow and steady. She’s safe, that’s all that matters.

Breathing in deep, I ran off searching the forest around the house.

As I ran I picked up numerous different animal scents, but no wolves. I know it was the rogues, I don’t know how there covering their tracks.

The brush is so think in places that nothing bigger than a rabbit can get through. What could possibly happen to make you do something like this? Killing five people in a month.

Since I was a young pup at the pack’s I’d hear stories of wolves going crazy, and being banished. But I never knew anyone from my pack, but that doesn’t mean that anyone wasn’t. As I ran I kept picking up these little scents here and there but as soon as I got them, they were gone. I growled deep in my throat, and kept going. Time kept passing and I was getting nowhere and I had to get back. There is something dangerous in these woods. Until they are found we have to keep people out of the woods. I ran to where I left my clothes called the reversal.

Changing back there has always been pain, but not like when I first started the change; at times I thought my body was going to be ripped apart. But it gets easier over the years.

The reversal finished and I quickly got dressed, and headed back to find Wren, and get out of here before nightfall.

I walked out into the open and everyone is just finishing up, and loading everything in my car Wren ran up to me. “We’ll just about ready to leave. The coroner is gone with the body, and I said we’d be there in the morning for the autopsy. Everyone is heading out.” “Good we should too.” I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the car. Carl is standing there with a kit in his hands. “Everything is loaded ma’am. We also found this.” He pulled out a bag it has a clump of fur in it.

I took the bag from him and had a look at it.

As soon as I saw it, I know exactly what it is. Pulling it out, and smelt it. “It’s definitely wolf. I’m just not sure if it’s werewolf or not.” I closed the bag put it back in the kit and threw it in the car.

“Thank you Carl. You should get out of here while you can.” He nodded shook our hands and headed for his car.

Wren got in, but I waited until Carl was in and gone before I climbed in.

Once he’s gone, I climbed in.

“Alright we don’t have long. So buckle up and hold on tight.” This is going to be a bumpy ride.

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