Beast In The Woods

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“Lilith you need to wake.” Opening my eyes, Logan is sitting next to me, human. Quickly changing back, he’s worried about something. “What is it?” Putting a finger to his lips. Mind linking him.

“What is it? What do you hear?” “I do not know. But there is something out there. Listen.”

Looking, Wren is still sleeping, good she needs it. It’s still dark out. Closing my eyes, listening to the forest around me, there’s nothing there. Then rustling in the trees. Taking a deep breath, all senses going on high alert, werewolves shit.

“Logan their werewolves, you have to stay calm. I don’t know who they are, we have to wake Wren.”

Crouching down, slowly making my way to where she’s sleeping. Lightly shaking her. “Wren, wake up. We have company.” She groaned. “Five more minutes.”

Rolling my eyes. “No. Now. Werewolves are coming.” That got her attention, jolting upright, almost sending me backwards. “Lil what do we do?” “Nothing. Just let them come to us. Do not challenge them, I can’t sense where their rankings are. Here they come.”

Pulling her up, moving to be next to Logan who grabbed our packs setting them behind him.

Mira is rising to the surface, wanting to take control.

Let me out. I can protect us.

“No. Just let me talk to them. You have to stay calm.”

She didn’t get the chance to respond, three wolves emerged from the trees, one pure black, male. The other two are females, one grey with blue eyes, and the other dark blond with brown thrown in there.

Lucky for us, the male isn’t the Alpha.

The male changed back, human he has long black hair, and his eyes are almost black.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” “We have come to see the Alpha. We mean know harm here.” He looked me over, making Mira want to rip him to shreds. “Come with us. We will take you to the Alpha. Change and we will head out.”

Nodding, Logan said. “Both of you change, and I will put your packs on you.” Wren and I changed, and Logan clipped our packs in place; he changed and we followed the others through the forest; heading back to my old life

That I never thought I would go back to. Logan is running beside me, and Wren is behind us. The pull towards him is getting stronger and stronger, Mira’s right, he is my mate. How am I going to tell him that?

For now we just have to get out of this, then I will find a way to tell him.

We ran for hours, the sun has risen; we’re getting closer to the pack village, I can feel it and it scares the shit out of me. Stopping at the edge of the village, it all started coming back to me.

Walking forward, motioning for Wren to come next to me, so she is on one side of me, and Logan on the other. Feeling Wren trying to mind link me.

“What is it Wren? What is wrong?” I asked making the connection.

“I don’t know. Violet is antsy. She keeps saying something about our mate being here. What does she mean?”

No. This can’t be happening right now. I knew it was possible, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. “It’s going to be okay. Your mate is your other half. The love of your life, your soul mate. Every wolf has a mate. When we get wherever we’re going I will tell you more.” “All right. Will they know I’m here?”

“Yes they will. Just be patient and it will happen.” Severing the link, we neared the pack house, it’s just like I remember it. The whole village is exactly the way I remember it. The three wolves changed back. “Change and I will take you to the Alpha.” Doing as he said the sounds of bones popping and snapping as we changed back.

“Let’s go. The Alpha knows you’re here.” Nodding we walked inside. The house has changed on the inside, since I left.

When I was here as a child the place resembled a dungeon, but now it’s light and looks like a real home. “Come.” Going down the hall. “What’s your name?” “You can call me Ben. Yours?” “Lilith.” He nodded, seeming to not recognize my name. He looks about my age.

Ben knocked on the office door.

“Come in.” Opening the door, Ben bowed. “Alpha. Our unannounced visitors are here.” “Send them in, then get something to eat.” “Alpha.” He bowed again and walked out of the office.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my territory uninvited?” “I’m sorry Alpha. I did not know how to contact your pack.” He then looked up, and my breath caught. It can’t be. “Erik?” He gave me a look. “Lil? Where have you been?” He rounded his desk, pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

“I can’t believe you’re really here.” Moving back. “I can’t believe you’re the Alpha. But your family wasn’t in line. What happened?” “Well a few years back, the Alpha’s mate died and he went crazy, he became a threat to the pack, he challenged my father and my father won. He was Alpha but grew tired of it, so he trained me, now here I am.”

Looking him up and down he’s nothing like the boy from our childhood. His skin is clear now, his blond hair is longer. His body is larger. I can’t believe it’s the same boy from all those years ago.

“What about you? What happened to you?” “You know what happened to me. Logan Wren take a walk. I need to talk to him in privet.” They nodded. “Ben is outside, he’ll take you both to get something to eat. We’ll call when we’re finished.” Logan came up to me. “Are you sure Lil?” Nodding. “I’ll be fine. We’re old friends.” Watching them leave, I waited until we heard the front door close, before I dare say something they could hear, and I won’t have that.

“So where were we?”

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