Beast In The Woods

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“Please come see us again soon.” Erik said as we’re saying our good byes. “We will.” I said giving him a hug. I can tell Morgen doesn’t want to leave, but he also doesn’t want to lose his mate either. Knowing Wren she won’t budge on that front. She’s as stubborn as I am.

“Oh here. Before I forget.” Handing him a piece of paper. “What is it?” “Our crest. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I came up with one.”

It’s a crescent moon with swirls going all through it, with a small star hanging at the peak. He nodded. “All right.” “Well till next time then.” Giving him one last hug, I changed and everyone else followed suit and we started off heading back home.

I said we’ll see him soon, but I have no intention of ever going back there. He may have apologized for what happened when I was young, but I won’t forget. I will never go back there.

What are we going to do now that we have Morgan?

We will figure it out. We always do.

She’s right. We’ll just have put up a small house or something for the two of them. I can feel Logan trying to mind link with me, but I need time to think; I know he just wants to help with this, but I have to figure it out on my own. Just have to keep running.

“Everyone we’re stopping for the night.” I said linking with Logan and Wren. I haven’t tried to link with Morgen yet. Stopping until a large pine tree, I have no idea how long we’ve been running. Changing back, I started a small campfire. Sitting next to Logan, I said. “We should be home in a few hours. We’ll stay here for the night, then head out at first light.” When we were at the village we restocked on food, I can smell a stream nearby, so we’ll have plenty of water. Handing out some food; I sat next to Logan setting my hand on his head while we ate.

Looking at Wren and Morgen, I know there talking to each other. I don’t like this at all, her and him.

“It’s okay Lil. She’s happy I know she is.”

I hadn’t noticed that Logan had gotten through to link us. “I know. I just get a weird feeling from him. I just have to know that I can trust him, she’s my best friend. I’ll never allow her to get hurt.”

“I know. I talked to some of them before we left. I think we can trust him. Everyone there loved him.”

“Fine. I’ll give him a chance.”

Severing the link, I went to take care of business. Taking a deep breath, smelling everything around me. Except for us there’s no signs of any other werewolves in the area. Making a quick job of it, I went back to the others.

Logan has changed back, and is cleaning up the garbage from dinner.

“Let’s get some shut eye. We still have a ways to go, to get home.” Logan and I changed back, settling on the ground next to each other.

Watching Wren and Morgen they snuggled up together; they do look happy, I am happy for her I really am, but I still don’t overly trust him, I guess I will have to get to know him, for Wren’s sake. And I will try, for her. Closing my eyes, I felt Logan put his head on my back, getting as close to me as he can, we drifted off huddling together.

Approaching the edge of my property, we stopped and sniffed the air, hoping for some sign of the rogues. But there’s nothing, how can there be nothing? They’ve been terrorizing our town for so long, and what, they just left?

“Let’s get in the house. We need to have a little talk, all of us. Let’s move.” Walking forward, I was the first to emerge from the trees in to my back yard. Sighing, this is where I belong, this is home, my home. Changing back, everyone else followed suit, picking up our packs I unlocked the door and walked inside.

“Morgen you may stay with Wren in her room, unless you want to sleep on the couch.” “I’ll sleep on the couch. Thank you.” Nodding I grabbed my phone to check my messages. There are ten missed calls.

Checking my messages.

“Lilith you need to call ne as soon as you get this.” All of them are the same. “Wren I need to get to the station. Something has happened.” “Do you need me to come with you?” Shaking my head, I grabbed my gun, badge and coat. “No. You need to stay here, make sure everything’s okay here. I’ll call when I know what’s happening out there.”

Going to the garage, I hit the button and climbed into the car. I don’t know what is happening in town right now, but I have a horrible feeling about what I’m going to be walking into.

Whatever it is, we will handle it.

“I don’t know Mira. Things are getting crazy now. We have to get those wolves before the whole town gets destroyed.” Driving into town, the place looks so different now that I went back there; this is my home, where I belong. Even if they treat me like an outsider, I belong here.

Pulling into the station, I grabbed my badge, gun and purse I walked to the doors. As soon as I walked through the doors, I got this horrible feeling, pulsing through the place. Everyone is looking at me like they don’t recognize me or something. Heading to bosses office, knocking on the door. “Come in.” Opening the door. “Hey boss. Sorry I never got your messages, I had a family emergency, and was out of the cell range.” “Have a seat.”

“What’s going on?” A large folder is sitting in front of me. “There’s been another murder. It looks like it’s the wolves. We have to deal with them; everyone in town are starting to get really scared.” “I know. I’ve been out looking for them, but I can’t find any signs of them. They attacked me, but I couldn’t keep up to them.” “Are you all right?” Nodding. “Yes I’m fine. It wasn’t too bad. But I’m doing everything I can to get them.” “I’m sure you are. Keep it up.” “I will. Is there anything else?” “No. Let me know if you need any help.” “I will, thank you.” Taking the folder I left, going back to my desk, there’s stuff all over it. Don’t they know that I haven’t been here? Going through it all, I signed several reports, there’s even stuff regarding this last attack waiting for me.

Setting it all in a box, I went downstairs looking for the body. “Hey Ed. I hear you got a new one.” He nodded. “Yeah. This one was brutal.” “Show me.” Showing me the body, it’s a young woman like the others. Her body is shredded. It’s worse than all the others.

Taking my phone I started taking photos of her.

“What do you have so far?” “Well just like the others, her throat was shredded, she died of massive blood loss. Bites, gashes all over her body. I’ve never seen anything like this. Pete threw up when he saw this.” “I’m sorry. I’m working on finding whoever did this.”

Taking more photos, I got copies of all the reports he has so far.

“Send me whatever you get after this. Anything you can find that can help.” “Anything to help find these monsters.” “Thanks.” Heading back upstairs, I grabbed what I need and left, I have to find them before they kill again. Heading to the store, since we have another person living with us, we’ll be going through food that much faster. Then I guess we’ll also need to somehow build a small house for the two of them.

Getting a car full of food, I drove home; we have to deal with this.

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