Beast In The Woods

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Running all through the forest, we followed every scent we caught, but it didn’t lead anywhere. Collapsing next to a stream, lapping up some water. I used to love running through this forest. Now the only thing I see a black whole keeping secrets from me. Keeping those monsters from me.

Changing back; I sat there watching the water.

“So what now?” Logan asked sitting next to me, taking my hand. “I don’t know. I’ve looked everywhere, and nothing. There’s nothing of them.”

“Well it’s the middle of the night, why don’t we go back to the house and we’ll start out fresh tomorrow.” “I guess so.” I started to get up, but he stopped me, keeping me in place.

“What are you doing? We should get back.” “Not yet.” He whispered against my lips, as he kissed me softly moving his lips against mine. Pushing me back, moving on top of me, winding my fingers through his hair.

God I love this man. He moved back, moving down kissing my neck. “Mark me.” Moving back, his eyes are glowing silver, his wolf is in control. “Are you sure?” Nodding. “Yes. I’m sure.” Smiling he kissed me again, kissing down my jaw to my neck, finding my sweet spot, as he found it, he kissed it then gently bit down, gasping at the feeling, it soon replaced with pleasure, and I can’t help but moan, as he licked the wound. “You’re turn my love.” My love? Did he just call me my love? “Make me yours.” He said pressing a soft kiss to my lips. Pushing against his chest, rolling him over so I’m on top of him. Straddling his waist. Kissing him again I moved down to his neck, finding his sweet spot; I let Mira take over and my canines elongate as I bit down, marking him as mine.

Licking the wound, he pulled me up and pressed his lips to mine in a hard kiss. I can feel the bond getting stronger as we marked each other.

“I love you!” He said against my lips. Smiling I said. “I love you too!” “You do?” Nodding. “I do. I love you!” We kept kissing till Wren tried to contact me. Moving back sighing. This sucks.

“What is it Wren?”

“Are you two all right? I haven’t heard from either of you, and it’s been hours.”

Smiling, she’s sweet, she’s stayed up waiting for us.

“We’re fine. We’re on our way back now.”

Severing the bond, giving him one last kiss. “We need to get back. Wren is going crazy worried about us.” “If we have to. But I would rather stay out here with you.” “I would too, but if we don’t get back, she will come out here looking for us, then we will get it. So it’s just easier to head back.”

Dragging him up, giving him one last kiss I changed and waited for him to change.

“Catch me if you can.”

I said running off, with him hot on my trail.

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