Beast In The Woods

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Stepping out of the house, snow covering the ground. It’s been a month since we got rid of the rogues, our lives got back to normal. We built a house for Wren and Morgen on my property.

We got our pack crest tattooed on our person. Logan and I started planning our wedding, and of course Wren took over. Here we are, on the happiest day of my life; it’s perfect. Snow covering the ground, just before Christmas.

“Are you ready?” Wren asked handing me my flowers. “More than ready.” Tightening my grip on my red roses, fixing the vail covering my face. My dress is perfect. Lace sleeves, long flowing white skirt; sweetheart neckline; red roses peeking all through the skirt, and bodice.

For so long it’s just been Wren and I, now we have our mates, and this whole new life. Watching her walk down the aisle her long ruby red dress, the hem just sweeping the snow covered ground.

Stopping at the alter handing Wren my flowers, taking Logan’s hand, smiling at him. We just wanted a small intimate wedding. There’s Wren and Morgen, and Erik and his mate, and of course the minster.

“You look so beautiful.” Smiling. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Shall we start?” Nodding.

The minister started talking, but all I can think about is the gorgeous man standing in front of me.

“Now the rings.” Setting his gold band on his ring finger. “I will always love you. You are my rock. Through everything that happened, and Wren kept me sane.” “Lilith I will love you to the end of time.” He said setting the ring on my finger, gold band with a rose and vines wrapping around it.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Kissing him, his lips are so soft against mine. I love this man. “Till the end of time.” He whispered against my lips, till the end of time

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