Beast In The Woods

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I hit the gas, and tore out of there, getting out as fast as I could.

Tearing down the driveway I hit every bump making my S.U.V jostle.

We don’t live near each other, and by the time, we got back it’s after dark. I have to get her somewhere safe.

“There’s no time to get you home, so you’re coming to my place; and staying until morning.” “No I’ll be fine. Just take me home. I live around people, I’ll be safe.” She kept arguing, but I won’t hear it. She’s as stubborn as I am.

I just kept driving towards my place. I got us to my place in under twenty minutes. Its pitch black out, those wolves could be anywhere.

Hitting the button for the garage, driving in the door closing behind us. Dragging her out of the car, pulling her close behind me, the whole time keeping my other hand on my gun till we got inside and the door locked behind us.

“Alright your safe inside. I have to go and do another sweep.” I took out my gun, and showed her my closet of weapons.

“All this is silver, and all lethal to werewolves. You know this.” She didn’t say anything just started pulling things out of the closet, looking at everything she could get her hands on. “Once I walk out that door, you lock it and don’t open it for anyone but me. If something else comes to the door, you shoot first and ask questions later.” She nodded. “Alright. Just please be careful.” That’s sweet she’s concerned about me. Nodding I started shrugging off my jacket, and shoes. “There’s also food in the fridge, eat whatever you want.” Wren nodded and took out a double barrel shotgun, and made sure it’s loaded I walked outside made sure all the locks were engaged, before I ran off.

I quickly changed and ran into the forest.

I live in a small house just outside of town, surrounded by miles and miles of forest. I love it, I can come out and run whenever I want, as a wolf or as a human. It’s the only place I truly feel free.

Above me, the moon is full and shining bright, making the forest beautiful. My vision becoming sharper, and clearer as I ran. I can see everything around me. The wind blowing through my fur, every scent pouring through my mind. My muscles working themselves out, and I let go of my speed. Everything becoming one big blur.

I caught a scent and my eyes went wide, and quickly changed course. The scent keeps changing direction, and so did I. Every time I get close, I lose it. I ran for what seemed like hours I came to a little stream that flows through my property, and had a long drink. The dark woods are so silent, making it all the more dangerous.

After I got replenished I started to run again, trying to get the scent back.

There was still nothing when another sent caught my attention, blood; human blood.

Panic seizing me I ran towards it, as fast as my legs will carry me. The scent was getting stronger and stronger, and I can start to hear laboured breathing. I slowed my pace and crawled up to the small hiding place.

There’s a small dying fire and a large bundle huddled there trying to keep warm. My paw snapped a twig making it jump, and pointed a small hand gun swinging it around. It’s a human male.

Emerging I whimpered and walked up to him, with my head down, and ears flattened against my head.

He saw me, and instantly I have a gun pointed at me. I moved closer, keeping my head down, to say I’m not a threat to him. I can see his face clearly, smeared with dirt and I think some blood mixed in there, but I can tell that he’s in his mid to late twenties. I can tell that he’s still nervous of me, so I lied down nosing closer to him and put my head in his lap, whimpering looking up at him.

It’s okay buddy. You can put the gun down.

He put the gun down cautiously setting a hand on my head.

No one ever pets me; but in this case I’m trying to help him so I let him pet me, just this once.

He’s shivering to the point that his teeth are chattering. I don’t know how long he’s been out here; but he won’t survive much longer. Whimpering I moved back and started the reversal.

The change back finished; through the whole thing I can feel the terror radiating off him, and I knelt in front of him as a human. He just stared at me, eyes wide, and still shivering. I grabbed his bag and pulled out some of his clothes, and pulled them on. There a little big but there do. Holding my hands up. “You’re alright, you don’t have to be afraid of me. I won’t hurt you.” “What are you? Please don’t hurt me.” “It’s going to be okay. I’m a werewolf. I won’t hurt you; I’m here to help you.”

I moved towards him but he moved back. “Listen to me, your hurt, and I can smell the blood. I need to check your wound so I can get you out of here. It’s not safe out here.” “Who are you?” “Call me Lilith. Now hold still.”

Gently I touched his leg and he winced. I’m getting close.

“It’s okay, I’m just going to check you over.” He nodded, I could feel the fear radiating off of him.

I moved the layers off his leg and blood seeping through his pants. There’s no way I could do anything out here. “I have to get you out of here. How long have you been out here?” Shaking his head. “I don’t know… I was out here hiking, and I was attacked I’ve been in and out of it for a while.” “We have to get out of here!” I stood extinguished the fire put on his pack, and made sure his wound is okay. “I have to carry you, so hold on tight. I’ll be as gentle as I can.” I picked him up. “Put your arms around my neck.” “I can’t, you can’t carry me.”

“Yes I can. I can carry a lot more then you. So hold on tight.” I started walking back in the direction of my house. He barely weighs a thing.

“Why were you hiking out here? Don’t you know what’s out here?” I asked looking around, making sure we’re not being followed.

He didn’t say anything, just looked from me to the forest around us and back to me.

I didn’t go as deep into the forest as I thought I had.

Soon enough we got to the edge of my property, I can start and see the lights of the house.

Clearing his throat, he said. “I’m Logan by the way. What’s yours again?” Smiling, I hope it’s just the cold that has his mind like that. “I’m Lilith it’s nice to meet you again. Stay still will you? We’re almost there.”

I kept walking till we emerged from the trees, onto the back of my property.

I can see Wren looking through the window watching for me. She saw me and opened the door, she shouldn’t have done that. Picking up my pace, while trying not to hurt Logan getting inside as fast as I can. Going over to the couch I put him down for a moment, took off his pack while saying.

“Wren lock the door, get me water, towels, and bring them to my room.” I gently picked him back up and headed down the hall towards my room. Leaving Wren standing there, mouth open. I gently put him down on the bed and started to unwrap his leg.

He winced but I held his leg still.

I was about to say something, but Wren walked into the room. I reached under the bed, and pulled out a small box.

“Lil what happened out there?” She asked setting the stuff down. “I found him out in the woods; I smelled the blood and followed the scent. Wren this is Logan. Logan this is my best friend Wren.” Neither one of them said anything just watched as I finished unwrapping his leg. I pulled off the last layer he’s still heavily bleeding. “We have to get this bleeding under control. He’s lost too much blood.” Logan looked at us, and said. “I have to get to a hospital! You can’t do anything here. Please call an ambulance.”

I opened the box and started pulling things out, and looked closer at the wound. Definitely a bite, but whether or not it’s the wolves, I won’t know that until or if he turns. Looking at him I said.

“We don’t have time for that, we have to get this bleeding under control, or you’ll never make it. So just lie back and keep still.”

I have no experience with new wolves, but if he does change I can handle it. But my mother would be the one to deal with this not me.

She was killed by hunters when I was eight, the other wolves that were with her, ripped those hunters apart trying to save her, but it was no use.

I never knew my father, so I lived with some of the elders in the pack village until I was old enough to be on my own. But as soon as I was old enough I left the pack and really haven’t been back since. I go back every once and a while, but not as much as I should.

Logan kept talking but I stopped listening. I cut bandages, got a needle and thread, and filled a couple needles. Grabbing my belt tightening it above the wound as tight as I can, trying to slow the bleeding down. He groaned at the pain.

Wren came back and knelt next to me to help. “I need you to give him this in the arm.” I said handing her the needle and pointing to a spot on his arm. While she’s doing that I did a needle of my own.

“This will freeze your leg, so I can get to work.” I said and stuck him in the leg.

I sterilized the needle and thread with a lighter and started stitching him up. Quickly he became very relaxed and stared into place.

“Wren do another sweep of the house please. When you come back bring some weapons with you as well please.”

She gave me a look. “Is everything alright?” I looked at Logan making sure he’s out of it, and back at her. Whispering. “No everything is not alright; I believe he was attacked and bitten by the rouge wolves. I just want to be prepared.” She nodded and left the room leaving us alone. “What is going to happen Lilith?” Logan’s voice startled me, I thought he had passed out. “You will stay here with me, for a while at least. You’re going to be okay.”

I looked up at him, he head is to the side, and his eyes are now closed; lightly snoring. He probably never heard a word.

The pack did this to him, I know they did. I just have to hope that he won’t change into a wolf. I don’t want this life for him.

“Alright Logan you’re all stitched up.” I grabbed some gauze and started to gently wrap his leg. Wren came in with two guns in hand. “Every door and window is locked. How’s he doing?” “He’ll live, he’s out cold right now. Come on, let’s leave him for a while.” I said finishing up, and started cleaning everything up. We walked out of my room, closing the door behind us. We walked out to the living room, I listened focusing my hearing, on my surroundings. There’s nothing outside, not a sound, no breeze, nothing.

Throwing everything out, I turned to her. “I’m getting the stuff from the car, your my backup keep your gun raised, and at the ready.”

I always bring my work home with me, I don’t trust people at the station, I never have, anytime I get some new piece of evidence; I gave them a copy and bring the original home; to work on myself. Being a werewolf in otherwise a human workplace, I tend to be overly cautious, and sometimes I have had good reason to not trust them.

We walked into my garage there’s no sounds, dead silence all around us. “Come on I want everything in as fast we can.”

She nodded, lowered her gun slightly, and we got everything out, and in the house, as fast as we can.

Once we got everything in the house I locked the car up and got in the house, locked the door, and went to the closet, and loaded up on weapons.

Silver knives, and guns all loaded with silver bullets. By the time I finished I had so much silver on me that my skin is starting to itch. I might be a cop, but I’m also a werewolf, and we don’t like silver. Silver is deadly to werewolves, one of the few things that can kill us, my mother was killed by silver bullets.

Wren gave me a silver heart shaped locket for my birthday, with a photo of my mom in it; don’t ask me how she got it, she still won’t tell me, but that was before she learned that I’m a werewolf.

I still wear it, but only when I’m wearing something that it covers my skin. When I don’t wear it, I hang it on the photo of my mother and I that I keep on my nightstand.

It’s a little joke between the two of us now. I love her, she’s my best friend, and really the only family I have left. I can’t even call any of the wolves from my old pack family. They never were family just somewhere I lived for a while. “Wren you’re staying here with me, until we find the rogues. Don’t even try to argue with me. There is no room for discussion. Do you understand me?” she didn’t try to argue, with which I was very much do relieved. She just nodded, taking on of the silver knives from me, strapping it to her side. “Ok let’s start going through all the evidence. Logan will be out for a while yet. So we have some time.”

I just hope that when this is over, that he won’t be a werewolf, and I can send him on his way back home where he’ll be safe.

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