Beast In The Woods

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“Alright this is everything that we have from the scene so far. There sending me the photos tomorrow. But they gave us all the reports they made, and samples they took.”

“I thought they were going to take the samples to the lab and send us the results?” Shaking my head I said.

“No I told Carl that I wanted everything. I don’t overly trust our friends at the lab, I have someone that I want to use from now on. I told them that I will send them all copies of the results.”

She got up from the table, walking towards the kitchen she said.

“Well I don’t really blame you for that, since all this started; I don’t entirely trust them either.” I live in this town but I have never felt welcome here. That’s why I live in the woods all alone. When I go into a store no one talks to me, they barely even look at me if they can help it. Once the town learned that werewolves exist I became an outcast.

“Well I’m glad it’s not just me then.” I looked at the clock, Logan has been out for a while now, and I should probably go and check on him.

I got up from the table as well; following her into my large kitchen.

For how small my place is, it has a large kitchen, oak cupboards, marble counter tops. As well it has stainless steel appliances. Whoever did this place cost them a lot of money. But I don’t use them much. Wren is sticking her head in my fridge as usual, she always does no matter what time it is, puts her head in my fridge. “Hand me another beer would you?” She gave me a look, but none the less handed me another cold one. “I’m going to go check on Logan, he’s been asleep for a while.”

She nodded and watched as I walked out of the kitchen, new beer in hand.

But before I walked out, I tuned to her and said.

“While I’m gone, have a look through the other files and see if anyone knows our latest victim. Maybe there’s some kind of connection.” “Sure thing boss.”

I smiled and walked out of sight heading down to my room.

I have no idea what will be waiting for me on the other side of that door, but I can’t just stand here staring at it.

Taking the last slug of my beer, I set the bottle on the small hallway table, and opened the door a crack, and had a listen, not that I needed to, if I want to I can hear anything coming from anywhere in the house. Logan is on the bed; lying still like a statue, I can’t tell if he’s breathing or not.

Silently walking up to him, his eyes open; only there not his normal color; there glowing yellow. Shutting the door I ran down the hall, trying to get to Wren.

“Wren we have to get Logan down to the cell, he’s starting the transition. We have to get him down there as fast as we can.” I said grabbing her beer setting it on the table. “Ok. We will take care of it, don’t worry. He’ll be fine.”

She grabbed the gun full of silver and followed me down the hall. But before I go in I have to get something.

Stopping at the spare room; I told Wren to stay out here, while I went in. I went in and grabbed silver hand cuffs from the chest in the closet and chains just to be on the safe side.

“Okay. Now you have to be careful; you haven’t seen this before. It won’t be easy. He’s not himself right now, and could react badly.” She nodded. “It’s fine, let’s get him down there before it’s too late.” I nodded and motioned for her to raise her gun, just to be safe, as we went on to my room.

Logan is still on the bed, but his breathing is ragged, and I can hear his heart beating, it’s erratic.

Lowering my voice, I started to move towards the bed. “Logan, it’s alright we will take care of you. We are going to take you somewhere safe.” Wrapping his wrists, and taking out the cuffs, I slipped them on his wrists and wrapped the chains around his legs and ankles, making sure there not touching his skin.

“Wren I want you to stay behind me at all times, no matter what happens, you are too stay behind me.” I gave her a look as I picked Logan up, and started for the door.

Logan didn’t move or say anything as I carried him to the basement door. His skin is covered in a sheen of sweat, I think this is going to happen fast. “We have to get him chained before he wakes, or it won’t be pretty.”

Walking down the stairs, it looks like any normal basement, but there is something different about this one, that no one else knows about.

In the back corner there’s a cell in the back corner; made of pure silver bars. With silver chains attached to the wall. “We have to get him inside, it’s about to start.” Wren opened the cell for me, stepping inside, I set him down, and looked at Wren.

“I want you out now. I don’t know how this will happen, but I do know that you can’t be in here when it does.” “Ok. But please be safe.” Nodding. “I will. Now out.” Tossing her the keys she went up the stairs, closing and locking the door, sealing us both inside.

Turning back to Logan he is still lying there unconscious. “Alright buddy boy, it’s just you and me now. If you can hear me, I know you’re scared as hell right now, but you’ll be okay, I won’t leave you here alone. I promise you.” Going to the emergency kit I keep down here grabbing a blanket taking it back to the cell, laying it out so he is lying on something comfortable. I chained his hands in the silver cuffs, they’re going to hurt, but it will help him when his first transition starts. Watching him, he looks so helpless. Why was he out there to begin with? Hadn’t anyone told him about the wolves out there? If he makes it through this, we will have to go make some inquiries about that. With what is going on out there, no one should be allowed in the woods.

Leaning back, against the bars, the silver won’t bother me for a while yet. Looking at him I said. “You’ll be okay, you’ll make it through this.” I have no idea if he can even hear me or not, but I have to hope that he can.

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