Beast In The Woods

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It’s been about thirty minutes since I brought him down here, but he hasn’t so much as twitched. At times it looks as though he’s not even breathing.

I can feel the moon getting high, I have to make the change, but I don’t want to, and then his change start. But soon I won’t have much of a choice, werewolves can change whenever they want, but when it comes to the full moon, you have to change you can’t stop it from coming on.

Just as my body started the change, Logan’s body convulsed; making him gasp. While I can still speak, I said. “It’s alright Logan, you’ll be fine. Just let it happen, don’t fight it. That will only make the pain worse.”

As the last of it came out; my body changed, so I can no longer speak.

My change finished quickly, but Logan isn’t so lucky, he’s still struggling through it.

Shaking out my dirty blond fur, I whined at him and lied down watching his new wolf form emerge.

Closing my eyes, it’s going to take a while, but it will only be for a moment. A low growling woke me, opening my eyes, stretching out, I’m staring at a large black wolf, his glowing silver eyes staring back at me. Logan isn’t a bad looking wolf; a good size. His fur black as night, looking closer he has a blond patch over his left eye. Whining in my throat, he’s pacing back and forth, growling slightly and teeth showing.

Flattening my ears, I moved closer to the bars, whining to him. Nudging the door to the cell open; the silver making my nose twitch, I let him come out, of course there’s no way out except through the door, but it’s locked and reinforced.

He started walking around, sniffing everything, and not making eye contact as he moved by me.

Logan is doing well for his first full moon; but the change back will be tough on him, but he’ll make it through. He’s strong.

After a couple hours of sniffing and playing, I lied down on a bed I made before all this started, setting my head in my paws.

Logan looked at me, huffed and lied down in front of me, briefly I lifted my head looking at him, then motioning to part of the blanket next to me. Slowly he got up, and moved next to me, limping slightly, his leg must be bothering him. Settling next to me, setting his head in his paws.

Sweet dreams brother.

Closing my eyes, we both drifted off, the light from the full moon coming in from the small window.

Opening my eyes I’m on my side, and human and naked. The sun is just coming up, trying to move there’s a hand on my waist. Looking behind me, Logan is sleeping at my back, human as well. And also naked.

“Where am I?” Moving his arm, I sat up we’re both human again, it’s strange we both slept through the change, that has happened to me, but that’s odd for a new wolf.

“How are you feeling?” “Better. What happened to me?” “What do you remember?” “Everything. I was attacked in the woods. You found me, you were a wolf, and you carried me here, fixed me up and I changed into a wolf. I think that about sums it all up.” I nodded, standing up stretching; my body is so stiff from the change. Grabbing the blanket wrapping it around myself. Walking over to the door at the top of the stairs, I can hear Wren’s breathing on the other side of the door; waiting for when I knock. Knocking twice the bolts and numerous other locks clicked, and the door slid open.

Logan came up next to me, I almost grabbed his hand, but thought better of it, running fingers through my hair, having no idea what it looks like right now.

“How’s your leg? It should be all healed by now.” Looking down at his leg, there’s no sign that he was ever injured in the first place. Looking up at me, shocked.

He’s still naked, except for the blanket wrapped around his waist. “How did that happen?”

“It’s the wolf coming out. I don’t know how it happens, but when we’re injured, our body just naturally heals itself. You look good, the change doesn’t appear to have done anything worse to you.” I said moving further into the living room, with him right on my heels. “What do you mean worse?” “Sometimes when the change happens, the body doesn’t always accept the change, and it can end up badly. But it would appear that it won’t happen to you.” “And what would you have done if that did happen?” “The only thing that we can do; I would have to kill you. I am very happy that it won’t happen to you.”

Looking through the door, Wren is standing there watching us a small smile on her lips. “Well it looks like the two of you are getting along well.” I nodded and motioned for her to move out of the way.

Stepping into my room I quickly changed and found something for him to wear. My Ex-boyfriend left some stuff here, I just never got around to throwing any of it out. It should fit him not too badly, till we can get him something else to wear.

Walking out to the living room Wren and Logan are sitting there staring at each other. Handing him the pile I pointed to the bathroom, so he can get cleaned up.

Once he’s out of the room, Wren looked at me. “I found something you need to see.” Going over to the table where we have everything from last night set up. “What have you found?” Showing me photos, she pointed to her laptop. “I took these when we were cleaning Logan up. The bite marks are the same, he was attacked and turned by the same wolves that have been terrorizing the town. All the murders were done by the same wolves. If this keeps up much longer than the humans are going to take matters into their own hands.” Sighing, running my hands through my hair. “I know, I know. But you know it’s not that easy, I have tracked them all over the area, and I can’t find them anywhere. Somehow there masking there scents.”

My phone started to ring, but it’s not my cell, it’s my fax line. “It’s the lab results, that’s odd; they never have the results this soon.” Pulling them out, I read them over, and handed them to Wren.

“It says the same DNA was found on this victim just like all the rest. But still no match in the database. Hair that was found was wolf hair. The body was torn to shreds as you and I both know. She would have died within moments from the blood loss, from any of the wounds.” Sighing I grabbed the stuff from the scene.

Hearing a noise, Logan is out of the bathroom, he looks normal now.

Coming up next to me, he looked at everything on the table.

“So you’re trying to find the wolves that killed this girl. Are they the same wolves that tried to kill me as well?” He said. I nodded, as he sat down at the table with us. “I’m sorry, but you can’t see these.” “Why not?” “You just shouldn’t.” “Come on Lil what can it hurt?” “Yeah Lil.” Logan said mimicking Wren voice. Sighing. “Whatever.” The three of us started going through the files, Logan seems to be a natural at all this. “So I always thought that if werewolves existed that they were bound by the moon?”

“No. That’s not really true. Yes you did your first transition on a full moon, because you’re a freshly turned. But we can change whenever we want to. But you don’t want to do that, it can go badly for you if you do that.” “Why? What will happen?” “That’s something that will wait for another time. But for right now we have to find them before they kill someone else.”

“So how does it feel being a werewolf?” Wren asked. “I don’t know. It’s kind of weird. I’m a lot stronger then I was before. It’s great. Can we go for a run?” “You want to go for a run?” He nodded. “Not tonight, but tomorrow for sure.” He nodded. “Okay we have been looking at this stuff for hours. Let’s call it a night, and resume fresh in the morning.”

Showing Logan where he can sleep. Before going to my room, I grabbed some clean bedding from the linen cupboard, and went to my room closing the door, Sighing I changed my sheets and blankets changed my clothes and got into bed. What hell happened today?

Why was I acting like that with him? Sighing I got comfortable, then I heard it, the howling. Sitting up, those aren’t howls I know.

Getting out of bed, I went to the window. I can’t see anything even with my wolf vision. Opening the window, there’s a faint scent of wolf, but very feint.

Going out to the living room, both Wren and Logan are standing there. “What’s going on?” Logan asked turning to look at me. “I think it’s the wolves I’ve been tracking. I have to go after them.” “What? No. you can’t.” “I have to. If it’s the wolves that have been killing people then I have to go after them, the rogues have to be taken out.” “Then I’m going with you.” Logan said. “No. I need you to stay with Wren and keep her safe. I won’t be gone long. Please both of you, just stay here and stay safe.”

Pulling my clothes off, I started the change. When it finished, Wren opened the door, allowing me to go out, locking it behind me. Taking a whiff, its feint, but it’s still there; running off in the direction, I have to find them.

With my wolf vision, I see movement off to the side, veering that way tackling it, sending us both flying. It’s one of the wolves, it looks sickly.

It lunged at me, managing to get out of the way, I charged him, hitting him full force in the side.

Sinking my teeth into his flank, ripping his fir out. Growling he snapped his jaw at me, kicking me off he sank his teeth in, blood pouring from my wounds, biting and scratching at him, he ran off leaving me there. I’m in no shape to be running after him, licking my wounds; I slowly made my way back to the house. I almost had one of them. Just as I’m about to collapse the door opened, huffing my legs gave out on me, collapsing to the ground. “Be gentle with her.” Logan gently picked me up, carrying me into the house. I can barely keep my eyes open right now. “You’re going to be okay.” “Put her on the table. We have to get her cleaned up.”

Setting me down, I whined wanting to change back but I don’t think I can. “No. Don’t move.” Wren said petting my head. “Okay Logan go get the kit she used on you, as well as the other kit under her bed.” He nodded running off.

“What happened to you baby?” Whining in my throat, she kissed my nose. “It’s okay. Did you get some hits in at least?” Whining, I licked her hand. Trying to keep conscious. “Good job. Now relax. You have to stay in wolf form, I know there heal on their own but we have to get them cleaned up. Some are pretty nasty.” She said setting a hand on my head. “Got everything we need. What do we do now?” Logan came into view, he looks so worried, pale even.

Werewolves can communicate with each other, trying my best with him.

Logan if you can hear me, I’m okay. Help her clean me up then get her to bed.

He gave me a look. “Did you just talk to me?” Whining he smiled at me. “You got it, don’t worry.” “Okay we need hot water and towels. You get the towels and I will get the water.” They left me there, lying there like a piece of meat. I can hear them moving around, I have never been beaten like this. How did this happen? That rogue is insane. He smelled like death. If the rest of them are like that they all have to be put down.

I have to find them, I can’t let them do this to anyone else. Once I’m healed I’ll head back out and continue my search. “Okay I think we’re ready.” Fiddling with stuff, they both moved back into my line of sight.

“This is going to hurt, but you have to stay still.” injecting something into my neck relaxing me. “Okay we have to get all these cleaned up.” they started dabbing my wounds, every little touch stung more and more. It’s getting harder and harder not to move. “Logan you have to hold her down. She’s going to hurt herself.”

Placing one hand on my neck, holding me down. Placing his head on mine. “It’s okay. You saved me, now let me save you.” Wren continued cleaning my wounds. “Crap. Her wounds are already starting to heal. Okay Logan, I need you here. Lil just please don’t move. Just stay still.”

As fast as they can they cleaned me up. The hole time there talking, but I can’t hear them, all I can do is lie there and let them do their thing.

Finally after what seemed like hours, the stinging stopped as they finished cleaning my wounds. “We have to give her these shots. We don’t know what those wolves could have, so we have to hope that these help her. You give her one, and I will give her the other two.”

They stuck me with three needles, one making me very drowsy. Giving me the same stuff I gave Logan when he was attacked. “Okay let’s get her to bed. She needs to be on something soft.” “Okay I got her.” Logan said gently he picked me up, setting my head on his shoulder nose in his neck. Sniffing his neck, he smells really good. Licking his neck, he even tastes good. I don’t know why I’m doing these things, I just hope I don’t do something else stupid while I’m like this. I hope it’s just the drugs. “Here you go. Gently now.” He said putting me into bed.

“Alright Lil you need to stay in wolf form, while you finish healing. In the morning we’ll check you over and make sure your good before you change back.” huffing I closed my eyes, trying to fall asleep.

Walking out of the room, I can still partially hear them, focusing my hearing.

“I’ll stay with her, you need to sleep. I’ll call you if something happens to her.” “Okay. See you in a few hours.” I heard Wren walk off to her room, and the door closing.

A couple minutes later I heard Logan come back in, and the bed dip as he climbed on to lie next to me.

“Get some sleep. I’ll be right here. No one will get to you while I’m here.” Whimpering, my body relaxed and everything slipped away.

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