Beast In The Woods

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Chapter 5

My whole body hurts right now. Wincing at the pain as I move my head, I’m human again. That sometimes happens if you’re still in wolf form and you sleep. Light breathing beside me, moving my head the pain isn’t as bad as it was, looking beside me, Logan is sound asleep beside me.

He could have slept in the other room, but he’s in here. He should never have been out there in those woods. His eyes opened, a small smile playing at his lips. “You’re awake.” Managing to smile back. “I’m awake. What happened last night?” “What do you remember?” Thinking back. “I was hunting the wolves, then he attacked me. You and Wren saved me.” He nodded, pulling the blanket further up around me.

“You’re still exposed.” I can feel my cheeks heating. “Thank you.” Clearing my throat. “Why are you in here?” He gave me a smile, reaching to touch my face, moving a lock of hair behind my ear. “Don’t you remember? I told you that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. So I stayed with you. To keep you safe.” “You didn’t have to do that, but thank you.” Trying to sit up, my whole body hurts like crazy. “Hey take it easy. You went through a lot last night. Let’s just take this one step at a time.” Nodding, he helped me sit up, holding the blanket so it still keeps me covered. “I’ll get you some clothes.” Going to my closet, he pulled out some sweats, helping me put them on. “I should be pretty much healed by now.” Sighing, I feel better having something covering what’s left of the scars till they heal completely. As soon as I am able I’m going right back out there into those woods tracking those rouges till I find them.

Trying to stand. “Ok we need to head out there. Can you give me a hand?” “Of course.” Helping me up, together we walked out to the living room. Wren is in the kitchen making food. She knows that after I make the change that I need to eat, a lot. She’s an amazing cook.

“Morning you two. Lil how are you feeling?” “Better. Thank you both for taking care of me last night. I don’t know where I would have been if you both hadn’t have been here.” Sitting at the table, she set food down. It’s crazy, the amount of food she made.

“So Logan after we eat, we need to start your training.” He gave us both a look.

“What training?” He asked taking a bite of his own food. “You’re a new werewolf. You need to learn to control your anger, your shifting; and your strength.” Taking a bite of food. “Sometimes it can be hard to be around humans when you’re new. You’ve pretty much gotten being around humans under control.” I said motioning to Wren, who nodded.

“What can happen?” He asked taking a bite of his food. “They tend to attack humans. They don’t mean to, but it happens. That’s why for the most part we tend to be away from humans. To keep them and us safe. Logan you’ll have all the training you’ll need.” Shaking his head.

“This is one heck of a crazy world I just walked into. I never knew that werewolves even existed. Now I’m one of them, one of you. What other creatures exist?” “Nothing that I know of.” I said taking a sip of coffee. Sighing. “I’m sorry Logan. I’ve been hunting these wolves for a while, and last night was the closest I have been to any of them in a long time.”

“It’s okay. When I got here, I heard stories. But I didn’t believe any of it. I guess I should have, and stayed out of the woods. I just thought they were old wives tales, trying to scare you. You know trying to drum up some business.” He’s right, he shouldn’t have been there. But he didn’t listen and now I have to deal with a new wolf; and I don’t know how to deal with that. New wolves are tricky. If not handled right it can end up with someone dead.

In my old pack I never had to deal with a new wolf; they were kept away from the rest of us until they were under control. Then and only then were they allowed to be around the rest of the pack. My phone started going off, talk about saved by the bell.

“Hello? Yes. Thank you I will be there as soon as I can.” Hanging up. “Who was it?” “The morgue. We need to head in.” Getting up from the table. “I need a shower.” Leaving them sitting there, I made my way to my bathroom.

Pulling my clothes off, stepping into the shower, the hot water feels great to my aching body. That was really stupid of me last night. I shouldn’t have gone after the wolves like I did. I could have gotten myself killed; I know that. I just couldn’t let that chance get away. I have to get the wolves dealt with, before they destroy the whole town. They’ve already created one werewolf, there’s no saying how many more they could create.

Stepping out of the shower, pulling on my warm blue robe, Logan knocked on the door. “What do you want Logan?” Poking his head in. “How did you know it was me?” Giving him a smile. “I can smell you. You smell like a werewolf now. What is it?” “I brought you some clothes.” He said showing me the pile of clothes in his hands. Taking them from him, he’s very kind; where did he come from? “Thank you. I’ll be out in a couple minutes.”

He nodded, closing the door.

Drying off, taking a look at my body, all the scars are completely healed, leaving my skin blemish free. I got dressed dried my hair and went out to the living room. Wren and Logan are sitting around the table, looking at the evidence we collected from the last crime scene.

“Have you found anything new in any of this?” I asked sitting next to Logan he’s looking over a map of the forest. “Not really. But we will.” My phone started ringing. “Hello. Yes. Of course. We’ll be right there. Thank you.” Hanging up, sighing. “We need to head in. The M.E is doing the autopsy. Even though someone just called me.” She nodded. “OK just let me get ready.” Logan stood clearing his throat. “Listen can I come with you both?” Giving him a look. “Do you think that’s such a good idea?” “I have a room at a hotel in town, and I need to get some things.” I nodded. “Of course. You can stay here with us. I know you will be safe here. Until you complete your training.” “I can’t stay here.” “Yes you can. You and Wren are both going to stay here with me until we find those wolves. We will stop at your hotel room, and at Wrens to get what you need and come back here and start on your training.”

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “Do I really still need to do that?”

“Well you have to get your changes under control, and your anger. So yes you still need to do this.” Sighing I continued. “You have to be around humans all your life. You have to be able to control your emotions so you don’t literally rip someone’s head off when they piss you off.” He nodded.

“Got it.” “We leave in five. Get what you need and let’s move out.”

Going back to my room, I got my gun, badge and anything else I need.

What are we going to do with all this? Those wolves almost killed me last night. When I find them, and I know I will, I have no idea what I am going to do with them; I may just have to kill them to rid the world of them once and for all.

“Hey you ready?” Turning around Wren is standing there, arms folded across her chest, leaning against the door. “Yeah. You okay?” She nodded, looking back down the hall. “What are we going to do with him?” “What do you mean?” “Well are we going to keep him after we train him? Or let him go?”

Sighing, I sat on my bed. “I don’t know. I guess I will give him the choice, and let him do what he wants.” Standing I walked up to her.

“Because in the end it’s his choice and his choice alone. And I will respect his decision. He can leave whenever he wants.” She gave me a look. Doesn’t she believe me when I say that I will let him leave? I will not force him to stay, if he wants to go, then I will let him go, won’t I? “It’s okay Lil. I know it’s hard, just let it go for now, and get this over with.” I nodded following her out to the living room. “You two ready to go?” “Yeah. But first. You can’t come to the morgue with us. You need to stay at your hotel room.” “Alright. But you’ll come back for me, won’t you?” “Of course we will.” I said, walking up to him. “We wouldn’t just leave you like that. After we’re done at the morgue, we will come back for you.”

He nodded. “Let’s head out then.” I said grabbing my car keys, and went to the garage. Climbing in we headed out. Logan looked at the scenery all around us.

I love this place, I feel so free, and my wolf can breathe out here. When we’re in town, I’m always on edge; all I want to do is tear my clothes off and run through the city in wolf form.

Living in the middle of the woods, the terrain is rough, and can be very unpredictable. “You must love it out here. You’re free, you can make the change whenever you want too.” Smiling, we finally got to the main road, heading into town. “It is. I love it out here. My wolf is at peace. Yours can be as well.” I whispered the last part; hoping that neither one of them hear it.

Looking at both of them, I know Wren didn’t hear me, but I think that Logan did but he didn’t say anything just stared out the window.

The remainder of the drive was silent, I kept looking at Logan, he’s looking out the window, and I can see that he wants to run through the woods in his wolf form. It will all get easier over time, you just have to let your body adjust to being part wolf.

No one said anything as we neared town; Logan told me where to go, to get to his hotel. Pulling into the lot, I turned to look at him. “You sure you’re going to be okay?” He nodded. “Yeah. I’ll be fine. Just don’t forget to come back for me.” “We won’t. We will be back for you. Now out you go, we have to get going.” We waited until he walked through the door, before we pulled out of the lot. “What are you going to do?” Shaking my head. “I have no idea. I just need to think about this for a bit; let’s head out.” Driving to the morgue, the only thing I can think about is Logan, I’ll have to let him go, I know I will, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it. Except for Wren I have been alone for so long, that the thought of there being someone else in my life, I don’t know if I can just give that up, just like that. All this started in those woods, that’s where it will all end.

Town isn’t that large, so it didn’t take long to get to the department. Taking a deep breath, I don’t want to go in there. I’ve been here for a while, I have a life here; as mundane as it sounds, I don’t want to lose it, even though humans don’t like our kind. Sighing.

“You ready for this?” Wren asked taking off her seatbelt. Looking at her. “I don’t really have much of a choice here, do I?” “No. Not really. Let’s go.” Walking through the doors, everyone stopped talking, giving me a look. Not giving them the time of day, we made a stop at our desks, and headed down to the morgue.

After this latest killing, people are starting to get scared, even more than they already were.

“You’re going to be okay.” Nodding we walked through the door.

“Hey Lee. We’re here.” Lee walked out of the back, a smile on his face. He’s one of the few that don’t hate me. He’s asked me to turn him a couple times, but he was drunk, I don’t think he actually knew what he was asking. As soon as we walked in, I can see Wren starting to shiver from the cold. She’s always been like this, at least for as long as I’ve known her. I’ve thought about getting her a one way ticket to Florida for a while to help her.

Shrugging off my coat, setting it on her shoulders. Werewolves are naturally warm, body heat just radiating off us.

“You two doing okay?” “Yeah. We just want to find the wolves doing this. What have you found so far?” Pulling the sheet back.

“She died of severe blood loss, as we know. They cut her carotid artery. She would have died within seconds. They tore her to shreds.” “Did you find anything in the way of DNA on her anywhere?” “Sort of. I found two different types of fur on her, as well as some saliva. I’m running it through now, to see if I can find anything.” “It probably won’t work, since they were in wolf forms. But we can always hope. Also can you test to see if there are any types of abnormalities’?”

“You think there’s something wrong with them?” Nodding. “Yes I do. You see we don’t attack humans, as the legends say. Of course we might if we’re being threatened, we will. One of the victims was a hunter, I would have killed them myself, for doing what they do.” “So you think that whatever is wrong with them, is making them do this. That it’s something in there blood, or brain chemistry that is forcing them to do this.” Again I nodded. I like this guy, he gets it. Out of all the humans in this town, I have two that are on my side, Wren and Lee. “I’m on it. If I find anything that can help you, I will call you immediately.” He said recovering the body. “Thanks Lee. Send me everything you have please.” He gave me a smile. “It’s already done. Everyone has a copy of all this, but you have all the originals.” Picking up a box, handing it over to me. “I want these things that have been terrorizing my town, to be gotten rid of. I want our home to go back to the way it was before. Everyone is scared to go out after dark. And I don’t like the way everyone has been treating you Lil.” “I will do everything I can, to make this place one where everyone can be safe again.”

“I know you will sweetie. Now off you go, I have work to do.” Giving him a light hug. “We’ll see you soon Lee.”

Heading back upstairs, the hairs on my arms standing straight up, as once again all eyes are on me.

This place is like the rest of the town, ignorant, judgmental. If you’re not like them, then you can’t be here. Everyone is at their desk, staring at us; even some have their hands on their guns.

Like I’m going to change and rip them all apart right here and now. Looking around, I used to think of walls like these as my home, somewhere I can belong; but no longer. These beige walls are no longer welcoming. The flags on the walls, plaques of former cops that died in the line of duty. “I have some things to get from my desk, then we can head out.” I said handing her the box. “Lilith, Wren in my office now.” Sighing, we went into our sergeant’s office.

“So what have you found so far?” “Not much. I was attacked by the wolves.” “Are you all right?” “I’m fine. Nothing we couldn’t handle. But these wolves didn’t see me as one of them, just came at me, trying to kill me. There’s something seriously wrong with them. I’ve asked Lee to have to look and see if they can find anything that can help us.” She nodded. “Alright. I’m glad you’re both alright. Keep me posted on what you find. You’re both excused.” “Thank you.” Going back to our desks, getting what we need. Searching through our database, except for the attacks recently, there has been no sightings of werewolves harming humans in any way. We have lived alongside the humans in peace, but now any humans that know about us, they see us all as the enemy, a lot of them are going back to the packs to stay safe, but I can’t; I have to stay and fight to keep the humans safe, even if they don’t want it.

“Hey you ready to go?” Looking up Wren is there with a small box in her hands. “Yeah. What’s that?” “Just some stuff I thought we might need. Let’s head out.”

Nodding logging out of my computer and grabbing my gun. Walking out, everyone is still staring at us. I hate this. Maybe once this is over I’ll put in for a transfer or something, I know I said that I won’t run, but I’m sick of getting these looks from the people that I’m supposed to be able to count on to watch my back, when I’m sure there shoot me in the back if there ever given the chance too. A fellow cop stopped in front of us, stopping us from leaving. “You don’t belong here.” Growling I know my eyes are glowing red, and my wolf is coming to the surface. “I suggest you get out of my way, before something bad happens. If you know what’s good for you.” I growled trying to control my wolf. “What is going on here?” “Nothing. Just trying to do my job.” “Move out of the way Smith.”

He moved, walking past, he purposely shoved my shoulder as we walked past him. Growling again, he took a step back, taking my hand off my gun, that I didn’t know was there.

Taking total control over her, pushing her back down. “You okay?” “Yeah. I need to get out of here.” Climbing in the car, taking a deep breath.

“That could have been bad if I had of lost total control.” “Well you didn’t, that’s all that matters right now.” Nodding we drove away from the station, going back to the hotel, Logan is there waiting for us out front, his couple bags next to him. “Hey. You two okay?” He asked coming up to us as we got out of the car. “We just need to get out of here.” Loading up, he got back in. “We have a couple more stops to make before we head home.”

Wren gave me a look. “Where do we have to go?” “Your house, and a store, we need more food. Especially since we now have a man in the house.” I said looking at Logan in the rear view mirror.

First stopping at her house, she lives in a small bungalow, two bedrooms, one for her and one for when I stay over. We decorated the place together, she likes dark colors, the whole place is done is blue purple and red, and threw in a little bit of white in there, just to balance it all out. She even let me do my own room the way I wanted it, and I love her for that. Walking into her place she went to her room. “Have a seat you two. I won’t be a moment.” She said pulling a couple bags from her closet. “Take your time.” I said motioning for Logan to have a seat on the brown leather couch.

Going into her room giving her a hand. Watching her, she seems upset. “Wren. I’m sorry. I never wanted to upset you, I just want to keep you safe.” She didn’t say anything just kept pulling clothes from her dresser. Moving towards her, grabbing the shirt she’s folding, making her look at me.

“You are the only family I have left; and I will not lose you.” She sighed sitting on her bed. “Lilith you won’t lose me. I’m here. And I will be safe.” Giving her a hug I helped her finish packing, we went back out, Logan is now looking out the window, and I’m starting to get a weird feeling from him. “Hey Logan, you okay?” He turned looking at me. “I’m just getting this weird feeling. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it’s good. We should head back to the house.” I nodded going back into Wren’s room.

“We need to go now. Logan has a bad feeling.” She nodded closing her last bag. Taking one, she took the other two. Heading back out, Logan took her bags and headed out to the car.

“I’m starting to like that boy.” Nodding. “Me too.” Me too. Walking out the door, looking around, there’s nothing in the immediate area. I’m starting to get a bad feeling too. Wren locked her door, and we quickly made our way to my car so we can get out of here and back to the safety of my house.

Making one last stop, we got all kinds of food and drinks; to make sure we’ll have enough to keep us going for some time if necessary.

Pushing the kart out of the store, Logan stayed in the car he said he’s not feeling very well. He climbed out opening the back, helping us load everything. It’s a good thing that he’s not a vegetarian, he wouldn’t be very welcome in my house if that was the case. “Why did you get all this?” He asked setting the last bag in the back. “Just to be safe. Also it’s not all food, there are other things in there.”

Putting the kart back we got out of there heading back to the house, hopefully before dark so I can keep them both safe inside.

Pulling into the garage, Logan fell asleep; slightly shaking him he groaned and started to wake up. “Come on, we’re home. It’s time to get inside.” He nodded rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He’s cute when he’s been sleeping, that tired look still in his eyes. Taking a load of bags out Logan followed close behind with a load of his own.

“Where do you want all this?” “Just on the table. I want everything in before the sun goes down fully.” Grabbing the last of the stuff from the car, locking the garage and the door connecting the two. All doors here are reinforced, so that no werewolf can get in through them.

Setting the last of the stuff on the table I said. “Why don’t you put all your stuff away? Then we’ll have something to eat.” Logan and Wren both nodded, taking their stuff left me alone in the kitchen to do my thing.

Putting most of the food away, I left out what I need for dinner.

Pulling my secret steak rub from the cupboard; getting my steaks ready for the grill.

Chopping veggies, throwing them in the oven, setting the timer. Making sure my pan is hot, setting the steaks in the pan; sizzling filling the kitchen.

Peeling potato’s setting them on the stove. Pulling another small iron skillet, heating some oil; frying some garlic and onions, waiting for the mashed potatoes.

“What smells amazing in here?” Logan asked coming into the kitchen. “Dinner. Are you settling in okay?” I asked flipping the steaks. “Yeah. You have a nice place.” “Thanks. Have a seat.” Going to the fridge, I pulled out a couple bottles of beer. “So what’s the plan to deal with the wolves?” “Tomorrow we’ll start searching for them. I’ve been looking for a while, but haven’t found anything. I have to stop more people from dying.” I said turning back to the stove. “If we don’t do something, more people could be turned.” “Would that be so bad?” “In some ways it could be good to have more wolves, but in other ways, it can put our kind in danger, if there are too many of us around. Hunters will be after us all. That’s a risk we can’t afford.”

Pouring the water from the potato’s, adding milk and butter. “Why don’t you go find Wren? Dinner is almost ready.” Adding the garlic and onions, mixing them well together. Getting some plates and things out, grabbing a bottle of wine from the fridge.

Going to the window, it’s dark out the light from the moon shining over the forest.

“Whatever that is, it smells amazing.” Wren said jumping on my back. “Crap, you’re heavier than when we did this last.” Setting her down, she hit my shoulder sitting at the table. “This looks great.” Logan said pulling out my chair for me, what a gentleman. Dishing out food, we started eating. “So first thing tomorrow, training.” He nodded, not looking at me.

“I’m sorry for everything that happened to you. You shouldn’t have to deal with this, being a werewolf; changing against your will.” “It’s okay Lilith. This is my life now. I’m okay with it. I know that it was messy how it happened, but I have a new life, my old one wasn’t all that great. I was alone, and now I have you both, a new family.”

He’s sweet. But he has no idea what it means to be a werewolf. This world, changes you. Werewolf or human, it changes you. I’ve been in this world my whole life, and to some extent I have always been an outsider looking in. But now sitting here with Wren and Logan, it feels like I could finally be a part of something more important.

A family.

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