Beast In The Woods

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“Okay Logan, let’s try this again.” Quickly changing, he tried to as well. He’s still trying to make the change quickly, but he’s still getting used to it. “It’s okay. Just let it happen, let it happen. It will get easier.” Watching him change, slowly the change finished, and he’s a wolf.

“There you go. It’s okay.” He walked up to me, sitting at my feet. Making the change again, running off waiting for him to chase me.

“I think she wants you to go with her.” Wren said motioning at me. Chuffing I ran off, into the woods, and soon I heard him behind me; veering to the left, he continued chasing me. Heading towards the small creek nearby, running through it, masking my cent, I hid and waited for him to come near me. As soon as I saw him, lowering myself closer to the ground I pounced forcing him on his back, burying my teeth in his neck. Changing back; hovering over him. “Now try and change back.” Moving back, staying on my knees. Watching him try and change back, but it didn’t happen. “Hey it’s okay.” He lowered his head into my lap. It was like this when I first started shifting. But it gets easier over time. Screaming, made me perk up. “We have to go.” Running, I changed as I jumped over the stream, landing as a wolf, Logan is right behind me.

Running as fast as we can, we got back to the house, it was Wren that we heard cream.

Bursting through the trees, three wolves are surrounding Wren. She has blood all over her, and she’s holding her arm.

I can tell she was trying to get to the house, but they surrounded her.

“Logan, I will distract them, get Wren to the house. Keep her safe.”

I spoke to him, he nodded and moved around them, waiting. Running at them, there the rogues I’ve been hunting for weeks. Growling at them, biting at them and running, all I can see is red, they all started chasing after me. One attacked me, managing to get me down, but it didn’t last long. Pushing him back; pinning him to the ground, clawing at him till he started whimpering, and bleeding. The others ran off.

Going who knows where. Managing to break my hold on him, he ran off chasing after him, following the blood trail through the dark woods. Soon I lost it the trail, he’s gone. Dammit! Running through the forest, all signs of the rogues are gone. How does this keep happening!

Running back the way I came; the moon shining through the trees, casting menacing shadows across the forest floor.

Running back to the house bursting through the trees, there’s no one outside. Changing back, I got inside; locking the door behind me Wren and Logan are in the living room, Wren on the couch. I can smell the blood.

“How is she?” I asked leaning over his shoulder. “She’s not doing very well. Lilith, they bit her. They bit her, just like they bit me.” Moving the cloth, he’s right, there’s a whole chunk of skin missing from her arm.

“My god! How did this happen? I am so sorry Wren.” How could I let this happen? I was supposed to protect her! “What’s going to happen to her?” “You know what is going to happen to her. She’s going to change, as of tonight at the moons peak, she will be a werewolf.”

Hugging me from behind.

“I am so sorry Lil. I know she’s your best friend.” “We have to help her. Go get the kit from under my bed, and I’ll get what we need out here.” I said moving her hand to press the cloth to her wound.

“Wren I am going to help you. I am so, so sorry that this happened to you. I told you I would protect you, and I failed you. I will never forgive myself.” Shaking her head, setting her hand on mine. “It’s not your fault Lil. I should have been paying attention to my surroundings. But I wasn’t. If this is on anyone, then it’s on me. It’s my own fault. But now I’m going to be like you, now we will be part of one big family.” “You don’t mean that.”

Kissing her head, I went to kitchen got what I need and went back out. Logan is kneeling in front of her. “Move over, I need to see what I’m doing.” “What can I do to help?” “Wash your hands, we need to put her out and repair the damage.”

Cleaning up the wounds, we started to stich them up, the wolf got her good. She lost a lot of blood. “Go out to the garage, I have an emergency stash of blood out there; we need to give her a blood transfusion.” He nodded and ran out of the room. “Wren you should be numb, but this might still hurt a little. I need you to stay still.” Piercing her skin with the needle I started stitching her up. “I got the blood with her name on it.” “Good. Do you happen to know how to hook up a central line?” “No idea. I’m sorry.” Nodding I took out another needle and tubing. Hooking it up to her arm. “Hold this up, and squeeze lightly.” Handing him the bag, I finished sewing her up. “Where did you learn all this? You did all this on me, now her.” “My time in my old pack. You had to learn how to do things like this. You never knew what might have happened when the hunters went out.” Wetting a new cloth, I finished cleaning the blood off her, and started wrapping the wounds.

“You need to sleep.” Filling a needle, I injected her. “You’ll feel better in the morning. We need to move her to the cell downstairs, to keep her safe.” Logan took one side of her while I took the other, and gently lifted her off the couch.

By the time we got downstairs; she’s passed out cold. Setting her on the bed in the basement, I went back up to her room, pulling out some clothes, going back down Logan moved the bed into the cell. Setting the clothes down Logan helped me change her. “Are you sure she’ll be alright?” Logan asked kneeling next to the bed. Nodding. “She’ll be okay. Just let her sleep. We’ll check on her in a while.” Logan and I left closing her door behind us, heading upstairs.

Cleaning up the living room, throwing everything in the fireplace, setting it all on fire, getting rid of the smell of blood I grabbed some more beer and collapsed on the couch. This has been one hell of a day. Out of the werewolf cases I have dealt with, this is the worst. Now I’ve ruined two lives.

“Can I ask you a question?” Logan sked sitting next to me. “Shoot.” “With us getting turned, do we have to go anywhere, and show other werewolves?” “I don’t really know. I haven’t had to deal with this; so this part is new to me. I guess after she makes her first transition, we can go back to my old pack; and talk to their current Alpha. And the elders.”

“I think we should. You know, so no one can blame you for us getting turned.” “You really don’t know anything about werewolves. Once she’s better, we’ll head there, and talk to them.” Downing my beer, looking out the window, it’s pitch black out; I want to go out there so badly, and hunt them for what they did to Wren, but it’s stupid to head out there right now. First thing in the morning I will be out there, in wolf form hunting them.

My phone started going off, looking at the screen, it’s my boss. Sighing.

“Hey boss. Yeah I know. I’m on it.” Listening to her, she’s pissed as hell that I haven’t found anything yet.

“Look boss, I have things under control. They attacked me again. I will have them soon. Now if you will excuse me I have to go.” Hanging up on him is stupid I know, but it’s not the first time I’ve done it; he knows that I am the only one that can bring them down.

“What was all that about?”

“Nothing. I have to do something about the wolves or my boss will come out there and things will end very badly, for the humans.” Looking away from him, I got up and went to my room. It’s late and I’m exhausted. Grabbing some clothes, I went to take a shower, that’s what I need right now. Getting the water as hot as I can get it, washing away any remaining blood from my body. How could I let this happen to her? She’s my best friend, and the only family I have had for a long time. Now she’s a werewolf, her life is over, and that’s my fault. Getting out, I dried off and got dressed.

Heading downstairs, checking on Wren she’s still asleep, and should be until morning. Going back up to my room; lying in bed, I have to make a plan out how this is going to happen. Feeling the bed dip, looking up Logan in wolf form. “What are you doing Logan?” He curled up next to me.

“Well I’m happy that you can change easily now. But you didn’t have to change for me you know.” He licked my face settling on the pillow next to my head.

“We need to get some sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow.” Settling down, he curled up next to me, sleep taking over.

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