Beast In The Woods

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“Hey Lil. You need to wake up.” Groaning, prying my eyes open, Wren is sitting next to me, human again. “You’re awake. How are you feeling?” “Better. I feel great actually. Like I can run a mile; and not get tired.” “It’s your wolf getting stronger. Is she okay?” “Yeah. It’s like she’s always been there, it feels so right her being in my mind. Like a missing piece, finally came into place, completing the puzzle.”

“I’m happy for you Wren. I’m even happier that you’re okay. I was so scared. I don’t know what I would have done, if something had have happened to you.” Pulling me into her arms, holding me close. “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m your best friend, and sister; now a member of your pack.” She got up, her legs a little wobbly. “Now you need to get up. We have to head out, if we want to get there by dark.” Sighing. “Fine.” Standing, we went upstairs, Logan is looking out the window in the living room, and the sun is just starting to rise. “I’ll just get dressed, then head out.”

“Well it’s about time you got up.” “Ha. Ha.” I said grabbing a cup of coffee, and went down to my room, grabbing a change of clothes, I went to the bathroom, to get cleaned up.

Washing my face, there’s no point in showering when we’re going to be running through the forest, in wolf forms.

Changing I brushed my hair out, just leaving it down. Heading back out, I wanted to go back there, but right now I don’t have a choice.

“Ok let’s go.” Grabbing our packs, we went outside. Making sure the alarm is on, and all doors are locked. I hid the keys, and looked at the others. “Okay we need to change now.” I said setting the packs down. “You two change, and I will strap your packs on you then I’ll change.” Logan nodded, and quickly changed. He’s getting better at this.

“Wren, can you change on your own?”

“I’ll try. But I’m not sure.” “It’s okay. Just take your time.” She nodded and closed her eyes. Lending her some of my energy, she managed to change, with little effort.

Smiling at her. She’s already an incredible creature.

Strapping there packs on, I put mine on, and changed into my wolf form.

“All right we have to get going. It’s a long journey. Do you think you can keep up?”

I said mind linking with the two of them, and ran off into the trees, before they can say anything. Soon I heard the sound of paws hitting the ground, trying to catch up to me.

“Would you slow down?”

Wren said mind linking me, looking over my shoulder; there right behind me, quickly gaining.

“I’m not running as fast as I can. But we have to make a lot of ground by nightfall. You just have to keep up.”

Logan didn’t say anything as we continued to run through the forest.

We ran for hours, the sun is starting to set. We stopped a couple times to let them rest. We won’t get there tonight, but should by early morning.

“Alright, let’s stop for the night. There’s a stream up ahead. We’ll stop and make camp.”

I heard them both sigh in relief, at my words. I guess I have been too hard on them, for there first time running in there wolf forms. Veering to the left, we got to the stream, skidding to a stop, Wren and Logan ran into to me, sending us all flying.

Standing, we shook out our fur. Changing back, they stayed in wolf form, there stay warmer that way. Starting a small fire, I got us some food and settled in. “We should be there by early morning. But we will have to leave at first light.”

Neither one of them said a word, but I can tell they want to rip me to pieces for what I just said. Mira came to the surface, sighing.

What do you think will happen tomorrow?

“I don’t know. It scares me, the thought of going back there. You know what they did to us.”

I know. It will be okay.

Taking a look at the woods around us, so much terror has happened in the past here, battles with the hunters, other rogue wolves trying to take over the territory. All that happened to me while I was in the pack. Nothing good ever happens here. This is the last time I’m ever coming back here. This pack is in my past, and that’s where it will stay.

Sighing, we sat there staring at the flames, until we decided to get some sleep.

“We’ll have an early start, let’s get some shut eye.” Cleaning up our garbage from dinner, doused the fire slightly, and changed back. The air is cold, it won’t surprise me, if there’s snow when we wake in the morning. Mind linking them both.

“Good night you two. Sweet dreams.”

Severing the link, setting my head in my paws. Hearing some rustling, peeking an eye open, Logan has moved next to me.

I truly believe he’s our mate. Can you not feel it?

“I don’t know what I feel. Perhaps tomorrow it will make sense to the both of us. Now we both need our sleep.”

Closing her off, we both drifted off feeling Logan’s steady breathing next to us. Could he really be our mate?

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