All Is Fair In Love And War

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“Your bath is ready miss” a young maid entered Eydis’s chamber.

“Thank you Sandre,” Eydis said and got up from the chair that she’d been sitting on for the last hour looking outside the window. This had been a really long and stressful day for the young warrior. After a long meeting with her father and the King, it was already a nighttime, and she needed a hot bath to wash away all the dirt and blood.

Eydis went to the bathing chamber. There, she saw no one. Just how she liked it. Eydis hated when maids helped her bath. This was a time when she wanted to be alone with her thoughts, because this was time not only to clean her body, but mind as well.

She stripped from her dirty clothes, but before she could get into the tub, Eydis coughed her reflection in an old mirror on the wall. She trembled. Eydis was a mess. Her blond hair was all tangled. Her face and neck were covered in dried blood and mud.

And then her gaze dropped to her stomach. There she saw a bloody hand print. She stared at it for what seemed forever. It made her feel uneasy. It was not because of the blood, but because Bjarni had touched her like that. It might seem nothing big, but for Eydis, it felt too intimate.

She had been with a man before. She was no virgin, but somehow the thought of Bjarni touching her made her feel vulnerable.

Eydis finally climbed into the bathtub. Hot water surrounded her body, burning her skin a little and relaxing her tensed muscles.

Something bad was coming. Bjarni had planned nothing good, but that night Eydis was going to enjoy her moment of serenity and no one would take that away from her.

She would worry tomorrow.


2 days later

Two days had passed, and the bell rang, which meant there was someone at the gates. Eydis rushed outside. Petter was already there.

“It’s them,” he said, and she nodded.

“Open the gates!” Eydis ordered, and they slowly raised. She had the bow ready as well as 6 other guards did.

“Be careful,” Petter said quietly to her as Bjarni ride with a horse through the gates followed by his men.

“Ah, my little warrior. I hoped I’d see you again. I must say, you look much more beautiful without all the dirt and blood.” Bjarni smirked. He had cleaned up as well. His hair was braided back, revealing unusual ink drawings on both sides of his head. Beard was cut shorter and made neatly. To other women, he might seem handsome, extremely handsome actually, but Eydis didn’t let that faze her. She knew that behind all that good look a beast was hidden.

Bjarni’s lather armor was new and clean as well. This man in his mid 30′s almost looked civilized, just like his 10 men. All clean and fresh.

Eydis narrowed her eyes and shot an arrow at him. She just couldn’t help herself. She was pissed and wanted to get rid of that stupid smirk on his face.

As the arrow flew at Bjarni’s chest, he pulled his wooden shield up to protect himself and the arrow struck right into it. He lowered the shield and looked at Eydis. Bjarni’s face showed surprise, shock, confusion, anger. All at once. It was quiet funny look on him.

He pulled the arrow out angrily and threw it on the ground.

“You aren’t still angry about that little incident that happened between us, are you?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. It seemed that Bjarni couldn’t help himself from commenting.

“Eydis, that will be enough. They are guests, weather we like it or not,” a rough voice called behind her.

She turned around and saw her father right outside the main entrance.

“Bring them in. The king is waiting, he ordered and left.

Eydis sight and stepped aside, raising her hand and motioning for Bjarni and his men to come forward. When they reached guards that stood by the entrance, they stopped.

“We are going to check you for weapons. While you are here in these walls, you are safe and won’t need them. Our king keeps his word, so you won’t be harmed.” Eydis informed. “Much,” she whispered to herself.

The guards disarmed Bjarni’s men while he stood in front of Eydis and smiled, tilting his head to the right side a little.

Was he trying to flirt with her? Eydis couldn’t understand this man one bit.

She realized that no one was going to disarm this guy, so she’d have to do it.

“Hands,” she simply ordered, and he lifted them up. Eydis started from his hands moving down, touching every inch of him. Before though she could start to search his legs, she felt something steel hard in his crotch area. Eydis looked up and was met with Bjarni’s evil smirk. In his eyes amusement sparked like a magic.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she hissed.

“What can I say? I like to feel prepared,” Bjarni chuckled.

“Get it out and hand over that knife,” Eydis ordered.

“I thought it was your job, little minx,” he was getting on Eydis last nerve.

“I am not putting my hand in there, so either you hand over that damn knife, or I am going to slit your throat,” she threatened.

“You can’t do that. Your king would not like it,” Bjarni said in a confident manner.

“I’ll just tell that you threatened his life and my men will back me up, isn’t that right?” she raised her voice for everyone to hear. Eydis smiled as she heard all of her men say “yes” in the choir.

Bjarni didn’t advert his eyes from the young female warrior.

“As you wish.” He unbuckled his belt and put his large hand down his pants. Slowly he pulled out a knife in a leather holster. He hand it over to her, but she didn’t touch it.

“Put it on the table and raise your hands,” she ordered yet again.

Bjarni just shook his head, almost unnoticeable, and did what he was told.

The rest of the men, Eydis’ and Bjarni’s alike, were observing them both with the corner of an eye.

When Eydis was about to keep searching, she noticed his still opened leather pants that were barely hanging on his hips showing off his dark pubic hair and the top of his cock.

“Close your pants, you animal. I do not want to look at that, besides you have nothing I haven’t seen before.” She pointed at his lower half. Disgust written on her face.

King Bjarni couldn’t deny that there was a ping of disappointment that he felt when he noticed that Eydis didn’t fluster one bit. And hearing that she has seen a naked man before just made him feel anger, but he didn’t stop smirking. How could he, when she was so fun to mess with.

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