All Is Fair In Love And War

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After they finished checking for any kind of weapons, Eydis and her men led Bjarni and his men to one of the castle’s meeting rooms where her king was waiting for the ruthless leader.

Reaching the large double oak door, Eydis knocked and opened them.

“Wait here,” she said and entered alone, closing the door behind her.

“Your majesty.” She bowed her head in respect in front of her king.

“Eydis, dear child. What news do you bring me?” king Erikk asked in his hoarse voice.

King Erikk was an old man in his late 60s. His health was not the best anymore, but he was a good king none the less and would lead their people till his last breath. After his death, though, nothing was known of what would happen with his land.

He and late queen Cassandra, who died 10 years ago at only 30 years of age, had problems to conceive a child for many years. Everyone, especially the king and queen, had lost their hope, but 14 years ago a miracle happened and the queen got pregnant and after exciting waiting for months a girl was born.

Because the girl was young and not married, she couldn’t take her father’s place in throne yet, which meant that there would probably start a competition between a lot of greedy men who’d think that they deserved to be the new king.

None of these men, though, seemed to deserve that title. That’s what Eydis believed.

“King Bjarni Bareadon is waiting for your permission to speak with you, my lord,” Eydis answered, now looking at the king.

On his right, her father, sir Adalwolf, sat. He was the king’s right hand and most people in this land wanted to see him as a new king after King Erikk’s death, but sir Adalwolf was not keen of that idea. He didn’t thrive for power. That’s why he might be the best candidate.

“Well then, let’s not waste any more time. Send him in,” the king ordered and motioned with his hand to open the door.

When guards did that, Bjarni walked inside bringing his powerful demeanor with him.

“King Erikk,” he said, not bowing. Bjarni just stood as if he was superior to everyone in that room.

“Bjarni Bareadon. Welcome to the castle of Flumia,” king Erikk said. Eydis could tell that the king was tense. Well, all the room was filled with tension that seemed to be thick enough to cut it with a knife.

“Thank you for having me here. Now, there is much to discuss between us that I would like to hear as less as possible ears to hear. At least for now,” Bjarni said.

“That’s understandable. But you can’t expect me to be left without guards in the same room as the man who attacked our land only 2 days ago. Plus, Adalwolf is my right hand. Without him, I don’t do any negotiations,” king Erikk explained.

“Of course. But I am not going to talk in the presence of a female warrior that would use the smallest chance to put a sword through my chest. She must wait outside with the rest of my men and yours. I mean, what could happen here? I am unarmed. She made sure of that herself.” Bjarni looked at Eydis with a satisfied look on his face as king Erikk approved of that.

Eydis tried to object, but he had none of that and sent her outside, leaving her father and king with what she considered the most dangerous and infuriating man she had ever met.

She watched as the large wooden door closed shut with a loud thud. She was furious, yet there was nothing she could do.

“What happened in there? Why did you leave them alone?” Petter asked her, bringing Eydis out of her fantasies about slitting Bjarni’s throat.

“Our new friend didn’t want to discuss anything in my presence. In a presence of a female warrior. Can you believe that? That son of a whore is going to end up dead soon and it will be from my hand, I swear,” Eydis hissed. Her fists were clenched, and she was breathing heavily.

“Calm down. You will have your chance, but at the moment, we have to do what King Erikk orders.” Petter was trying to calm down his friend. He knew that when she was this angry, nothing good came out of it.

Eydis didn’t answer. She just leaned against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest. She rested her head against the wall as well and closed her eyes.

An hour or so later, Eydis couldn’t take it anymore. She had tried to listen in on what was discussed inside the room, but in vain. For the last couple of minutes she had been pacing back and forth.

“Why it’s taking so long,” Eydis mumbled, annoyed.

“Calm down,” Petter said, stopping Eydis by her shoulders.

“I don’t trust Bjarni. There is something going on and I feel like we won’t like it,” she breathed out, looking straight into Petter’s eyes.

“Oh, you’ll just love it,” one of Bjarni’s man snickered.

Eydis and Petter both turned to face him.

The man was smirking. He looked very similar to Bjarni, but younger. His hair was just like Bjarni’s, long and braided to the back. He was much taller than Eydis, but that didn’t stop her from marching there and standing in his face.

“What do you know?” She demanded.

“You’ll see, little one, but let me tell you one thing. If things won’t work out, I’ll be sure to make your last moments to be full of pleasure,” the guy took in her frame, licking his lips.

That was the last straw for Eydis’ patience. This guy just pushed her last button, making her launch at him, knocking him down. She didn’t waste no time and punched him in the nose. Though in the next moment she was already underneath him, while he pressed her hands above her head. The guy leaned down close to her face.

“You have a short temper huh,” he laughed.

“Let go of me,” Eydis hissed and spit in his face.

Around two of them there was a chaos as Petter tried to get to Eydis, but Bjarni’s men didn’t let him or other castle guards get to her.

“You little bitch,” the guy on top of Eydis hissed and raised his hand to slap her.

“What is the meaning of this!” An angry voice boomed through the hall, stopping everyone in their tracks.

Everyone turned their attention to king Erikk and beside him standing not so happy king Bjarni.

“Someone care to explain to me why there is a man on top of Eydis?” King Erikk asked in a lot calmer tone.

“He started it,” Eydis said, pointing at the guy on top of her while he pointed back at her and said “She started it,” at the same time.

"Tallak, get off her, now,” Bjarni said in a low and threatening tone.

Tallak nodded and started to get up when Eydis kneed him between his legs. The guy rolled down on the ground, moaning in pain beside the angry female warrior.

“I guess I can’t wait pleasure from you now,” Eydis leaned in and whispered in Tallak’s ear.

“Girl, get away from him,” Adalwolf said to his daughter, stepping beside king Erikk.

She did just that.

“Everyone, please reside to your quarters and prepare for tonight’s feast. I have an announcement to make to everybody. Petter, please appoint someone to show our guests a place to stay,” King Erikk ordered, and everyone bowed while he left with his guards and Eydis’s father.

Eydis was throwing daggers with her eyes at king Bjarni, who looked at her without any emotion in his face what so ever. That was a first for her.

“Eydis, please go to your room. I’ll send Sandre with some wine to help you get ready,” Petter put his hands on Eydis’s waist and quietly said in her ear. She closed her eyes and nodded. When she stepped aside, she smiled at him gratefully and left, sending one last glare in direction of the North king.

Bjarni just watched as she moved away with her head held high. He was wondering if there was something going on between her and that other warrior.

“Follow me,” Petter motioned for Bjarni and his men to follow him.

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