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After the tragic death of Mokhantšo Mahali in the toilets of a Butha-Buthe boarding school, the government brings a ban on the use of pit latrine toilets in public schools across the country. As the girls of St. Agatha High School try to move past this incident, two girls directly linked to Mokhantšo; Namolo Khetsi and Seeng Letsoela find their sanity being tested when the truth starts to become unearthed.

Thriller / Drama
Adita Langa
4.0 1 review
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Namolo screamed as she fell to her knees, backing into the corner of her room. The item of utmost fear she was crawling away from was the image on her phone sent to her via her text messenger. She felt like she was losing her mind but now, she was on the verge of her breaking point. On her phone was a picture of a dead body hanging from a tree. The picture was morbid and very explicit and the thought of it made the girl vomit. She coughed as the putrid substance left her body.

Her thoughts were brought back to her by a chime on her phone and she looked at it, all the way on the other side of the room. Namolo felt tears welling up as she stared at the phone with fear eminent in all of her features. She knew that she could not ignore it. She could never ignore it. She slowly crawled over to it, feeling like a lowlife insect rolling in the scum of the earth. She eventually reached her phone and turned it over and there was a voice note.

She looked fearfully at it before pressing play.

One was taken and the other took herself. The familiar voice said. It isn’t all that fun when your life is falling apart, neh? Namolo stared at the timeline as it kept moving, holding her breath for the last words only to hear the voice laugh. I'm just joking.

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