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Hunger Awaits

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She lied on the snow cover ground in front of me. Shivering and barely alive. I stared at her, curious of this simple little life before me. Her scent was all I could smell, which is how I found her. From the moment I had laid eyes on her in the lodge back at the ski resort, I knew that I had to have her. I shifted and quickly picked her up holding her close to my warm body and quickly made my way to the cabin near by. Matto had never found someone that intrigued him as much as she did. He still was unsure why, but all he knew was that it pained him to be away from her. Now holding her so close as she clung to life he found himself afraid to lose her. He didn't even know her really only that her name was Kendra and that she belongs with him. Trigger Warning ⚠️⚠️ this story contains things that may be inappropriate for some.

Thriller / Romance
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“Ryker, please stop you are hurting me.” His blue eyes became dark as the back of his hand came across my face.

“Bitch, I haven’t even begun to hurt you yet. I told you what would happen if you tried to leave me.” He growled at me. He had told me that if I ever tried to leave him he would kill me, but I never believed that he would. Ryker had been so sweet in the beginning, so charming. Then once we moved in together his whole attitude changed. He became possessive and abusive. I couldn’t even go to work without him blowing my phone up or showing up and causing a scene. The last straw was when I came home and caught him in bed with another woman. I had run out of the house that night straight to my best friend’s house, which was a mistake. When I went to Audrey’s house I never even thought about the fact that he knew exactly where I would go. I could have gone to Paxton’s house, but I didn’t think about it at that time.

Now I was trapped in this room with him and no one could help me. I looked up at Ryker as I heard the front door open and Audrey’s voice echoed through the house. “Kendra, let’s go out tonight. Paxton texted me and said that there is a new club that opened in town. Kendra?” I saw Ryker pull a knife from his back pocket and inch over to the bedroom door pulling me with him. My eyes grew wide and I knew I had to do something or he would hurt Audrey.

“Ryker, I am sorry. I will go back with you. Please just don’t hurt her.” His eyes went to mine and I knew that he was believing me.

“Get rid of her and don’t try anything stupid or I will kill her and make you watch.”

I walked out of the bedroom just before Audrey made it to the door. “There you are. Why didn’t you answer me?” She stared at me waiting for an answer.

“Sorry I was in the bathroom with my headphones in I didn’t hear you,” I said to her as I pulled her back down the hall to the kitchen. She started to repeat what she had said earlier about going out as I searched the kitchen for a pen and paper. I had to tell her what was going on so she could get help. “That sounds like fun, but not tonight. I have to be at work early tomorrow.” I said to her as I found a notepad and pen. She stared at me as I wrote on the pad.

Ryker is here in my bedroom. If you don’t leave he will kill you. Get help! Take this note with you.

She read the note quickly then put it in her pocket as I opened and closed the refrigerator door so it explained the silence. “Ok Kendra, well I am going to go meet Paxton. I will be home late so don’t wait up. Love you.” She hugged me and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry. Help will be here soon.” Then she let me go and left the house. I stood there for a minute making sure she had left and then headed back to the bedroom. Before I reached the door Ryker opened it and grabbed me by the hair.

“Let’s go.” He dragged me down the hall as I kicked and screamed at him to let me go. As we approached the front door there was a knock at the door.

“Bellingham police. Open the door please.” I tried to scream but was met with a punch to the face that knocked me to the ground.

Everything happened in slow motion at that point. I had yelled out in pain when he hit me, so of course, the police heard me. The front door burst open and Ryker had grabbed me up and put the knife too my throat. The steel blade was cold and I swear I felt it cut my skin a little. The cops had their guns drawn and pointed at us. “Drop the knife and get down on your knees!” One of the officers yelled at Ryker. He tightened his grip on me and started to back away down the hall with me. The officers continued to yell commands at him, but he wasn’t listening. I was terrified, but I also knew that if we got back in the bedroom I was dead. That’s when I made a choice to live.

With all my strength I elbowed Ryker in the stomach and I heard something break. I had instant pain go through my whole arm, but I couldn’t stop now. I turned my body and kicked him in the knee making him cry out and drop to the ground. I went running towards the officers that were now coming down the hall towards us when I felt the cold, hardness of the steel blade enter my calf. I fell to the ground in excruciating pain as the officers tackled Ryker to the floor. A female officer came to my side and helped me up. “How did you get here so fast?” I asked her. She smiled at me.

“We were next door on a different call when your friend came running up to us. She told us what was going on and we came over immediately.” As I limped to the door I turned back and saw the look in Ryker’s eyes as he tried to fight off the officers. I watched as three more officers ran past me to help take Ryker into custody. That made seven officers now trying to arrest Ryker and they were still having difficulty. I had never seen him this enraged before and I had never realized how strong he was until now. Finally, the officers were able to get the handcuffs on Ryker and lead him away. I knew that if he ever got out he would probably kill me, but I had no intention of letting him find me.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Audrey and I moved to Spokane with Paxton. Paxton had been a wonderful help with the packing and moving heavy objects. He even had stayed at the hospital with me so that Audrey could get some sleep. I had busted my elbow when I hit Ryker and he had nearly cut an artery when he stabbed my calf. They had only kept me in the hospital for a night just to make sure the wound didn’t get infected. Otherwise, Ryker was in jail and now I was safe in a new town with my besties. I just hoped that I would never have to see Ryker again.

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