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She expected to have a normal highschool life in her new school although borderline boring. But she met the Student Council President, fell in-love and everything went downhill from there. Yona learned the hard way that not everyone is what they seem to be. Especially the Student Council President.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

The alarm went off, ringing on all corners of my room. With a small grunt, I groggily got up of bed and rubbed my eyes, turning towards the curtains thinking that it was still closed only to be greeted by the glare of the sun through the window. “Aaaaaaah!” I yelled drastically as I lifted both my hands to my face and fell back on the bed, sinking into the pillow.

Heavy footsteps padded against the wooden floor before I heard mother's voice in my room. Great, my door was also open? “What's wrong???” there was the obvious panic in mama's voice.

My hands still covered my face as I answered, “I'm going to turn into dust, mama!” But of course, mother knew me all too well and to prove this, I received a light whack on the head. “Ow! Mama!” I finally lowered my hands and looked at her with my brows pulled together and my cheeks puffed.

Mama only shook her head. She obviously had rushed from the kitchen because she still had her apron on and was carrying a spatula. “Go shower and prepare for school. Today's your first day in your new school,” the woman stated as she walked out.

I heaved a deep breath and retreated under the blanket.

“First impressions are important, sweetie! Hurry up or you'll be late~” mama called out from the kitchen.

I didn't budge.

“Or I can go back there and drag you by the ankle.”

With a small squeal, I quickly jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

Transferring schools was exhausting because not only did we have to gather the necessary documents to be submitted but we actually also transferred houses. Not really transferred but we moved out of grandma's house because mama wanted to prove we can survive on our own. I am a product of a broken family having been abandoned by papa at an early age. This rooted mama and grandma's banter every single day.

I can see, though, how hard mama was working to provide for us but grandma wasn't really the patient type and always tried to rush her into getting rich and the likes. Eventually, mama was fed up that we moved out. Good for us, though, that we found a house good enough for both of us for a cheap price.

It somehow didn't help that I had some of papa's features. Mama has light brown hair and as for papa, his hair is jet black. His eyes were deep set and light brown. My eyes and hair were that of papa's. So I understood those times when mama would look at me and suddenly start crying all of a sudden. She wouldn't tell me why but I knew she was hurt. She's still hurt.

Walking downstairs, I grabbed a toasted sandwich and bit on it before waving goodbye. My mom walks out of the kitchen and waves her gloved hand in the air, “Honey, take your bento with you! It will help you make friends!”

I stopped on my tracks, dragged my feet back to the dining table and grabbed that neatly covered lunched box. My eyes almost twinkled seeing she used a pink cloth for my lunched box! With a wide grin, I picked it up and waved at her.


The clattering noises of desks, the squeaking of shoes, those distant chatters and laughter... Finally, school!

"Hey! You should join the Judo Club!"

"Miss, you look like you could do great with your cooking skills! Join us in the Culinary Club!"

"Ey! Ey! Ooo! Astronomy Club is looking for curious individuals to join us!"

I had forgotten every single start of the school year had all these club members rally outside to drag freshmen into their clubs.

My thoughts were cut short when I felt a hand on my arm and then a yank. Turning my head towards that direction, my eyes widened upon seeing a small boy with thick glasses. He smiled at me and breathed, “Join the Anime Club, miss. Hehehe...”

“Wha- Let go!” I tried to nudge his hand away but his grip only tightened. With a crowd like this, I'm sure this would be barely noticeable. “Look, I don't know a single thing about anime so I can't really contribute-”

“Th-That's fine..! Hehe...” Oh my god why is he so sweaty- “...I- I can teach you so many things..!”

“I don't really need you to teach me anything.” I grit my teeth and tried to pull away again but to no avail. I heaved a deep breath, slowly slipped a foot back and then with all of my strength transferred on my arm, I pulled back.

My face lit up when his grip on me slipped away but that also meant I lost my balance. I thought I'd fall butt-first but then I felt my back being pressed against someone whose hands were now on my shoulders.

“Now, now, you shouldn't be scaring freshmen like that, Satsuki-san.”

The male's voice was gentle. Firm yet gentle. It made me look over my shoulder to see who owned it. My breath got stuck in my throat. He was really tall and slender..? His hair--even though it was slicked back, several of his bangs still fell on his forehead. His deep blue eyes were looking kindly at the kid who tried to force me into joining his club.

“S-Sorry, President!”

I was snapped back to reality hearing that apology. I looked back and the creepy kid had already scurried off. President?

“Are you alright, miss?” he spoke again, making sure I was already standing on my own two feet.

“Y-Yeah. Thank...Thank you.” I quickly moved away from him and nodded, my eyes darting down to his chest and then his shoes and then to the right--where some students were still recruiting.

When I felt him smile, I slowly turned to look at him and he nodded, “That's good to know. Please be careful.”

I tried to say something when a girl from behind called out to him, “Pres, I think the Basketball Club's stirring trouble again...”

He turned to the girl and released a small sigh, “Again..? Let's head over there, then.” He looked at me again and waved a hand, “I hope you enjoy your stay here in the school. See you around, miss.”

And with that, he disappeared into the crowd. I was just left there... Wondering what his name was.

Wait no. Haha. No. I mean yeah he does look attractive and I do have the feeling he could be the Student Council President but that doesn't mean I have a crush on him.

I lifted my hand and rest it on my shoulder where his hand was moments ago. “I should... Find my classroom.”

I tried to ignore the mad beating of my heart because it wasn't even necessary. Still, I commend this school for having quite the attractive President.

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