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I stroll up to him, tracing his jaw with my gun. He smirks at me. I grin. "What do you want, Jasen?" I ask, circling him, keeping the gun against him as I drew it across his chest. He shivers. "You. You know I want you." He grabs my arm, halting me. I lean down, getting so close to his face, I can feel his breath fanning my lips as I brought the gun to his temple. "Then take me." His eyes dance with that crazy look I've become familiar with. "Gladly." Cynthia Harrison has always been a bit on the crazy side. Destroying her doll at age 8 for being creepy as hell with a butcher knife. Cutting a classmate for telling her what to do with scissors at age 11. Just don't fuck with her. Period. Jasen Black has been through so much it's messed him up a little... ...a lot and he wants payback. When two psychos meet, what will spark? With a boy who lost his ability to feel and a girl who displays her emotions on her sleeve. Opposites, but the same. And a secret bigger than the both of them, hiding in their midst.

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Chapter 1

Crazy. That’s what they call me.

It always makes me laugh because honestly...they have no idea. By ‘They’ I mean my classmates, my teachers, my parents. Everybody.

They’re lucky I don’t want to be locked up just yet or else...

A smile creeps on to my face.

...well, I would have a little fun.

I’ve been known to be kinda unstable here and there, nothing too serious. I chuckle.

Sitting in the back in Mr.Roger’s math class now, my classmates shift in their seats uncomfortably in front of me, some sneaking cautious glances back at me. I make eye contact with Hannah, a cheerleader who, at first, would push me around with her friends, but now after I “accidentally” cut her finger in science class during a dissection, stays clear of me, and I’m sure, is afraid of me.

I burst out laughing, remembering the event.

She looked at me like I was Satan. Scared shitless and, yeah, I’m pretty damn close to him.

I notice the absence of Mr.Roger’s voice and look up. The whole class stares back at me, most of them, including the teacher, terrified. The rest look like their about to pass out.

“I-Is everything o-ok, Ms. Harrison?” Mr. Roger stutters out. I turn my grin towards him.

“No sir, of course not. Please go on, I’m so sorry.” I say as polite as possible. He takes a deep breath and nods at me, resuming class. I scoff.

What a baby, a grown man who can’t even handle a high schooler.

I shake my head.

I guess I can’t blame him, though. I’m kinda hard to deal with. I sigh.

This place is sooo boring. So is my life. I just need something that’s a bit of fun...or I’ll have to make some.

And that’s just asking for trouble.

I walk down the street, finally heading home after hours of looking through books at the library. I like death and wars alot.

The thought of thousands of people dying for something as cruel as a country, just makes me giddy. I might join the army.

It’d probably smack me back to reality. But I’ve never really been there so, I guess I couldn’t go back. Eh, whatever.

“Help! Someone, please help! He’s going to-” I freeze. The screams came from an alley I had just passed.

I feel my body tremble.

No, I can’t, I shouldn’t but...

I turn around and jog back to the alleyway.

I feel something bubble inside me. Something like, like I’ve never felt before.

I peak around the side of the wall, seeing two figures. It’s dark, but the moonlight shows a boy, around my age with a gun against a middle aged man’s head who’s on his knees.

The boy has dark brown hair and blue eyes that seem lit in the night, with a sadistic grin on, while the rest of his face is hidden in the shadows.

I watch silently with my heart beating fastest it ever has in my life.

“Now, you shut the fuck up, huh? Maybe I should’ve kept the gun hidden longer just to hear you bitch and beg more.” He shoves the gun in the man’s face, hitting him in his temple. My body quviers.


“Jason please, I’ll get the money, and I’m sorry I just wanted Luke to scare you guys, not-” Jason, the boy, smashes the gun down in the kneeling man’s shoulder. I bite my lip.


“It doesn’t matter what you say cause, you’re going to die anyway.” Jason laughs.

“Please!!!” The man shouts.

“You know what, let’s have our audience decide, fair?” He turns and looks right at me. I almost flinch.

“Come here, girl.”


I step out slowly from behind the wall, and walk towards the two. Jason stares at me intensely, grabbing and pulling me to his chest as I almost reach them. I gasp.

My back presses into his chest as he draws the gun up and down the crook of my neck.

“So...what’s your name?” He breathes down on my neck as he tilts my head to the side, leaving one side of my neck completely exposed.

“Naomi.” I answer.

The feeling in my chest almost multiplies 10 times as I feel his lips touch my neck. Laughter comes to the base of my throat.

This is so...

“Fun.” I whisper out, accidentally.

“What was that, Naomi? You want me to shoot him so we could get out of here?” Jason smiles against my skin and I can’t hold it anymore. I burst out laughing for the second time today.

Jason lets me go and I fall on the wall behind him, still cracking up. I finally calm down and look up at Jason. He stands there, stunned, while the man behind him mirrors his expression.

“Fun, I said fun. This is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.” My smile grows.

Jason stands there, shocked I guess until he breaks out of his trance, slowly starting to grin. Soon he’s laughing as hard as I was.

The man behind him looks defeated and if I was him, I’d feel the same.

Jason sighs, calming down as I did.

“I should’ve known you’d be different from then time you turned back to watch us.”

“Don’t lose sleep over it, but I’m not your typical high school girl.” I say, smirking now.

“Oh, trust me, I will.” We fall into a silent battle, daring one another to look away. I shake my head after a couple minutes, realizing this could on forever and I need to get home.

“So are you going to kill him?” I ask, looking behind him to the now, quiet man.

“I almost forgot about him.” He turns, puts up his gun, and shoots the unsuspecting man in the head. The sound makes my ears ring and my eyes tear up.

“You couldn’t have warned me?” I snarl, feeling my excitement and adrenaline race through my blood.

I feel a huge smile on my face although I just witnessed a man die.
I mean I always knew I was a bit crazy.

Now I know just how much.

I nod at Jason, saying goodbye, cause I don’t even know if I can use my voice right now.

“What’s your number?” He asks, the ringing in my ears lessen making it a lot to hear him.

“I don’t have a phone, you should get going though, the cops will show up any second now because of the gunshot.” He nods, but still stands there.

Well, he could stay there if he wants to, I need to get home or-

“Where can I see you again?” His voice cuts through my thoughts. I shrug.

He may of just gave me the type of fun I’ve been looking for since I was 8, but if I see him again, then the fun can really begin....cause now I have to go.

I run out the valley, ignoring his shouts, hearing sirens in the distance.

Yeah, he should leave. We’ll see each other again, I know we will.

Fate wouldn’t let him get away from me.

I wouldn’t either.

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