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Suicide Note

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Lucinda was the sister he never had while Marcel was the brother she never had. A true bond that they both hold dear to their hearts. One wrong move and it all comes crashing down. Marcel promises to find her last words and bring them into the light so that Lucinda can be happy forever. He keeps everything he can away from cops and the detective who are keen on finding out the truth and do nothing more but brush it under the carpet. He goes as far as keeping his family secret and helping his brother disappear. Marcel is dragged left and right by people that are only interested in the gossip. They all want to know how such a happy person would do such a thing. Something this grave and dangerous. Can he hold out or will they drag him to do the same thing she did? ✎✎✎ ☞There are mentions of abuse, self-harm, suicide, and death. Fowl language is used throughout the story.☜

Thriller / Action
Writing Wolf
Age Rating:

Before Reading

So this story might become a bit confusing when it comes to remembering who is who so here are the character names and nicknames/other names they go by.

Megan Villegas

Logan Russo

Danilo Matamis

Seraphina Soyer

Riza Mangaya

Angelika Rebane

Marcel Bethune (Marcy)

Mason Bethune

Owens (Detective Owens, Lady Detective)

Lucinda Mercer (Lucy)

Marcel will more often than not call everyone by their last name.

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