His Magnificence

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The Third Entry in the diary of Jesse Charleston Maith

Saturday, 16 September 14 N.G., 134hrs.

 Well, I just experienced the strangest night of my life!

Sarah and I shared our first kiss, Bob dismissed the bruises and cuts on my face and never asked for my side of the story, and the celebrity-hungry media wolves will decree our budding love to be tomorrow’s top headline.

 Therefore, I want to write this passage under cover of darkness. It’s disheartening that Matt and Mary, bless their hearts, are too blissfully indifferent to figure out where I’m coming from. They think I’m crazy!

As for Bob and Stacy, well, if they see me writing this, they’d burn this piece of paper faster than you can say peace or death.

 If I become Ultimate Minister, the DRF will justly be a place where freedom thrives. No Third Indentation, prosperity opportunities for pryvies, not just nine-percenters, and even religious liberty! If you prefer to be Joshuan, fine. If you choose to be Buddhist, Jew, or whatever, great! No judgment, no persecution!

If I’m that lucky, I’ll make it happen.

Or die trying.

 And you know what’s ironic? If I become Ultimate Minister, Joshua Evans will be my religious muse!

 Yes, that’s right, that contemporary deity!

 Honestly, does His Magnificence even understand Joshua as a whole, or is he consumed by the aura of a modern-day martyr to confirm confirmation bias? If he read or studied the Joshuan Diaries, as I have, he’d realize Joshua would never want the W-word. Ever. In fact, in Part Two, Joshua wrote a three-page soliloquy on the immorality and dangers of armed conflict, and that God harshly judged anyone that resorts to violence. Our fearless leader glossed over this detail.

 I will begin contributing to projectdriht.link for two simple reasons. One: because I so firmly believe we, as a nation, are in deep trouble, and two: because the most beautiful girl in the world, Sarah Schale, contributes to it, and has inspired me to do the same. The latter fact warms my heart more than any kiss ever could, because she gets it! She understands! She’ll appreciate me at a level that my family never could.

 If my cousins read the Project’s most recent post, I guarantee they’d both laugh at me and Sarah, then sarcastically beg us to go protest at the Capitol Towers or something. But guess what? I’m convinced the Project has genuine credibility.

Supposedly, the “high-ranking government official” that operates this link-site has worked closely with you-know-who at the Towers for the last ten years, and has gotten to know him on a personal level. He identifies himself as “The Tipster.”

Recently, he made a post about how not if, but when, Francis Stewart takes the DRF to armed conflict. Stewart will not only institute a draft, but the first people he drafts will be high school athletes like me! All to teach us a similar lesson my uncle “tried” to teach me years ago!

Yes, I used Francis Stewart’s name in vain on this piece of paper! Screw it! I’m risking that Third violation!

(By the way, I’m aware of the irony of this being my “third” entry.)

There could be a SPYFLY in this room right now. Good! If I ever get executed for a Third violation, I hope that future generations will understand what we here in ostensibly the “greatest nation on Earth; the one Joshua freakin’ Evans envisioned, and the one you-know-who perfected” are really going through.

Freedomers need to know the truth before we’re all destroyed.

Call me pretentious, and call me haughty, but I hope my execution wouldn’t be in vain. If it happens, I want someone to discover this diary. I want people to realize that this so-called grand experiment of freedom is not all it’s cracked up to be. I want Francis Stewart exposed for the sociopathic, phony liar he is.

And with that, I’ll leave you with a quote from Part Six of the Joshuan Diaries, one that I guarantee Frankie-boy has never read:

“When mankind is confronted with a perilous moment in time, a time requiring attention, vigilance, and concern, all people, regardless of race, creed, finances, education, or opinion, must not only turn to God for strength and confidence but also remember that compassion for their fellow human, not viciousness, is the greatest defense against the wicked.”

 Eat that for lunch, Francis Stewart, you impure maggot!

 Be free!

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