His Magnificence

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The Fourth Entry in the diary of Jesse Charleston Maith

Tuesday, 19 September 14 N.G., 2208hrs.

 Hello, projectdriht.link users. Long time reader, first time poster, copying this message from my personal journal.

You may call me JC.

  I’d always been reluctant to contribute for fear of being unoriginal, or reciprocating earlier posts. But today, I come to you with a story which I hope resonates.

 We know about the rumors of subterranean communes in the abandoned subway tunnels of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Some see fit to dub them “sewer” colonies because, as FNN pundits will tell you, pryvies dress like they bathed in raw sewage. Well, earlier today, me and the girl I am seeing (who happens to be a Project contributor), attempted to turn our curiosity into reality.

 Our worst fears were realized.

 We ventured into Manhattan via hovertaxi and disembarked near the 30th street skytrain station. Based on rumors posted here, we climbed over dumpsters and brick walls to enter an alleyway by the convention center. We reached a tiny cubed brick building in the middle of an abandoned automobile lot. It had a sign MAINTENANCE ENTRANCE above the blue logo of the former A subway line. Oddly, two armed, uniformed Divine Cloaked Forces agents were guarding the entrance. When they sighted us, they screamed gibberish orders, darted in our direction, then put us in the crosshairs of GT-206 laser blasters.

  Frightened, we dropped to our knees, raised our hands, and begged the agents not to shoot. Our bodies trembled like an earthquake and our hearts were beating at unnaturally fast rates. We nervously explained to them the old “we got lost” story, and that we were looking for a vintage clothing store in the area, which seemed plausible as we were both wearing ripped jeans and plaid t-shirts. Naturally, they didn’t believe us. Moments later, they pressed the barrels of their GT-206s against our heads. We were sure we would soon be dead.

 Then, as my entire body became a pool of sweat, I heard a strange comment whispered by one agent: “do they know about the Hathawayans?” The other agent murmured something more bizarre: “we can’t use lethal force against citizens. We haven’t been given official orders yet.”

 Lethal force against civilians? Hathawayans? Why would the DCF mention this? Are Hathawayans living in the underground territories and not just the MARVA fallout zone? And what of deadly force, and why? What are they hiding? Civilian Divine Military soldiers do not carry a GT-206; they are only for combat!

 Thankfully, the agents let us go. Of course, they warned if we ever turned up near the substation again, they’d shoot us without warning. My companion and I scurried away, still fearing we would get shot. When we re-emerged on the sidewalks of 28th street, we hugged each other and cried.

 What is you-know-who up to? I think we all agree he decided about waging armed conflict with New Alaska, but are we being distracted from something bigger? Does it have to do with Project Miracle? Plan Zero? Any other purported governmental plans?

 Whatever the answers are, I am now more alarmed than ever for the future of our country. Is lethal force against civilians or the suppression of a race of human/mutant hybrids a so-called “price” for freedom, or is this another tactic from you-know-who to keep us in fear? How far will you-know-who be willing to go to circumvent the law and the Divine Treatise?

My eyes are wide open, and I hope yours are, too. Keep vigilant. Disastrous days appear to be forthcoming.

Thank you for your time,


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