His Magnificence

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Jesse collapsed to the white-tiled floor, planting his face on the cold porcelain and hiding the stream of tears flowing down his face as his upper torso convulsed.

An equally devastated Sarah kneeled down and attempted to wrap her arms around Jesse.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” a beet-faced and tear-saturated Jesse screamed.

Bob gently restrained Sarah. “Let him go,” he quivered. “Give him a moment.”

Jesse wept uncontrollably for almost five full minutes as Sarah, Bob, and Dr. Schwarz surrounded him. The idea to give him time to let out his raw emotion, though noble in theory, turned out to be futile in practice.

“IMPOSSIBLE!” Jesse bellowed as he pulled himself to his feet and swung his arms in anger. “HOW COULD SHE BE DEAD?! SHE WAS FINE THIS MORNING! SHE LOOKED WELL!”

“Jesse, please,” Bob pled. “I know it’s hard, but…”

“YOU’RE LYING!” Jesse screamed toward Dr. Schwarz, then vivaciously approached him with bloodshot eyes and his fists appearing to clench.

A shocked and terrified Dr. Schwarz recoiled as Bob and Sarah restrained Jesse before he could throw a punch.

“SHE’S ALIVE!” Jesse shouted as he pointed as Schwarz. At least forty bystanders, including civilians, police, military, and hospital personnel looked on in alarm. “THERE’S NO WAY SHE’S DEAD! I WANT TO SEE HER! I WANT TO SEE HER NOW!”

“Jesse, please calm down!” Schwarz pled. “This is not helping the situation!”

“SHUT UP!” Jesse screeched as Bob and Sarah summoned all their strength to lug Jesse backwards. “SHE ISN’T DEAD! WHERE DID YOU TAKE HER? WHERE DID YOU TAKE HER?!”

Moments later, two uniformed police offers intervened and asked Bob and Sarah if they needed assistance. Before they could reply, Jesse once again fell to his knees and resumed bawling.

“I’ll find the truth,” Jesse blubbered through his tears while Bob, Sarah, and Dr. Schwarz patted him on his shoulders. “I’ll find the truth,” he kept repeating.

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