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His Magnificence

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The seventh entry in the diary of Jesse Charleston Maith

26 December 15 N.G, 1622hrs.

This is it.

 We’re on our way to New Alaska.

 Yes, I’m scared.

 We’re all are.

Bob was crying when he dropped us off at Teterboro. I’d never seen the man cry in my life! Not even after his own wife died!

 To offer a sense of normalcy, the Divine Army has allowed leisure time on our three-hour warpcraft flight to the Central Washington Valley rendezvous point. That’s why I’m writing this entry now.

Matt is sleeping, Mary is reading a comic, and Sarah is holographically talking to her parents. I’m surprised they haven’t had a mental breakdown yet, considering how irritable they were before boarding the warpcraft.

 Yet, this super-fast contraption is possibly taking us to our graves. We’ll be fighting what the press has cheekily dubbed “Operation Seattle Slewfoot.”

 Yeah, I’m laughing too.

 Basically, it’s this intricate infiltration of Seattle’s massive Capitol Complex on the shores of Puget Sound. Sgt. Louis described it as the DRF’s Towers on steroids; mile-tall twin towers shaped like airplane wings, a seemingly endless legislative building that looks like the edifice of an ancient European art museum, and a huge fountain with a statue of Russian Endgame General Pavel Dubovnik, who authorized the detonation of the Washington H-bomb, at its mast. The only way to infiltrate this seemingly endless complex is by navigating the sewer systems beneath, while wearing all-black suits with special sensors attached to block New Alaskan military homing signals.

 A daunting task, to be sure. But of course, size has nothing to do with it.

 Did I mention the Complex is protected by an electrified force-field visible to the naked eye? It was rumored on the Project, but man, the things you learn once you’re free from the Draconian restrictions of the Freedomian interlink, right?!

 Our task was simple: capture or kill George Fetisov.

 As Louis put it: “there’s zero room for error. One slip, and your ass is flushed toilet paper!”

 I’ve never been more nervous about anything in my entire life, but not just for the reasons you think.

 Of course, I want revenge. I want to be the one to slay or capture Fetisov. I want to look him in the eye to tell him it was his fault I disintegrate his head with my KO-124 laser.

 Of course, I want to make my family proud. I want Aunt Stacy to rest in peace.

 But then, there’s the last reason.

 If we survive this incursion, and we return to New Hackensack safely, I’m going to propose to Sarah.

 I’ll also carry out that decision if we know one of us might not make it. I’ve already asked Gabriel to help us exchange vows at any point during battle, in case it comes to that.

 I love her so much. She’s everything I ever wanted. It’s the right thing to do, and I know it in my heart.

 Godspeed to you all.

 Be free.

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